Good Friday to You

Good Friday to you. I haven't been this excited since,well, last Friday.
We PAR-TAYED like it was 1999.
Or, more like 1959.
I'm pretty sure I'm slobbering on the hubz face in this picture.
That's love for ya.

2. Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with antlers & deer heads yet?
I mean not in a weird-soon-to-be-serial-killer-way.
As in I can barely contain myself from buying every single antler related thing I see.
 Gave this guy a new home yesterday. Thank you Target for feeding into my obsession.

3. Someone call the doctor! I haven't craft a darn thing for seven days and
there's a part of me that is okay with that.
4. BUT if I was crafting right now I would so be creating one of these pink glitter cardboard houses for Christmas inspired by a recent jaunt to Home Goods.
{The world would be a better place if we used words like "jaunt" more often, don't you think?}
Aren't they so whimsical and pretty?
5. Feeling so lucky and blessed that every night this week I've laid my delarious little head down on a pillow, in a warm bed, with a roof over my head.
Sometimes in the wake of a tragedy like Hurricane Sandy I realize I really do take things like running water, internet, and food in my tummy for granted.
Hope you all have a safe & delightful weekend!

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Katie said...

really like your number 5. so true. and I want to make a pillow with a deer head and antlers on it. :) love your new purchase!

Style Journey said...

#5 is a great one and it is so true. Loving that deer. I think I need one, I have been on the hunt for deer and moose things to decorate my cabin themed family room. A "jaunt" to Target is in order :)

Unknown said...

The little houses are so cute! Yes, you are right about being thankful. Sometimes I need to take a step back and look at the important things in life!

Mrs. Agaba said...

Good reminder that if we still have a roof, we have something to be thankful for.

Val said...

I hope you have the best weekend ever....

Elle Sees said...

well ain't y'all too cute?? hehe. I'm heading to home goods this weekend!

Green Tree Boutique said...

Too cute!! We love ceramic deer antlers too!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

you guys are so cute - some slobber is a good thing sometimes!

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