That Time I Found My Spin Art Soul Mate {aka The Coolest Story Ever}

Remember that time I told you I was bringing Spin Art back in style and you thought I was joking?
Which is odd because I joke about nothing.
Well, lookie here I am a woman who keeps her word.
If you're a child of the 80's don't tell me you didn't love yourself some Spin Art.
I mean c' art with every spin. Life doesn't get much better than that folks.
Story time kiddos.
But before I jump into this let me just say that this post is wayyyyyyy
overdue but my.....ahem "photogapher" always seem to be MIA 
{aka golfing} so this will explain the awkard self-portraits of myself.
Which reminds me do you ever look at yourself in pictures & get caught up on the fact that you look like something? Like perhaps an animal? Like perhaps a small marine fish? Like perhaps a mythical creature with a horse's head and a fish tail? *cough* seahorse *cough*
Oh wait. I forgot it's story time.
Let me just say sometimes I am amazed at the way the internet brings people together.
Back in early spring I had expressed my love as a child for spin art.
I declared that I was going to revive the ol' puffy shirt trend.
Perhaps for casual Fridays.
A few months later you'll never guess what happen?
No, Ryan Gosling didn't call me.
Even better. I found my Spin Art soul mate.
Meet Helen.
That's right she just happen to stumble upon my post
AND she just happens to own a gigantic spin art machine!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the story behind how Helen came to be an owner of this obese paint machine.
 I'll let her share it in her own words
{I pieced together a few of our email exchanges so you get the full story
minus my over-exuberant responses}
I noticed you mentioned something about spin art T-shirts and bringing them back! Well you have no idea how excited I was that someone else FINALLY shared my enthusiasm for one of the best things to come out of the 80's. All I have to say is BEST birthday EVER was at Flying Colors a shop in my neighborhood growing up. I loved them so much that 5 years ago I went on a mission to find the gigantic space bubble machine, and I did!
 I thought it would be fun to start a little party business in L.A.
I was a nanny in Hollywood and went to insane birthday parties where people spent unbelievable amounts of money.
I found the Spin Art machine after about a month of searching on Craig's List. An artist in Las Vegas
was selling it, he bought it from a thrift shop in Utah. My husband(boyfriend at the time) promised if I found one, he would go get it.
I don't think he really understood how big and heavy it was.
So him and his friend borrowed a pick-up truck and went to Vegas, about an hour into their trip the radio broke! Good times!
Long story short I got married and had a kid and sadly never had time for the business, but we love that machine and our friends always have a blast with it!
It's become part of the family.
This fall we are moving back to Chicago and the machine is coming back with us!
I will start selling spin art wrapping paper on Etsy too!
  I'd love to send you one!
Seriously, if driving to Vegas from Utah to
drag back a giant spin art bubble machine isn't love then I don't know what is!
Helen, that hubz of yours is a keeper in my book!

Is that not the coolest story ever?
I can't believe she managed to track down thee EXACT machine from her childhood days!
I absolutey adore my spin art shirt that Helen sent me!
Big, wet grandma smooches to you Helen.
And as if taking pictures of yourself isn't awkard enough here's a close-up of my "girls".
You're welcome.

Make sure to drop by Bluebirds & Honey & tell that cool gal, Helen, "hi"!
But just remember she was my Spin Art BFF first.

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Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Bahaha! Seahorse?!?!?! What the heck!?!?!?! More like sea goddess!!!! ;) Seriously, you're gorgeous!!

Also, I'm jealous. Way jealous! That's an awesome shirt! I would wear it everyday. ;)

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

LOL!! This is SO awesome and you are HOT! In a non lesbian way of course :)

Style Journey said...

What a great story! The blog world is a pretty amazing network of people. I remember spin art. My daughter and I tie dyed over the summer and we had a blast! I bet she would love this project. Heather

Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper said...

How cool are you!? I want one too. Love it. I remember doing this as a kid. Going to be stopping by and saying hi to Helen!! Great post.

henning love said...

haha i love this story jennifer!! i can imagine how ecstatic you were when you found this woman who has her own machine! and wow that machine is massive. i love your finished project

Geri Johnson said...

Hey! I'm old so I remember spin art. Our local Michael's used to have one of these machines & you could go in & have them make you a shirt while you waited. I got one for my best friends birthday. Her usual wardrobe consisted of brown, black or navy. She wasn't a nun but she tended to dress like one. I was so excited to take her a purple shirt with teals, hot pinks, silvers, lime greens & lots & lots of GLITTTER!!!! She loved the heck out of that shirt & wore it out! And ever since then she has widened her wardrobe collection to include all colors. Who would've thought that spin art could change/improve your life! :D

Unknown said...

Such a cute shirt! I never knew there was such a thing as a gigantic spin art!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

this is such an amazing story!! is it weird I don't remember spin art at all??? but maybe I will peruse eBay later....looks like a spirograph's cousin and you know I'm crazy about spirographs!

Unknown said...

super cute! i think that would've been an incredibly fun idea to do it at birthday parties or big events. i'm sad she never got to!

bluebirds and honeybees said...

AHHH! I was so excited when I saw your post, seriously you are the cutest! Thanks for sharing, the blogging world really is a neat place, and it is interesting how you connect with people in weird little ways!

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