Fall Pillow: How to Print on Burlap

I definately had a seriouse case of fall fever this weekend.  Visions of pumpkin donuts have been dancing through my head non-stop. Homer Simpson would be proud.
I managed to find about thirty seconds of free time on Sunday to work on a few fall projects including this pillow for my porch.
{Image via Google. Pillow no longer available on Home Depot's website}
I spotted a handful of  cute outdoor pillows at Home Depot marked down to...... wait for it......
wait for it......wait for it.....just two buckaroos!
I reluctanly passed them up at first only because the coral orange & blue didn't go with our back deck decor BUT since they were such a steal I couldn't stop thinking about them later that night.
Then perhaps in the middle of another pumpkin donut fantasy it hit me!
The orange pillow would be perfect for my front porch chair that I made over at the beginning of summer. Plus, it would be a great way to transition my porch into the fall season.
 Luckily, by time I got back to Home Depot there was one clearance pillow left. Phew.
I've been wanting to use up some burlap scraps I had lying around and thought the fabric would be a perfect accent on the pillow to help make it more "fallish" looking.
I decided to try printing on the burlap versus stenciling only because well, as we've discussed before an armless squirrel could probably stencil better than me. Okay, maybe we didn't exactly discuss that but I have mentioned a time or two about stenciling not exactly being my forte.
If you'd like to try printing on burlap yourself here is what you'll need:
*Piece of Burlap {images show up best on light colored burlap}
*Scotch Tape
*Card Stock
*Inkjet Printer
*Image to Print
To start off, you will want to cut your piece of burlap slightly smaller than your piece of card stock.
Then place the burlap on top of the card stock and tape down on all four side with your scotch tape.
In order to feed your burlap through your printer with out any jams you will want to make sure that your burlap is lying as smooth as possible on the card stock.
Now all you need to do is either create an image or download one that you would like to print.
I used Photoshop to create my image. I was simple and just used the word "Autumn".
Once you've decided on a design just place your burlap adorned
 card stock in the printer and print away.
I pulled a couple strands away from the edge of my burlap to give it that rustic, distressed look.
Then I adhered it to the pillow with some heat n' bond.
The flower was a pin I stumbled up in my craft box. I'm not sure if I like it on there or not but I feel like the pillow would look a bit nekked with out it. What do you think yay or nay on the flower?
Have you started fall decorating yet?


Unknown said...

That sounds so easy! I may have to try it!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

cute! home depot had lots of great pillows this summer, I was surprised they stocked such cute prints. I like the flower itself, but not sure how I feel about it on the pillow...what if you loosely wrapped some twine a few times around the pillow and tied the eds into a simple bow that would end up at the corner of the burlap? or made a crafty flower out of fake leaves somehow - that would tie into the "autumn" sign. think I might make a pit stop at home depot tomorrow, maybe I can score on some clearance pillows for our porch chairs!

Katie said...

we are twin posters today. :) But I like yours better!! I want to try printing on burlap. and I know I've said it before but I love your porch!!

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

I had spray paint my burlap for my 4th of July wreath, but hadn't thought of "Letter" i-zing it!
Looks nice!

henning love said...

you can print on burlap?? my heart is singing right now and thinking of all the wonderful ways i am use printed burlap in my living room

Jamie said...

That came out so cute!

Unknown said...

Cute! It was too warm for fall fever here but the cool weather finally returned once again!

MYSAVIOR said...


I finally convinced my almost 20 year old grandson to find my handmade fall wreath that was put away in the attic. Thankfully, he finally found it.
This gets hung on the front door and now to get the pumpkins and mums.


Jennifer@Honeybee's said...

I just started following your blog. Love it already!

Lauren said...

How adorable! And I think the flower is the perfect touch.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

What a score on the pillow! And I think the flower is great - I love the blue!

Alexa said...

The design on that pillow is simply stunning!

Buzzy @ frugalfancypants said...

Super happy to find out you can print on burlap! Thanks! The flower is way cute, but maybe the blue takes away from the fall-ishness? Just depends what you're going for :)

Craftberry Bush said...

love this idea... can't wait to try it..thank you so much for sharing...xo

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