Chest Bumps & High Fives

Friday!! My second favorite F word.
 "Free" being my first of course you dirty, little foul mouths.
Oh what a week. 
I've been crazy swamped with shop orders soooooo
Just kidding.
That would be really inconsiderate of me to make you sit here and try to read a bunch of smooshedsentencestogetherwouldn't it?
So on that note...... chest bumps, fist explosions, and a bunch of high fives to Friday!
1. The hubz & I took my three year old nephew to Legoland Chicago last Saturday.
The pirate ball crumbs {aka Captain Crunch cereal} coating the bottom of my purse proves it.
PS. That's his "I'm having a blast face" incase you're wondering.
2. I 've been thoroughly enjoying catching up on the first season of "American Horror Story" with my main squeeze. Although, I don't think I've been down to the basement since.
3. I'm always pleased when a design of mine comes out as I had imagined in my head.
Trust me, this isn't always the case.
4. Me trying to explain current world events is always a good time.
"The Librarians were protesting this movie at the US Embassy in some Benagaz-za-za place... ..."
"They think the Al-quesos are behind it. I mean...wait what are they called again?"
An actual dinner convo with the hubz last night.
Oh, I crack myself up.
5. I'm like pee-my-pants-excited that ON brought back this crepe dress!
I got one in black a few months ago and it is uber comfy.
As in I would sleep in it. Really, I would.
Pee your pants over anything this week? We won't judge.
Any other "American Horror Story" fans out there?

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

lol at #1, I have cereal remains at the bottom of every. single. one. of my handbags. And in most of my coat pockets. Pretty sure it's the #1 way you know you're the mom of a toddler. Also, juice boxes and/or bottles squeezing out room for everything else in your fridge. #5 looks it doesn't shrink or warp when washed? I might have to go check it out, I've got $40 in rewards to spend...but all the cute boots at Piperlime are also calling my name...

Katie said...

love your new dress! that pic of your nephew is funny. :) and free is a favorite word of mine too.

Unknown said...

Luckily my pants remained dry over the week. I love the pic of your nephew!

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness. How adorable is your nephew! That expression is priceless.

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

HA! Your nephew is great!! We are having some legit fall weather down here. It won't last much longer, but I'm soaking it up as much as I can. You're the second blogger who's posted about that dress. And the other one also said they bought the black before and love it. Hmm... I see a trip to ON in my future.... ;)

I haven't watched American Horror Story. I wanted to. But Joey is anti-scary stuff. Sooo.... who knows if I'll muster up the courage to watch it solo...

Ashley said...

See??? Old Navy has THE best stuff now!!

Legoland sounds pretty amazing... My boys would LOVE it.

henning love said...

haha i love your comments on the ON crepe dress is that what it is called crepe dress? i had no idea and congrats on lots and lots of ordering!

Dana said...

That face is adorable!!! I've never seen American Horror Story, I guess I should catch an episode.

Geri Johnson said...

Aren't the Al Quesos the ones that bombed the El Tacos? You crack me up too!

My daughter's car is like your purse! Thanks to my 3 yr old grandson! We babysit a lot & it's easier for us to trade cars than it is to move all his crap to our car. Plus the mess stays in her car!!! Between the sour milk smell and the goldfish crackers and dog hair I think my husband spends more time cleaning out her car than he spends with the grandson! At least you don't have the smell or the dog hair in your purse.

I love the American Horror Story! Can't wait for it to start back up next month!!! I have to watch it alone though cuz I can't talk anybody else into watching it with me - the scaredy cats! Have you checked out the videos on their Facebook page? And their cover picture would make an awesome Halloween costume!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Love your invitation design - I'd love to host a cookie party over the holidays, what a fun idea! And I tried watching American Horror Story but kept forgetting to watch, need to find it OnDemand. But I'm on a Criminal Minds kick and they freak me out every time!

Geri Johnson said...

Oh, I meant to give you the link to their FB page too! Here you go:

Lindsay said...

I'm gonna have to check out that ON dress...super cute! And I love the Cookie Exchange design. So, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your nephew is adorable!!

Melissa Boo said...

Yay for chest bumps!

That photo of your nephew is awesome!

Jes said...

That dress is so cute! I'm def gonig to hit up ON!

I'd love to hear from you!