That Time I Was "Diagnosed" with a Detached Head

Look at that pals we've survived yet another week. And guess what? This Saturday is fall y'all. Like for realz. Meaning "officially" it's the first day of Fall for those of you who are above the slang thing. Are you as uber excited as I am for crisp, cool autumn evenings, snuggly sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and seasonal boots? Seriously, it's one of my favorite times of the year. Next to my birthday. Obviously.
In the mean time, some of my top favorite things of the week:
1. Enjoying tears of laughter with our neighbors as I recalled the time a massuese discontinued my massage because she said, and I quote "you need to see a doctor right away, I don't think your head is attached".  Really? Gee, what am I like the first person to be diagnosed with this condition since the sleepy hollow days? I thought holy crap! My mom wasn't kidding when she use to tell me I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached.

PS. I spent that whole night tossing & turning in bed fretting about how I was going to go through life with an unattached head. True story.

PPS. Incase you're wondering my head was fine. Definately still attached. Turns out I had a torn ligament in my neck. Same thing.

PPS. In most states it is HIGHLY illegal for massage therapist to give medical advice and or diagnoses. Now I see why.

2. Discovering Spotli. Where have I been? If you frequent Craig's List {for items to buy not for hook-ups} and you've also been living under a rock then you'll want to check this out.

3. Finalyzing details for our new wood floors we'll be putting in our la casa. I can't wait! Till it's done with that is. The labor part I wish I could just sleep through.

4. Throwing back a few Skinny Cosmos with our friends at my favorite sushi/hibachi restaurant last weekend.

5. Stuffing my face with these bad boys. Thanks Katie for the referral!

What was your favorite thing of the week?
Hopefully, not a unattached head.
Happy Friday. Happy Fall. High five.


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henning love said...

Reason why masseuses aren't allowed to give medical advice: see your experience. And yes I live under a rock because I haven't heard of spotli

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

WOW!! That is most definitely the most intereting massage story I've ever heard! BIZARRO for really reals!

Also, never heard of Spotli, can you come help get this rock off me that I'm apparently living under?

And stop posting pictures of those darn cookies!!! SHEESH! I've got a wedding next weekend and MUST fit into my bridesmaid dress, so I can't have any delicious cookies right now. So for the love of all sanity, nix the cookies!!! Haha.. .;)

Katie said...

totally see why they shouldn't give medical advice! yeah for new floors! and I'm glad you made those cookies! aren't they SO good!?

Dana said...

Oh my! Hilarious! At least she did catch a real problem and was not just giving completely crazy medical advice!

MYSAVIOR said...

You are so funny!! I love the slang.


Lauren said...

A massage therapist once told me my hips were misaligned. I went to an orthopedic surgeon shortly after for a different issue. He readjusted my back, but I definitely didn't have any hip issues! I'm so gullible, if I had heard that my head wasn't attached, I'd probably have a heart attack!

The Millers said...

Those cookies look amazing! Definitely going to have to try this recipe!! Just foundyour cute blog through the giveaway. I am your newest follower :) Would love for you to stop by if you'd like.

Unknown said...

those cookies look AMAZINGGG!!! newest follower! hope you will stop by!


Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Whew, so glad to hear your head is still attached! I was worried! :) And you definitely have to tell me how to make a skinny cosmo - I love me some cosmos!!

I'd love to hear from you!