Weekly Bliss: High Five it's Friday!

1. Burning Glades Apple Cinnamon candle this week was like pure Fall heaven. So yummy I could eat it. But I won't. Because I'm pretty sure that would just make me a prime candidate for TLC's "My Stange Addictions" and let's face it I've already got a jam packed schedule.
2. Enjoying dessert sans the guilt. The Weight Watchers Raspberry Cheesecake Sundaes are awesomeamazing. I just wish they were larger than three bites,
but I suppose that would defeat the purpose.
3. Got a head start {a slllooow head start}on our Halloween soiree decorating.
I'm not sure where all this motivation is coming from.
Get this.....the other day I camethisclose to doing our Christmas cards. GASP!
What is wrong with me???
4. Acupuncture. Twice this week.
I never thought there would be a day I would say I enjoy being poked with needles.

5.Scored me a great deal this week over at Pick Your Plum on a personalized rubber stamp
I know it's the small things that excite me.
I've always wanted one of these but never wanted to pay full price
 {these puppies can be expensive at $40-$50 a pop!}

How was your week?

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

oh my god, it's already Friday. This has become my weekly reminder that the week is nearly over. Thanks for the tip about the stamps! I ended up getting one even though I already have uh, three different address label stickers *and* another stamp ((that one is a RIBBON design though, not a circle)). So, basically, when hubby sees me break out the yet another form of return address labeling, he might dash off an angry email to you for alerting me to the deal. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm with you on the candles! Yum! I had a good week and I am looking forward to a great weekend with friends!

Kalie said...

The stamp is super cute, I already told my mom I want that to be my first present when I buy my house!
And Christmas cards, holy motivation already, I am jealous!

Mollie Campbell said...

New follower :) I love the stamp idea. I need to get myself some stationary, I can to that conclusion this morning haha

Allison said...

I love your halloween decorating and that stamp! I meant to order one and forgot! Hopefully they'll come around again soon!

Have a good weekend!

Dana said...

mm yummy fall candles...those are the best! My week was pleasantly eventful and the weather is finally starting to cool down over here in SoCal...Yes!

Elle Sees said...

i'm burning the same candle right now!! happy weekend.

Katie said...

I need to hear more about your acupuncture experience! email me! :)

I'd love to hear from you!