DIY Monogrammed Pumpkin

I've definately caught the fall decorating bug this year. Not sure what's gotten into me....*cough* Pinterest. I love the look of monogrammed pumpkins but I wanted to use the faux pumpkins because well, if you're going to spend time decorating something wouldn't it be nice to use it year after year? So the past few weeks I've been stalking the craft stores waiting for the pumpkins to go on sale.
Is it just me or do these things seem ridiculously overpriced?
$40 bucks for an average-size hollow, plastic pumpkin thingie?!
 I'm seriously considering going into the fake pumpkin farming business. 
Apparently that's where the money is at.
Last weekend my stalking finally paid David Beckham still hasn't called me.
I was referring to my other stalking extravaganza....
the one where I spotted a 50% off sale at Joann's on fake pumpkins.
Add the 20% off coupon I had and I was able to score me one of these bad boys for about the price of a frappucino {Shall we talk about how overpriced Starbucks is next?}
After some brainstorming I decided I wanted our monogram for our pumpkin to be modern and colorful. I had some left over cardstock that fit the bill. To create my "B" stencil I simply just typed our initial in a blank document on my computer, enlarged the font, and then printed it off on some plain white cardstock.  After using my X-acto knife to trim out my stencil I laid it down on the back of my colorful cardstock, traced around it with a pencil, and then cut that out.
To adhere the "B" I used the ever so fabulous Mod Podge.
 First, brush the glue on the pumpkin, lay your letter down, and then continue to layer more
Mod Podge on top of the cardstock letter until it is completely glued down.
Because I used a rather thick cardstock it was a little difficult to get my "B" to lay flat at first especially since pumpkins don't have flat surfaces. I found the more glue I added the more forgiving the cardstock would get and I eventually got it to contour well to the shape of the pumpkin.
There you have it; quick and easy. My kind of project!

So how are you decorating your pumpkins this year? Do you prefer fake or real ones?
Pumpkins that is. Phew, just wanted to clarify that before
this conversation went REALLY weird REALLY fast.


Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Oh I love this! Plus it's not a messy project which I like even better ;)

Katie said...

so cute!!I should do this! I need some fake pumpkins!

henning love said...

what $40 for a fake pumpkin seriously?! rip-off. i did some fall crafty stuff this weekend, sprinkled lots of glitter on real and fake pumpkins. i love your monogram pumpkin

Unknown said...

Fabulous!! We bought our pumpkins yesterday & I can't wait to decorate them! I always wait until Halloween is closer though because I like them au natural :-)

Unknown said...

The only pumpkin thing I've done so far was to pick up a grapevine pumpkin from the dollar spot at Target. I need to get creative!!

Tonii said...

Hello my long lost friend!! This pumpkin is absolutely adorable...I have a feeling something similar may be gracing my mantle soon! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

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