Bride Blu Jewelry Giveaway {Blogiversary Bash}

It just so happen that last Wednesday marked one year since I've been blogging on this here bloggity-blog and guess what?  We're going to party like rockstars this week! I mean like bra wearing needs to be in bed by 10:00 o'clock rockstars, okay? I have a week planned of goodies for you because let's face it with out you my dear readers I'd be talking to myself a WHOLE LOT.

Sooooooo, let the blogiversary bash begin!

Today's special treat is a giveaway from one of my favorite Etsy jewelry shops, Bride Blu.
Some of you may recall the intial heart necklace that I purchased from there not too long ago. Yep that's right, I'm still having a daily love affair with that thing. Seriously, I wear it ALL the time.
Cat, the brains behind Bride Blu, creates some of the most charming vintage pieces I have ever seen. I love that her jewelry is mostly handmade from items that she finds while treasure hunting.
My heart pitter patters over anything that has a story, whether I know the story or not!

Wouldn't your jelwery box love to be adorned with another pretty brooch or charm necklace?

Cat has so kindly offered up a $25.00 Bride Blu shop credit for one of you lucky ducks!

Enter below! I'm using Rafflecopter for the first time so now it's much easier & convenient for everyone to enter!
Giveaway ends 5/7/2012.
Winner will be announced 5/14/2012.


Friday's Dose of Delight

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! I know for me its been one of those weeks where I don't know whether I'm coming or going. I'm looking forward to unwinding that's for sure!

So here's this Friday's Dose of Delight; mini,mini round-up of things that I  have stumbled upon that have inspired or delighted me lately. 

Have you ever heard of Baublebar?
I managed to stumble upon this online jewelry store & quickly fell in love.
These fun intial bracelets made the top of my list, mostly because they are handmade but also because if you ever forget your name {it happens!}your arm candy will totally clue you in.
Wouldn't these look fab with a mix of bracelets & a nice chunky gold watch?
Check out their fun & trendy jewelry here.

I just think this bag from Four Flights of Fancy is adorable. It's the bows, it's gotta be the bows. They just make you feel all girly-girly & who doesn't like that from time to time?
I also like that she used the freezer paper stencil technique; something that's been on my craft to-do list forever now. You can see the full tutorial here.

Have a delightful weekend! Make sure to drop by next week for the Delightfully Noted 1 year blogiversary extravaganza. Fun giveaways coming your way! 

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Delightfully Noted's 1 Year Blogiversary!

Holy mermaid! You've dealt with me for one full year! Even my dogs would give you a fist bump for that. Exactly one year ago today I introduced the world to the Delightfully Noted blog....that world consisted of two whole people. Moms don't count. I totally get it now why those creepy Disney animantronics sing that song, "It's a small world" over & over & over again. And why yes, I may have just possibly demonstrated the most cracked out version of an animantronic for the hubby while searching for the word "animantronic". 
Anyways you can check out my introduction here. I totally threaten people if they don't follow me.
As I mentioned in my first post I started this blog originally for business purposes because that's all anyone ever tells you; you need a blog, you need a blog, you need a blog, you smell like an angel. Okay, that last one I made up but my point is that the Delightfully Noted blog has become so much more to me than just another a marketing platform. I see it more as a motivational tool {you make me get crap done!}, a creative outlet, & a place where I can connect & be inspired by women who are just like me. Sometimes your loved ones don't share the same type of enthusiasm for things like Mod Podge or Pinterest. In which I totally suggest you write those people out of your will. Kidding, kidding.

In all seriousness, I am both humbled by & grateful for each and every one of you. I have "met" some pretty amazing people through out the blog world. I truly appreciate any one who has ever read a post here, commented on a project, or supported me through my social media outlets by "liking" or "following" something I was doing.  If I could I would give each and every one of ya a big ol' hug & a wet, granny kiss.
Instead, as my way of saying "thank you" I have some pretty awesome giveaways coming your way next week so make to sure drop by!

If you are new here I suggest checking out my "About Me" page. 
Then you'll know what you're getting yourself into.

You can also find me hanging out here too!
Chipotle {I mean seriously I love their burrito bowls}


Crush of the Month: Gallery Walls

  It should come as no surprise that when one is re-doing a space in their home they become a little obsessed with things. You know those itty bitty type of things that one may never have put much thought into before like say the size of door knobs or finding the perfect tone of creme for switch plates.  One may also become obsessed with the bigger decisions as well like what the heck to do with a blank wall with an off centered thermostat?  Which leads me into this month's "Crush of the Month"; gallery walls.  

Now we've all seen them, pinned them, swooned over them but do you know how many people have had to seek psychiatric treatment because of them? I'm stretching the truth a bit ,but seriously if you've ever created a gallery wall with out a slight tinge of panic then your not normal. Yes, I know the irony....out of all people I am calling you not normal.  But I feel like to ace the perfect looking gallery wall it takes a lot of thought & plotting. I mean that's going to be alot of holes on the wall!  Therefore, I've been on the hunt for gallery wall inspiration.  

As you can see there are so many beautiful choices

Do you have a gallery wall in your home? If you do, I'd love to hear what items you included other then photos? Key to your first home? Anything sentimental?

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Mother's Day: Gift for a Gardener

My MIL spends a lot of time outside tending to her landscaping & flowers so I decided to make her a garden gift basket for Mother's Day. It was between that or the book "Computers for Seniors for Dummies".  I decided it be best to stick with the basket.  I was actually surprised by the variety of gardening items our local Dollar Store had. I picked up some soil {figured dirt is dirt, right?}, biodegradable starter pots, flower seeds, & garden tools.  I ran to a few other shops to swoop up the basket, watering can, & gardener's gloves. 
 I found the "vintagy" sunflower cards in the dollar section at Michael's.  Best marketing decision that store ever made. I tell you that dollar crap gets me EVERY TIME! My MIL is a stickler for sending thank you cards{now you know a paper addict like me can appreciate that!} Of course, they aren't Delightfully Noted cards but I guess they'll do....hehehe. Hmmm....doesn't word chuckling always feel odd?
I thought it would be cute if I packaged the flower seeds in some stamped muslin bags.

Then I downloaded, resized, & printed off this botanical print from the Graphics Fairy.
So many great, vintage themed printables can be found there!
It worked terrifically as a gift tag. It added the perfect final touch to the basket.
 Do any of you garden? 
The hubby's going to be planting ours soon. Eating fresh veggies straight out of the ground is one of my favorite parts of summer!

PS. Those of you who use Blogger platform how are you liking the changes? I keep centering my paragraphs & yet they aren't coming out centered.  Why do you hate centered paragraphs so much Blogger??! Why? I ask!!

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Friday's Dose of Delight

Lovelies....... this week is over. Repeat. This week is over. Amen.

Let's move on to this Friday's Dose of Delight' a mini,mini round-up of things that have inspired or delighted me lately.

Ever wonder why you don't see peeps on "Doomsday Preppers" preparing for a world where we are all out of creative ideas? Yep, that's because they're only semi-crazy and because every time you think you've seen it all someone comes trotting along with another brilliant conception like Heather of Just Things. Her idea to dress your nails in fabric is just fun, fab, & genius. You can see her full  manicure tutorial here.

I'm a little obsessed with this song right now.
 A total break up song but the
quirky little beat will stay in your head.
 Trust me,you aren't missing much if you don't watch the video.
 Have a delightful weekend!

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{New} Fairy Birthday Invitations......Sometimes I Do Work.

I realize it appears as though I am always having fun crafting away but believe it or I do work & clean sometimes. Okay, so maybe the cleaning part is a little stretch of the imagination & I admit as of lately the working on my shop part probably is too. I go through these periods of creative lulls with my invitations & stationery & I admit ever since my surgery I've had a difficult time finding that creative spark again.

Of course, as always I am forever grateful for my customers because all it takes is for one of them to come along & kick my bootay back into gear. Ya know, get those creative juices flowing again!
That was the case with this recent custom order I did for an acquaintance from my high school days {by the way if you run an Etsy shop or small biz & do not have a Facebook account yet for your business you really are missing out on a tremendous free marketing tool! Same goes for you bloggers.}

Anywho, this mama is raising a beautiful set of twin girls & was looking for some fairy themed invitations.
After a little brainstorming I was able kick my the creative roadblock over & come up with a fun & charming invitation perfect for her little birthday fairies.

Which leads me into introducing to you the newest kids on the block.

 These fairy invites are now available in the shop!

You want to know the best part? Customers can pick a hair & eye color to create a design to resemble their little fairy princess. I mean what mother doesn't like that?

You can check out all the details here.

So like I said I do work "sometimes".

Are you planning a birthday party any time soon? What themes are your kids into lately?

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Inspiration:6 DIY Umbrella Holder Ideas

 As they say "April showers bring May flowers" & showers were indeed brought this weekend along with hail, & lightening, & the voice of Mother Nature telling me that I need to buy a cute umbrella stand for our foyer. See even she likes to shop!

But wouldn't you know that little DIY inner voice began to talk over her {rude I know!} & off to the Net I went for a little umbrella ella ella eh eh eh inspiration {can you really ever say that word anymore with out humming it to the tune of Rihanna's song?}

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Distressing Furniture: Coffee Table Makeover

    I am as happy as a clam with my first attempt at distressing a piece of furniture.

I found this antique beauty after stalking Craig's List for like three weeks. 
The seller made a deal with me & then went MIA.
 I wasn't messing around.  I was going to possess this table if my life depended on it.
I had the hubby contact her acting like a new buyer.  

I know so sneaky, right?  I felt all "FBI-ish" with my little secret plot.

The coffee table was in rather stellar condition besides a faint, worn out spot on top.
In attempts to lighten up our living room that we are making over I've been working on pulling more blue into the room so I already knew the fate of my newly owned Craig's List goodie.
It was going to be blue, & distressed, & doggone beautiful & even though the hubby doubted I knew what the heck I was doing it came out just as I had dreamed.
So if you've never distressed furniture before it is actually one of those techniques where you can't really go wrong. My kind of project!

First, I lightly sanded the table down {thank goodness for electric hand sanders!}.  After I finished with the sanding, I wiped the table clean with a tack cloth. Next, I painted the piece. Once dry I sanded off certain areas of the table; mostly focusing 
on the spots where natural wear & tear would occur {ie. legs, crevices, etc.}
I wanted to add a little bit more aging effect to the table so I used  some Valspar Antiquing Glaze on it.

Isn't she a beaut, Clark?
The paint color is a wonderful mix of blue & green. It's called Wythe Blue from Valspar & it matches perfectly to some T.J. Maxx frames I found for the room a few weeks ago.
Of course I had to paint the bottom. It would drive me crazy if I got down on the floor to do sit ups & saw an unfinished bottom. Haha....sit-ups. Anyone who knows me knows that's funny.

Can you tell I love her?

So have you brought any pieces of furniture or household objects back to life lately? Do you do sit ups? Cause if you do, do a few for me. Wink.