Friday's Dose of Delight

All work & no play makes Jennifer a dull girl.  Since work robbed me of my life weekend last week I have been looking forward to this Friday since well, let's see here.......LAST FRIDAY!! I can't wait to sleep in & work on a few projects that I have been eager to get started on! I've got a Craig's List coffee table for our newly decorated living room just itching for her makeover & I want to spend some time on some Easter goodies for the nieces & nephews. Whatcha got planned for the weekend? Anything fun or are you just being a lazy daisy? Which by the way is my favorite kind of daisy to be.

With that being said let's roll out the weekend with this week's Dose of Delight; a mini-mini round-up of things that I've come across this week that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me!

Aww...look at that witty bitty bunny butt. Rabbit tooshes are so cute. Are they not?
My cuteness radar was on full alert when I stumbled across these adorable egg cups from Hop and Peck. BTW I'm thinking of throwing myself an Easter egg hunt this year.  Just drink a few glasses of wine, hide the eggs, & then the next morning try to remember where I put them. 
 Perfect idea if you ask me.

Had I not forgotten that next week is ALREADY April {have I really been daydreaming for a whole month?} & had more time to post then hands down blue distressed furniture would have made my Crush of the Month series for March! Remember that Craig's List coffe table makeover I was just talking about? Wink-wink. I think you know where I'm heading with that one.
I came across this chest from Kirkland's while looking for some distressed inspiration {which is really more pleasant than it sounds.....distressed inspiration???} and isn't she a beauty? Plus, not badly priced either. Win-win if you ask me. Which you didn't but still I'm telling you.

Well lovelies have a delightful weekend!

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DIY Neon Chain Bracelet {We're Bringing Back the 80's!}

Freeze frame! Total 80's flashback here today with this DIY neon bracelet. Hard to believe but fluorescent is back in a BIG way this spring. Although intrigued I am definately not one who could pull off alot of neon. Besides I like to blend in. It's easier to eavesdrop on people out in public when your not dressed like a bright construction cone. But I do like the idea of adding a small pop of color to freshen things up a bit and besides a hair scrunchy {in a side pony of course!} the only other best way to do this is with jewelry. This little DIY is simple & quick.

Now brighten that puppy up with some neon colored spray paint. I used Olive Bright which I found at my local Michael's but you can also purchase here.

You may have to spray a few coats {allowing dry time between each one} in order to get the full chain to cover with color.

See simple & no explaining to the hubby why you wasted moolah on something you only wore for a few short months because we all know how quickly these trends come & go.

With that being said I'm thinking about bringing back the Spin Art t-shirts.
Do you remember those? When I was in elementary school Spin Art parties were the place to be!
Sooo....since all these trends from the 80's {colored jeans, neon, etc..}are making a comeback {Don't call it a comeback. Name that song.... anyone? Anyone?}I'm going to revive these puffy paint splattered shirts.
I'm thinking casual Fridays.

If you could bring back any trend from the 80's what would it be?


Handmade Baby Gifts: DIY Baby Closet Dividers

I decided to share with you all these DIY baby closet dividers that I made for a good friend who recently had her first little hen. It's been babypalooza around here lately! The mama, "soon-to-be recipient" of these closet dividers & another one of our friends were at the same hospital, same floor, at the same time delivering their offspring. Then this past weekend my family welcomed this little peanut into the world!
Say "bonjour" to my fresh & hello-can-I bottle-up-your softness {seriously, why can't baby skin stay with us forever?}
 nephew, Toby James.

  Now, I have yet to produce a human being but something tells me that the simple things to help keep a new mommy organized are much appreciated.  Since I love the idea of bewstowing handmade goodies on my homies I decided I wanted to make some baby closet dividers to help my friend escape chaos with the all those irresistable, adorable, itty-bitty clothes.
Five Pieces of Square Wood Shapes {found mine at Hobby Lobby}
Decorative Scrapbook Paper
Solid Colored Card Stock
Baby Onesie Template {Print here}
Small Flower Punch or Flower Template
Number & Letter Stickers
Mod Podge Gloss
Paint Brush or Sponge
Paint {optional}

The first thing I did after opening my packages of wood shapes was to paint the sides white. This step isn't really necessary but the sides of your wood will show after applying your scrapbook paper & if your craft anal like me then you'll want it to coordinate.
Once the paint has dried use one of your wood shapes as a template to trace and cut your scrapbook paper out. These are going to be the paper you use to cover both the front & back of your wood dividers so make sure to cut two sheets per wood shape. 
In order to prepare your little cut out onesies you can either free hand {ooh, you are braver than me!} or print off an online template like this one from House of Stir Fry.
Use the template to trace & cut your own onesies from your solid cardstock. If you work with the same size sequence that I did for my dividers then you will need 5 total.

I then used a small flower punch on the scraps from my paper to create little daisies to place on top of my onesies.
Now it's time to assemble all your paper goodies to the wood shapes so break out the Mod Podge.  Apply glue to one side of each of your wood shapes & adhere your paper.  Then glue your onesies down, then your flowers, & then add your stickers.Apply more Mod Podge glue over the top of everything in order to seal the paper & stickers down. Allow to dry. Then flip and repeat the process with the rest of your scrap book paper to the other side of your wood dividers {I only adorned one side of the dividers with onesies and sizes.}

After everything has dried bust out the drill, place a small hole in the top of your wood dividers, & then string some pretty ribbon through allowing enough slack for them to be tied around an average size closet rod or rack. And then you're done!
Aren't homemade gifts the best? I can't wait to give them to my friend! Once she sees these she'll be able to relax because I'm pretty sure she thought I was moving in when one day out of the blue I texted her random questions about the baby's closet. I also figured she's a little preoccupied these days so I don't think I'll spoil the surprise by sharing them on the bloggity-blog first. 
Of course being the packaging lover that I am I couldn't resist placing them in a cute little muslin bag with an iron decal that I created.  Isn't it suh-weet?

I'm thinking these may be my new go-to baby gifts!
 Pet tarantulas didn't seem to be going over too well.


I'm Preoccupied Trying to Get Rid of You {Living Room In-Progress}

No, not you my dear friends! I'm preoccupied with getting rid of Miss Brownie, my overly dark brown living room.  I have finally come to terms with her stealing my sunshine with all her dark ways & decided I was SO over stalling on re-doing this room.  As with the rooms in most of our house I have always had bigger, better dreams for them. Initially, when we first moved in we kind just filled the space so it looked some what livable & then along the way I was going to do some remodeling. But as I have mentioned before I am a really s-l-l-l-l-o-o-w decorator. I refuse to buy alot of things {i.e. wall art, rugs, etc} because I am always afraid after I spend the money I am going to end up finding the MOST perfect thing later & wish I would have waited.  It's weird, it's a sickness....and I try to convince myself wine, & lots of wine will fix it.  But that just ends with more headaches.
{This is a pic of Miss Brownie when we first moved in {ignore the nosey nugget in the middle} I recently had virus attack my other computer so this is the only "before" pic I have for the time being.}

I finally had ENOUGH & after looking for over a year for that PERFECT rug I finally let go of my decor expectations & forced myself to just make a doggone decision, purchase one, & get a move on with this room already!
Much to my hubby's excitment {insert sarcasm} we went from honey
 "We need to get a new rug" to this!

Which was good because I was thisclose to just tagging the whole room with some graffitti & then setting it on fire. PHEW.

So I really wanted to share a cute baby gift tutorial with y'all {using my best Brittany Spears impression there}but as you can see I have been preoccupied AND my house has looked all sorts of chaotic until recently.
Not really alot of room for crafting in here!

In the mean time, here is a pic of some of our first baby steps in transforming our room; we added a new rug & flipped our couch but there's WAY more to come.

Sooooooo......we have really transformed this room & once it is completed {haha...yeah, good luck with that Jennifer!} I look forward to sharing Miss "No More" Brownie's new makeover with you.
In the mean time you may hear me ranting on about all the stress that Craig's List has been causing me. Ugh....seriously I am SO OVER sellers who make deals & go MIA on me or don't respond to inquiries in the first place {I know their item is not sold because they yell at you in their listing "NO MORE EMAILS ASKING IF THIS IS STILL AVAILABLE!! IF IT'S LISTED THE ANSWER IS YES!") I couldn't imagine being very successful selling my items on Etsy on if I acted like this.

 Where have our manners gone?? A simple reply is not much to ask for.
AND I thought the whole point of selling stuff on Craig's List was BECAUSE you wanted to get rid of it. Okay, I feel better now.

The hubby doesn't seem to understand my agitation. He does alot of silent staring when I go on & on complaining about people & their inconsiderate ways.  I'm well aware he thinks this behavior fools me into thinking he is paying attention but I'm no fool I know he is in la-la land dreaming about his next golf game or something-something like that.

 Has anyone else developed "Craig's List ulcers" before?

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Friday's Dose of Delight

I wish I could scream TGIF from the top of a mountain but for one the midwest is pretty flat & secondly, I have to work tomorrow so this Friday has a little cloud hovering over it. I'm pretty selfish when it comes to my weekends so this gal is not a happy camper,a matter of fact much to my husband's dismay I am not a camper at all. Do you have any clue how many incidents of wild animal attacks happen per year? Yeah, me neither. But it doesn't matter.....cause even if that statistic was small I'd still manage to find my way into those numbers. Am I alone in this paranoia of tent attacks by oversized possums & Yogi the Bear ? I like to believe this world is full of nuts just like me.

Well, today's Dose of Delight has nothing to do with camping. Thank god.

So here's a mini-mini round up of things I've discovered this week that have inspired and delighted me.

DIY Neon Toe Shoes
As most of you know neon & all its brightness is back! I prefer this trend in small doses. After all I'm blind enough as it is with out my contacts. But add a touch of fluorescent with neutrals & you've won this gal over. That's why I'm gaga over this DIY neon toe shoe idea from Green Wedding Shoes.
Now I just need to get me a pair of nude zapotos.

Make sure to stop by next week because I have a little DIY neon project coming your way!

H&M Canvas Bag

CRUSH ALERT! I have seriously checked out this bag from H&M online so many times the IT team there is probably about to put a restraining order on me.
Doesn't it scream sunshine & warm summery days?

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

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Delight in the Little Things

I'd say it's about that time again to pay homage & show appreciation for the little things in life that have been bringing us joy!

Here's a few things that have had me smiling lately:

My new necklace from the lovely Cat over at Bride Blu.
I love the precious & dainty personalized heart on it. It's been adorning my neck almost every day this week!
Weiner dogs!! Never mind that this planner/calendar that I found in the dollar section at Jo-ann's is for students. As far as I'm concerned if it has a weiner on it I want it!!
Wait....what? That didn't come out right.
Vintage clutches found in a stash of goodies my mama gave to me last time I was home visiting the rents. I should dig through her closet more often!
I'm not a huge candy person but for some reason I go weak in the knees for these watermelon flavored sour patch candies!

So what little joys have you delighted in lately?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Ladies & gents (assuming mostly just ladies) we have a winner for the A.L. Designs earring giveaway!!

Congrats to Samantha Tedesco!

Samantha, you lucky gal, you just scored yourself a free pair of Red Flower Garden earrings from the lovely shop of A.L. Designs.

I will be in contact soon regarding your prize.

Thanks again to everyone who particpated & a BIG HUG to Adrine of A.L. Designs for her generosity in sponsoring this giveaway!

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Belize:Vacay Series Continued....

If you remember the whole point of me blogging about our November vacay was so that when the hubby & I become old farts & our memory is getting the best of us my little bloggity-blog will serve as somewhat of a journal for us. Of course, here we are months later since my first part of the vacay series & my memory of this trip has already started to slip away. So before I forget anymore, today I wanted to share our first cruise stop, Belize.
{I love this picture of their immigration office. Not only because the color of the hut is so vibrant but because it makes me laugh. I wonder if there is a whole staff squeezed in there?}

First, boys & girls a little geography lesson. This country is located on the northeastern coast of Central America. The thing that struck interesting to me is that Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America. Phew! Had I managed to stray away from my tour group & get lost at least I'd be able to ask a native where the bathrooms were at! Well there, we decided to visit one of the most popular Mayan ruins in Belize, called Xunantunich. The ruins were about a two hour busride from our docking port. So along the way I took in all the sites this country has to offer {get ready for a little, itty-bitty picture overload}. 
Of course, I had to take pics of their craft markets!
Could use a little fixin up, eh? A high percentage of Belize's population lives in poverty but with that being said they were the kindest people ever.

Another craft market. Look at all those vibrant colors!
Talk about one of the worst jobs in the world! In order to cross the river you have to be taxied over by this little ferry that is cranked by a man all day long.
I would have been fired in five minutes. No arm strength here.
Belize's national flower, the Black Orchid. I know the heat melted liked half of my brain cells that day but I'm pretty sure that flower isn't black at all.
And now for the Mayan ruins. It is spectacular to see
something that dates back as far as 200 AD. Honestly, I wish I could tell you more but much to my husband's dismay I zoned out pretty much the whole time we were touring this historical site. I become a like a childish zombie in high humidity so well the rest of the tour group was focused & learning I stood in the back looking something like this. Only with frizzier hair & I looked much more faintish.
Image soure here.

And then we carefully made our way to the top of the ruins to enjoy some panoramic views of Belize & the Guatemala border. Which meant I had to snap out of my humidity coma.
I was just happy that I made it all the way to the top & back down with out falling off the side of the temple. Which isn't really that far fetch considering my history of clumsiness.
On our way back to the port we stopped for a delicious Belizian lunch & took a few more pics of the sites from our bus ride.
I thought this candy colored apartment building would be a fun place to live!
As long as it had AC!

Belize was such an interesting place to see but I have to admit their winter {yes, I said winter} heat & humidity was really getting to me. So I was excited when it was time to hop back on the ship & head to our next destination, Honduras!

Stay tuned.....

Anyone else ever been to Central America before?

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