High Five for Friday

1. Last Saturday we spent a lovely evening in the city celebrating my good friend's wedding.
The thought of stealing the moosehead behind the hubby's head only occurred to me on three different occasions.
2. Our woods floors {hope to share pics soon!} are completed and our house is some what back to
normal. Although, we're still sleeping up in the guest room.
Seriously, whose idea was it anyways to give our guest the better mattress?
3. I was pee-my-pants excited when I saw this winter daschund wrapping paper at Paper Source.
If it wasn't $3.95 a sheet I swear EVERYONE on my gift list would be receiving a weiner wrapped gift......wait that doesn't sound right.
4. Had such a great morning on Wednesday that I decided to keep the good vibes going & treat myself to some Red Mango.
5. I could never figure out how girls got soft, loose curls.
Mine always come out "Shirley Templish"
This tutorial set me straight.
Now if I could only find the energy to care to do my hair.
Have a delightful weekend! See you on the flip side.

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Katie said...

love number 4. :) and laughed at number 3. happy friday jennifer!

Style Journey said...

You are hiliarious - weiner wrapped paper :) Have a wonderful weekend!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

you need to get at least one sheet of wieners and frame it for your gallery wall...or use it as a photo mat around a pic of your dogs!!! DO IT! :D

I can't wait for the wood floor unveiling!

and adorable pic of
you and hubs!

I always use too many exclamation points and come off manic...when in reality I'm practically comatose in bed and about to fall asleep......!

Unknown said...

Cute pic! Just try to keep you hands off the moose head!

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