Kid's Halloween Favors: Skeleton Bookmarks

October already? Crazy, I know! With Halloween right around the corner I know alot of you will be on the hunt for favor ideas for your kid's class or holiday parties. I have just the thing for you! I promise this idea is so simple & inexpensive that by the
 end of this post you'll want to be my new BFF.
Every time a holiday rolls around I always like to try to come up with something funny & cute to send my nieces & nephew {like these bunny tail treat cups}. You know just a little something-something to remind them that I am like the craziest greatest aunt evaaaa.
Check it out.........
This year they'll be receiving these jumbo skeleton bookmarks courtesy of yours truly.
I created my bookmarks with my design software,
however, no worries for those of you don't feel your very graphic savvy.
This project can very easily be made with out the use of a computer.
Just simply cut two long squares from plain cardstock.
My bookmarks measured 3 x 10 {remember these are jumbo bookmarks!}
Then cut the same size squares from a sheet of patterned scrapbook paper and adhere to the top of the cardstock with a glue stick. Next up is to add your skelton figures. I found my guys at Walmart but I also spied similiar ones at the Dollar Store. I used glue dots to stick my skeltons to the bookmarks but I suppose hot glue or even regular craft glue would work just fine too.
Lastly, add the "No bones about it" saying with a marker or even typing it out in Microsoft Word and printing on some matching colored paper.
Pretty easy, right?
AND as I mentioned the most spooktacular thing about these favors is how cheap they are to make!
My skeletons came in a pack of 24 for a $1.97.
Cardstock {in bulk} and scrapbook paper can be found at your local craft stores for a few bucks {even cheaper if you take advantage of store coupons AND even cheaper if you can create the design yourself on your computer!}. you can see you can practically gift these to the whole town of Woodbury, Kentucky for just a few measly dollars.
This is also perfect if your kid happens to attend
one of those schools where sweets and treats are banned from class parties.
I can't wait to send these off to the kiddos.
OH and of course I'll be adding a small bag of treats.
Are you kidding? You don't get on the "World's Greatest Aunt" list for nothing.


Katie said...

those are so cute!! I should make them for my class!!

Jeanette said...

Awesome idea! Pinning this one!

Dorien said...

This is an awesome craft! It sucks really hard that we don't actually have a real halloween in Belgium besides one tacky decoration here and there haha. I would definitely spoil trick or treaters :)

Alexa said...

Ah so cute. What a perfect fall craft idea!

Unknown said...

so cute! makes me wanna decorate for fall!

Have a wonderful week!

Because Shanna Said So said...

You are the greatest aunt ever! These are adorable. What a fun idea. The kids are going to LOVE them. Okay, now I need to make some for my daughter's 2nd grade class!! Pinning! ;)

Style Journey said...

Just found your blog. You make the coolest DIY projects AND you are really funny. Now following :)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

love these, they look great and they're just enough spooky!

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