Wicked Craft Week: Dollar Store Pumpkins {Itsy Bitsy Paper}

Hope you've been carving out some time to check out all of this week's Halloween inspiration.
But the party ain't over yet! Up next.....my gal pal Lindy. The queen of everything.
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If you're a Dollar Store pimp like me {I'm thinking we need to slap that on a t-shirt} then you're going to love her project today.

I am Lindy and I blog at Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog and would love for you to stop by and say "Hi" anytime.  I am so excited to be sharing this blog post on my friend Jennifer's Blog--thanks Jennifer for the invitation!
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 I love taking something not so pretty from the Dollar Store and revamping it.  It usually just takes a little spray paint and you are in business.  These foam pumpkins are a perfect example of how a little Krylon Silver Spray paint and black craft paint make them look drastically different.  They remind me a lot of Mercury Glass with the shiny and matte mixed together.  I used some grosgrain ribbon to cover the seam on the pumpkin and grabbed some leaf gift tags from the Dollar Bins at Target and used up some black wire I had in my craft supplies.  Not a bad makeover if I do say so myself.  Perfect for the fall and Halloween.
I also used this paint technique on these pumpkins.  


You will need:
Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins
Silver Metallic or Mirrored Spray Paint
Black Craft Paint and a foam brush
Leaves (you can paint them like I did if you find paper leaves)
Some bendable wire to match (I used black)

• Gather your supplies
• Spray paint your foam pumpkins until they are coated on all sides
• Once the pumpkins are dry you will then use black craft paint and dab on black paint with a sponge brush.  I then used a paper towel to blot the black paint.  I worked in small sections to do this so it didn't get too dry before blotting it off.  I did this for the entire pumpkin and if there were spots I got too heavy I just used a little silver paint to cover it up.  In the final photos you'll see one of my pumpkins is darker than the other but that doesn't really bother me so I left them as they were.
• Let your pumpkin dry
• Use your gift tag leaves and put some black craft paint on both sides of them.  Let them dry well and then use some silver paint to just lightly brush on them for some "highlighting".
• Now your pumpkin is ready to assemble.
• I used floral hooks to secure the ribbon in place.  I wanted to use ribbon to cover the seam in the pumpkin because I didn't really like seeing that.
• Once the ribbon is in place secure it tightly with the floral picks.  These are the best little picks!  I used them all the time and just pick them up at the craft store in the floral section.
• Take a piece of flexible wire (preferably in black) and wrap it around a pencil or pen to achieve a "curly" look to it.
• When your leaves are dry you are ready to slide them on the curly wire and use the end of wire to poke down in the pumpkin.
• You will use the very end piece of your wire to poke into the foam pumpkin.  Because it's bendable you can really play around with them until you get the look you are going for.

 Easy Peasy!


Before & After

Gracias Lindy! I love how this project is a surefire way to spruce up your holiday
decor with out going broke.
As for the rest of you.... see you tomorrow as we wrap up "Wicked Craft Week" with one final, spooktacular project!


mari of {crab+fish} said...

what a transformation, they turned out great! I saw those floral hooks at store the other day -- thought they looked useful, but couldn't think of anything off the top of my head to use them for so I left them. I think I already have the rest of the supplies - love when that happens! :) Thanks for sharing!

Tonii said...

Wow...those turned out fantastic!! I am loving all the great crafts this week!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

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