Wicked Craft Week: Wicked Witch of the West Facials & Festive Holiday Nails {Blue Skies Ahead}

 Holy mermaid. Wicked Craft Week in a nutshell; amazificent!
And here for the grande finale is thee lovely Miss Tonii.
Tonii's kids are soooo lucky because I'm pretty sure she is the most fun & creative mama evaaaa!
Case in point, this little wicked spa night she put together......
Hello Delightfully Noted readers!!  I am SO thrilled to be visiting Jennifer's amazing blog today.  While I can't promise I will be as witty, chic or creative as Jennifer, hopefully you will enjoy our Wicked Witch of the West Facials and Festive Holiday Nails!

Every year my sisters and I go to a local event called Witches Night Out...and EVERY year my little girls are so sad that they can't join us ;)  Last year I decided they should not miss out on the fun, and we try to have a Witches Night IN of our own.

This year on the agenda were some homemade facials and manicures!  We had to throw a witchy twist on everything and here is what we came up with.

First up...Wicked Witch of the West Facials

All you need to make your own homemade facial is half an avocado, 2 TBSP hot water, and 1 tsp of honey.  

Once you have your Wicked Witch Facial all mixed apply generously to your little witch's face.

After about 10 minutes you wipe off with a warm cloth and enjoy that silky smooth skin! 

(Side note for moms:  I used this too and LOVED how it made my skin feel!  Go on...try it for yourselves too!!)

Look at that gorgeous girl!

Finally we finished our night of pampering with some Festive Holiday Nails!

First up we did some Spooky Eyes Nails

All you need for these nails are some black polish and a white nail pen.  I painted a black coat, did two white circles and then using a toothpick added two little black dots.  My girls LOVED these!

Finally we did Candy Corn Nails.  I just painted the whole nail orange, then did a layer of yellow above it, and finished off the top with strip of white!

Thanks again Jennifer for letting my stop by your place, I hope you are ALL having a fantastic Halloween Season!  Feel free to stop by my blog, Blue Skies Ahead, to see all the rest of the spooky fun we are up too!


Thanks Tonii! "Witches Night IN" looked like a blast.
I could seriously use a homemade facial these days!
A BIG wet grandma kiss to all the crafty peeps who participated in Wicked Craft Week this week.
It couldn't have been a success with out y'all. If you've been snoozing make sure to check out all the fun we had this week with out you!
Happy weekend party people!

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Katie said...

those nails are so fun!! my goal is to just paint my nails one color this weekend - that would already be a hard thing for me!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

How cute! And I love those nails! :)

And this is reason #463 that I need a girl at some point....

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

Loved Wicked Craft week! Gotta try that mask ... and the scary eyes manicure - looks doable for the nail-art impaired!

Tonii said...

Thanks SO much for having me Jennifer...I adore your blog and dream of being as cool and stylish as you one day ;)

Unknown said...

Adorable! What fun ideas for a girls night!

I'd love to hear from you!