January's Crush of the Month: Washi Tape Projects

It's time to wrap up the first month of 2012 & with that comes another "Crush of the Month!" So what am I swooning over now? Japanese washi tape! Seriously, how can you not love this decorative paper tape? It's like masking tape at its finest. It comes in an assortment of pattern & colors & is extremely easy to use.  Washi tape has gained popularity among the crafty world & that's because there's a bajillion things you can do with it. Here's a round up of a few of my favorite washi tape projects & sellers {color coordinated of course for your viewing pleasure}:

Aren't they all fantastic? Up until this point I have allowed myself to buy one, JUST ONE, roll of washi tape but I'm afraid this is an addiction waiting to happen.

So what are you crushing on lately?


How to Make Fabric Flowers from Old T-shirts

I decided since I don't have a lot of Valentine decor perhaps I could sweeten up a plain tan pillow I had picked up a few weeks ago. I wasn't aiming for anything traditional  {ie. hearts, cupids, etc} so it was perfect when a pink shirt sitting a top a donation pile happen to catch my eye. I thought why not use the old shirt to make some fabric flowers? {Sorry about that Goodwill!}

To get started, after you've picked a shirt to destroy {there's about twenty in my hubby's dresser if you'd like to burrow them} you will want to cut a circle approximately 2 to 2.5 inches in size from your coordinating colored felt. 

Next, you are going to make your paper template. Draw a flower on your piece of paper. This doesn't have to be perfect but I would suggest making a flower with at least 5-6 petals.  Cut the template out. My flower measured about 2.5 inches wide. 

Now using your flower template start cutting your fabric flowers.  I just placed my paper template down on the shirt & cut around it {you can use pen to trace your template first but this will leave pen marks as you will see in one of my pics below. I ditched the pen after the first few flowers.}. Again, no need for perfection here. As you can see above, my fabric flowers look like blobs! You'll need to cut out about 11-12 flowers.
Now take one of your flowers & fold in half and then in half again. Repeat until you have four folded flowers then take your glue & adhere them to your piece of round felt.  You'll want to place them edge to edge but as you can see you may have some space between them depending on the size of your flowers and felt. No biggie! That space is going to be covered anyways.
 Once you have those four glued down to the felt circle you'll want to glue the folded flap of each flower to itself. See picture above.
Fold four more flowers & glue them on top of the original four flowers but place them semi-perpendicular to the first grouping {so you cover the first group of flower's edges}. Repeat the layers until you have one last fabric flower left. 

In order to make the center of you flower you're going to fold your last fabric flower in half but instead of folding it again you will want to roll it.
Then adhere to the center of your flower with a big glob of glue. Once that has dried, fluff up your petals & you should have a pretty & delightful little fabric flower!
Now your ready to adorn your pillow or what ever it is you want to dress up with your t-shirt flower. Of course unless you have a little mischievous doxie who likes to kidnap your flower project after you scold her for barking incessantly at the mail man. Then like me you'll spend fifteen minutes searching for said flower.
Evidence that my dog is a bully.
In order to get the t-shirt flower attached to your pillow or item you can either hot glue or sew it on.

I actually created two different sized t-shirt flowers for my project & then clipped on a matching chiffon flower clip I had lying around. I'm loving the soft & romantic touch that the flowers add to my decor!


Free Printable Valentine's Day Card {24 Hours Only!} 2012 Special Delivery Charity Project

February is right around the corner & with that comes Valentine's Day. I'm thinking you should share the love this year by joining the Etsy community & myself in the 2012 Special Delivery Project. This year Etsy will be working with Citymeals-on-Wheels which helps deliver meals & human companionship to elderly New Yorkers. Thanks to the donations they will also be delivering greeting cards this Valentine's Day.  Being that I am a stationery junky you know I couldn't pass up participating in such a wonderful project! Butttt I'm REALLY hoping you'd like to join me!
  All you need to do is send in some handmade or store-bought Valentine's Day cards {with a sweet little message written inside} to:
Attn: Katie Rose Crosswhite
55 Washington St.
Suite 512
Brooklyn, NY 11201
 It's really important to note that Tuesday, February 7th 2012 is the deadline in which all cards must be received! Please see post here to learn more about this project & important rules regarding the types of cards you can send {like no glitter you sparkle-a-holics!}

As if that wasn't easy enough, I'm going to simplify your life even more by offering one of my shop's Valentine's Day cards for free for the next 24 hours!!!
Download here, then print, cut, & fold the cards in half. All that's left is to write a special little message, add envelopes if you'd like, package, & then mail off to the address above.
See aren't you glad I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning??!

Feel free to print off as many cards as you'd like in the next 24 hours. You can use them to send Valentine's wishes to friends & loved ones but most importantly I hope you'll join me & send some to New York to help brighten a stranger's day too!

Reminder! Card will be available for free only until Monday, January 30th 12:00pm central time, so hurry over!!

 I'd love to hear if you get any use out of the card or if you participate in the Special Delivery project!!

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Friday's Dose of Delight {Closets & Hypnosis}

This felt like an incredibly long week to me & I can't wait to get my weekend on. As I'm sure you can't either! So friends here's this week's Dose of Delight; mini-mini roundup of things that inspired, caught my eye, boggled my mind, or just plain out delighted me.

Have you seen this closet makeover? Seriously, Tonya did an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job. This closet transformation is the best for a variety of reasons but what resonates with me is that it is simply the most realistic makeover I've seen in a lonnnggg time.  Sites like Pinterest are filled with beautiful closets but lets face it how many of us have closets bigger than a neighborhood filled with hundreds of pairs of Louis Vuittons? This closet actually gives mine hope.
*Tear drop*
See full post here.

Now I've heard of acting like you need to pee really bad to get out of a speeding ticket {okay, so maybe I didn't just hear of it but perhaps used the excuse a time or two} but hypnotizing the officer! I couldn't imagine trying to pull this on the police {nor would I recommend it so don't call me when you need bail!} & the funny thing is I would probably just end up hypnotizing myself.  
Buttt then I realized this technique could be used for ALOT of things....like on the hubby when he sees you went on a BIG shopping spree. There's one keyword that the video shows we need to express....learn it & we can rule the world!

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

PS. I've been wanting to get back to my vacay series, cruises, & a bulk supply of duct tape but in light of the recent tragic events in Italy with the Carnival cruise I think it would be best if I waited a bit. In the mean time, I'm in need of another vacation.

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I've Got Idle Chatter Syndrome

I've got about fifty random things that I wanted to share with you lovelies. Individually these things aren't enough to take up a whole post so instead, lucky you, I'm just throwing them all out there. So welcome to my brain.

*YOU GUYS.....I think I finally found a mommy for the motherforker doll {blink....I didn't say what you thought I said.} Yesterday while combing through my Google Analytics I saw one of the referral search keywords to the DN was "mini doll organ". He just may be adopted....either that or a doll serial killer happen to land on my page.

*Picked up this dress in black at Old Navy last weekend & seriosuly can't stop thinking about how much I lurrrve it. I can't get over how freaken comfortable it is. I went for the sales & of course I had to fall for a new item that was full price but whatev.......Seriously considering going back & picking up the pink one too.

*I've decided since I get quite a handful of emails {and by handful I mean like two} with questions about starting an Etsy biz that I'll be doing a new monthly series here. I just haven't thought of a name for it yet. 

*Speaking of emails, this morning when I logged into my Yahoo account it said I had 10,693 new emails!! I immediatly figured I must have said something to offend someone. A whole bunch of someones.  Phew. Luckily, it was just a glitch.

*You know your a craftoholic when you wake up in the middle of the night to your hubby talking in his sleep and he says, and I quote, "Please.....please, honey, stop painting my face."

*Lastly, I've realized I never really gave a proper farewell to Melissa & the Confessions of a Makeup Junkie series.  I feel like a soap opera producer & like I have to kill off her character or something.  Death by a stippling brush! Truthfully, Melissa recently became engaged over the holidays & between having like a dozen jobs & planning her wedding she's become one busy, busy bee. So we have decided to bid adieu to that series. I want to thank Melissa for sharing her cosmetic geniusness with us while she was here! Seriously, the girl had some awesome tips.

So now my friends may I ask one little favor?
Right now Melissa is running a giveaway & it's not even the prize {makeup goodies} that I am concerned about {although after capping off a few giveaways on my stationery on some other blogs it'd be nice to be the winner for once!}
 It's more as a little way for me to thank her for the effort she put into her series here.

Pretty please with a cherry on top head over on over to her Facebook page here & leave a little note letting her know Delightfully Noted sent you! I'll clean your toilets if you do.

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Valentine Centerpiece using Branches

 Remember that time I dragged a small tree down the street all in the name of fall decorating?  Trust me, the FedEx man remembers. I'm pretty sure that's why he never hangs around after dropping off boxes on my porch. He just rings the door bell & runs. It's like he'll do anything to get away from the crazy tree girl. Any who, I'm happy to say my little centerpiece of branches has become quite versatile through the different seasons & holidaysA matter of fact now it's a sweetheart tree.
{Glitter Heart Ornaments-Hobby Lobby}

Do you do a lot of Valentine decorating in your home?


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50th Birthday Survival Kit

 Before I poke fun at all those fifty & over I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my Blogging Blues post yesterday.  As I shared with many of you, it's good to know I'm not the only one who has scattered thoughts regarding where I'm going sometimes with my blog. One thing I do know is as we get older we all need a little humor when it comes to birthdays. That's why when we were invited to one of our neighbor's surprise 50th birthday parties a few weekends ago I knew I had to throw together a survival kit for her.

After reaching out to my Facebook peeps for some help I headed off to the store & came home with an arm full of goodies  I then created a little tag listing all the things I included in her gag gift along with all the challenges she will now be facing now that she is the big 5-0!
gag gift idea
In case your wondering, yes, I did look like a hot mess in the check out line purchasing all these items. In addition, I'm pretty sure once I turned 25 I needed like half of these items. Any one else feel like that was the age when things started going down hill? 

I had these great ambitions to throw a together a really cute survival kit with an artist organizer box and Red Cross inspired labels but unfortunately this was the day I came down with the cold flu.  It took all the energy I had just to throw these items in a regular ol' gift bag.
Some of the other funny items that friends on the DN Facebook page came up with that I wasn't physically able to get that weekend were:
*adult diapers
*hemorrhoid creme
*old lady clothes
*fan {for hot flashes}
*bra {to keep you lifted}
*rejuvenating youth lotions
*prune juice
*bunion pads
*support hose

I can't wait to see what Google keywords this post brings in.

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The Blogging Blues & 4 Ways to Refocus

  So there I am in bed with my laptop last Friday evening;I've got a glass of red wine, two snuggly dachshunds, & I'm ogling blog after blog when out of no where it happens........suddenly I DON'T LIKE MY BLOG. I start questioning my blog, my crafts, my writing, EVERYTHING.  I swear I had only just begun drinking. My stomach started churning & I seriously believed that for the good of the world I should never write another blog post again! Or better yet I should delete it & deny it ever existed in the first place. Convince everyone they were conspiracy theorists any time they even mentioned the word "blog". "Blog? What blog? You work for the government don't you!"
 {Source: The Artist at Work via My Devine Self}

Okay, so maybe that was being a little dramatic but I did feel an overwhelming amount of self-doubt. I know it's easy to get tied up in the whole comparison game and EVERY BLOGGER DOES IT but quite honestly I can't even blame my sudden onset of the blogging blues on that. So it wasn't envy. It definitely wasn't blogger burnout or the lack of  coming up with content. I actually feel like for the first time in my blogging life that I have more post ideas than I do time. I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but for that very moment I just felt I had lost my bloggy blog way {not to be confused with Snoop Dogg's doggy dog ways}.

The truth is blogging is like a relationship. It can be demanding but you must nurture it. It can be simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Just like in relationships there are bound to be flaws with your blog but you work your way through them. 
 {Source: Bohemian Musings}

I decided in order to get over this little rut I needed to remind myself of why I started blogging in the first place.  I needed to revisit my thoughts I had put down on paper when this blog was just a fragment of my imagination. I needed to reevaluate my goals. I needed to look at things from a different angle. And you know what? After doing all this I am slowly feeling like I can see the big picture again.

Here's 4 little tips that have helped me refocus

1. Let It Be.
Sometimes when you feel like you have lost sight of your blog's main mission you need to turn off the computer and step away.  It may sound counter intuitive when at all moments you should be working on getting back on track but sometimes taking a break is the best way to kick start your creativity again. 

2. Create or Revisit What Your Blogging Platform Is.
 Thanks to a very insightful blog called none other than the "Successful Blogging" blog I had created notes on what I wanted my blogging platform to be way before my first post here on Delightfully Noted.  The point of the exercise was to come up with 8-10 subjects you wanted your blog to be based on {example: crafts, handmade goods, small biz tips, etc....) Revisiting that list now & then helps me zone in on why I wanted to blog in the first place.

3. Create Your Perfect Reader.
No, I'm not talking about cloning here. I'm talking about envisioning the type of audience you want to create content for.  Of course, as a writer any body who is willing to read your blog should be considered the "perfect reader". However, I don't know a darn thing about biophysics & I sure as heck don't expect a lot of nesophysicists to be dropping by the DN. What I do know is crafting, being a small biz owner, & making fun of life's silly moments is what I enjoy most. I want to write for those people not nesophysicists {if you're a crafty nesophysicists then please, please no offense!}

4. Think Like a Magazine Editor
Quick! When I mention "Real Simple" magazine what comes to mind? "People?" "Better Homes & Gardens?" "Shape?"
Each & every magazine has it's theme, right? As a blogger, you are the editor-in-chief of your own "magazine". If you think of yourself that way then you more apt to stick to the goal & mission of your blog versus being all over the place with a bunch of random post.

There you have it! I'm not an expert by any means & I'm not naive either. I know this will be one of many ruts I get myself into with my blog. But these little reminders mentioned above definitely helped me get my groove back!

Have you ever hit a roadblock with your blog?  Do you ever feel like you've lost sight of where you're going? How do you refocus yourself? I'd love to hear any tips you may have!

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Valentine Treat Box {Silhouette Cameo Project}

Who doesn't like to indulge in treats every now & then? As some of you know I received the Silhouette Cameo for Christmas.  Miss Cameo & myself have been working on getting to know one another over the past few weeks. Let's just say it started off as tumultuous relationship but she is slowly working her way back into my good graces.  I plan on sharing a tutorial soon with some basic Silhouette tips so you can avoid meltdowns that may just get you confined to a straight jacket but in the mean time this little Valentine treat box was one of our recent collaborations.

 While browsing the online Silhouette shop{ which is filled with all kinds of goodies!} I came across this scalloped lace gift box.

Right away I envisioned it as a cute way to package up some treats for a simple but sweet little Valentine gift. After downloading the template, Miss Cameo went to town doing her "thang" and cut out all the lines & intricate little details. All that was left for me was to add some colored card stock under the lid of the top of the box, adhere the the little word "Enjoy" to the top of the lid, add some cookies, & tie it up with some bakery twine. Easy peasy!

No electronic cutter? No worries, you can still get the same effect by downloading free box templates from the net like this one here. Then use an edge punch for the decorative details. See! I got your back.

Hope everyone is having a delightful Monday!

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Printable Valentine's Day Kitchen Jar Labels (Jelly, Jam, or Homemade Butter Gifts)

I'm sharing my printable Valentine's Day labels just in case you are looking for some simple but sweet ideas for grandma, a teacher, or a neighbor. You can use these "spread the love" labels I created (you know how I love a good, cheesy pun!) on kitchen jars like jelly & homemade butter.

Valentine's printable labels

Download your free Valentine's labels 

Print on label paper or regular paper & use double sided tape to adhere to jars.


Love to hear if you get any use out of the these.



Simple Valetine Gift for the Cook or Foodie

It's no secret, my Valentine is happiest in the kitchen {well, on the golf course too.} The hubby does most {"MOST?" I can hear him now!} ...okay,all of the cooking around here.  He enjoys cooking. I, on the other hand, don't have time for it.  Plus, let's just say I tend to be on the messy side when it comes to preparing meals.  Despite the old saying that "a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen", happiness is not exactly how I would describe the mood when the hubby is scrubbing spaghetti sauce from the ceiling after one of my cooking endeavors. So the other day when I was checking out at our local World Market {I lurve me some World Market!} I saw these mini-graters & right away a simple, little Valentine gift idea for the hubby came to mind!
 Secretly, I think the hubby gets a kick out of the corny lines I use when creating kid's invitations for the shop {for example, "We hope you'll take the bait & celebrate!" adorned across a fish invite.} So I thought adding a little "We're "grate" together" tag to the grater would be cute & cheesy...ha ha...get it? Cheesy? Graters are used for cheese. Oh geez, I crack myself up.

Literally, we are "grate" together because without him I would starve to death & be begging you for donations to my "Feed this Wife" charity. 

Typically, for V-day we just exchange cards & go out for a nice dinner but I thought this would be a nice little gesture to show him how much I appreciate a meal being on the table every night when I get home.
These are perfect little gift ideas for the cooks or foodies in your life too! You can always change the wording to "Have a "grate" Valentine's Day!" if you are giving it to someone other than your significant other. 

Do you and your SO exchange big gifts for Valentine's? Just cards? Or do you not celebrate at all? What's your V-day traditions?

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