Me: In 30 Words or Less....or Not.

A few days ago my pal Sarah of the Simply Dove blog shared a fun little "list post" describing herself in 30 words or less.  To help spread the love she thought it would be fun to tag a few bloggers who may want to particpate & yipee I got tagged which is pretty amazeballs considering I find it refreshing to share with y'all something other than a craft tutorial every once in awhile!

And I'm just going to come clean & tell you up front...... I was never very good at math but I'm quite certain there is more than 30 words.

1. Female {just incase I haven't stated the obvious yet I wanted to get that clear from the very   beginning.}
2. Creative
3. Goofy
4. Sarcastic {which if I may add is an awesome quality to have because you can use it to cover up disgruntleness for those really annoying people in your life & they are none the wiser.}
5. Independent
6. Dog Lover {that's one word, right?}
7. Busy
8. Clumsy {I can't come near a door frame or table with out hitting it with my hip, stubbing a toe, or knocking it with my elbow....or perhaps at times I do all three at once}
9. Blogger
10.Carb-a-holic {blame on #15}
12. Bookworm {when the phrase "free time" existed in my life}
13. Hoarder {of magazines not of cats or anything}
14. Procrasinator
15. Italian {this has been confirmed in the past year with the sudden onset of always wanting to use my hands when I talk which has resulted in a lot of spilled glasses at restaurants, food flung across rooms, & blank stares from the hubby}
16. Shorty
17. Entrepreneur {I still feel silly calling myself that!}
18. Stubborn {oh boy do I hear this word alot in my house}
19. Crafty
20. Cautious {some may call it paranoid}
21. Ambitious {in certain parts of my life}
22. Jaded {at times}
23. Compassionate
24. Sleepwalker or just plain crazy {more of that here}
25. Guarded
26. Indecisive {I annoy myself with this.}
27. Hard- working
28. Humble
29. Caring
30. Delightful {Of course! Except in the morning, that time of the month, if you're driving slow in front of me, if I'm hungry, if I'm sleep-deprived, if I'm that leaves what? Delightfulness in my sleep, well, no number #24 debunks that. Hmmmmm......maybe I need a new #30?)

So my question for you! If you were to sum yourself up in just ONE word what word would that be?

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Father's Day Printable: Shaving Kit Label

Last year I shared the free retro father's day soda labels & holy moly I was surprised by the overwhelming response to them. So not only for the past twelve months have I been racking my brain on how not to allow Sarah "Buzzkill" Mclachlan from ruining my day with that darn, sappy dog commerical but I've also been challenging myself to come up with another fun, & creative Father's Day freebie for you all.

I decided what daddy-o doesn't need to shave every once awhile & created these free barber shop inspired shaving kit labels.

Of course, y'all know I love a good, cheesy pun!

Download here.
Print on plain paper or on a label sheet , cut with scissors, & then adhere to a shaving creme can.
Label measures approximately 4x5 inches & should fit most average size cans.

Throw together some razors & other grooming products & you have yourself a little shaving kit.

Gillette did not sponsor this post but I'm thinking they totally owe me a check now for this,
ahem.... free advertising

Hope you like the freebie & always I love to hear if you get any use out of it!

PS. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
PPS. I'm going to blame all this post's grammar errors & verbal assaults on Sarah Mclachlan on heat exhaustion. We've been with out AC this whole holiday weekend.  Of course, Mother Nature's idea of good humor was to throw some 95 degree
temps are way. I'm off to soak myself in an ice bath.........just as soon as I can peel the back of my thighs off this leather chair.

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My Little Lamp Makeover:Distressed Burlap

Once upon a time I found this lonely ol' lamp while I was Goodwill hunting {my favorite kind of hunting I may add.} We were in need of some lighting for our living room makeover. Right away I knew I wanted to take this little orphan home & show it some unconditional DIY love.

It was the perfect size; not too big nor too small & neither too short nor too tall.
That's right. We bustin rhymes up in herrrr.

I loved how it's base was chunky & wooden which is perfect for a household that contains the world's clumsiest person. Not naming names or anything
Then the lamp sat for a few weeks as I experienced the craziest lampshade shopping obsession EVER known to man kind.
I don't even think this represents every shade that I purchased & returned during my temporary moment of lampshade insanity. Let's just say no stone was left unturned. I wiped this town clean of all its "shadiness".

I finally settled on the burlap from Target mostly because it fit the best & it brought a wonderful new texture to the room. Then I contemplated for a long time on what color I wanted to paint the base.  The gold part at the bottom was really throwing me off. Do I paint it all? Leave it alone? Then I found my answer on Pinterest because after all where else does one find inspiration these days?
Found via Your Nest Design

I loved the look of the white distressed paint with the gold bases.
So using the same dry paint technique that I used on my distressed coffe table I went to town & gave this little puppy the makeover it was dying for.
Not bad for a $2.99 lamp, huh? Well, $17 if you add in the cost of the lampshade but still much less than if I would have bought something new. I just love how fresh & bright it looks in the room.

That empty little gold frame was a 99 cent steal from GW as well.
I just haven't decided on whose worthy enough to have their picture in there.
I'm thinking it should go to the first person to come clean my house! Any takers out there? Hello? Hello?


Crush of the Month: The Color Dipped Trend

Confession; I am wholeheartedly embracing the color dipped trend right now. If you're not familiar with this style then just imagine if color blocking & ombré got together & had a love child.
Freakin awesome right?
From the fashion world to home decor color dipping is hot right now & I can see why.
It's playful, creative, & although a simple look to achieve it still adds a big punch.

 Luckily, whether we prefer to bust out the credit card or take out the painter's tape both retailers and DIYselfers have taken note of this little craze which means there is a TON of inspiration out there!

Here are some of my favorites:

So what are you crushing on this month?

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Friday's Dose of Delight

Hot diggity dog we made it through another week my friends!! If you were fortunate enough, {or unfortunate enough depending on how you look at it} to swing by last Friday, then you'll know why surviving this week was whether questionable on my behalf. Thanks to everyone & their kind words! I know we all have these moments where everything seems to be spinning out of control. I'm still trying to fight my way out of the quicksand but hey the important thing to remember is that we are doing the best we can, right?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” -Charles Swindoll

So enough about my take on life because let's face it if you ever met my college Philosophy professor I'm sure he'd agree I am the last person on earth who should be doling out advice on this subject.

Something I do know a thing or two about is finding really cool, inspiring things that make me want to pull out my credit card like this week's mini-mini round up of fabulousness.

I was first introduced to the lovely Neena Creates shop on the Bridal Blu blog not too long ago & I seriously can't stop checking it out! I just love the romantic quotes &  words that are hand printed across each top.  Even better the clothes are organic & eco-friendly which always helps me believe I score bonus points with Mother Nature incase she ever wants to like whip a tornado or something through my hood. Pretty reasonable thinking if you ask me.
Check 'em out!

Making a terrarium has been on my to-do list forever.  My attraction to these bad boys is the fact that they supposedly don't require alot of maintenace which is music to the ears of a plant killer like myself.  Then I saw these hanging teardrop terrariums from the ABJ Glassworks shop on Etsy & I fell in love.....madly, deeply, in love.  Isn't it so aesthetically pleasing?
{Yes, I'm busting out the big words today!}

Have a delightful weekend pals!

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DIY Enamel Painted Glass

Remember a few weeks ago I shared how to color glass & I mentioned how life-altering that experience was? Yeah, that was fun.

Well, it was so "life-altering" I almost forgot about the other coloring technique I promised to share with you all! Stingy, I know.

If you recall technique numero uno resulted in more of an opaque finish.
And even though the vase came out in the most beautiful color known to man-kind {I'm biased...I know}it was still a tid bit too "turquoisey" for the blue hue I was using in my new living room makeover.

I have a few of these same vases lying around so I decided to experiment & ended up achieving more of an enamel painted effect that I love too!

The process is pretty simliar to the opaque technique except instead of food coloring I used acrylic paint.

To get the look you'll need:
Glass Vase or Jar
Paint Brush
1 tsp of Mod Podge Gloss Glue
1.5 tsp of water
3-4 drops of acrylic paint {may vary & you may need to mix a few colors depending on the color you are trying to achieve}
After cleaning & drying your glass vase or jar stir all of your ingredients together.
 Then turn the vase on its side in a rotating manner until the paint/glue mixture has coated the whole inside of your jar.
Set the vase upside down on some paper towels in order to allow the access mixture to drip out.
Turn right side up & let jar air dry.
Now I realize that you can probably still get the same effect with out using the Mod Podge but I like how the glue caused some color not to mix well. This resulted in specks of darker blue through out the vase's color which looks quite nice if you ask me. Which you aren't, but I'm telling you anyways!
Phew....this living room makeover is about 90% done! I kind of got stuck on an obsessive search for a perfectly round sea grass basket with handles. Don't you hate when that happens? Like why can't I be as obsessed with ab crunches as I am with home decor shopping?

Is there an item you've wanted for your home that you've been stalking lately??


How to Make Your Own Mini Notebooks

Despite living in this digital world I know I'm not the only one who still enjoys the good 'ol pen and paper method when it comes to jotting down notes & reminders. I may be the only one under eighty years of age that prefers that but I guess I'm an old fart at heart.
A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make some handmade notebooks for my mom for Mother's Day.  She is a stroke survivor whose speech was greatly effected.  As a result of this the past 12 years of my family's life has been one BIG game of charades. Even though the majority of our "conversations" with my mother leaves us in stitches {sometimes her acting skills or our guessing can be rather interesting!} at other times as you can imagine it can be rather challenging & frusterating for both parties when we can't seem to grasp what she is trying to communicate to us.

Enter the pen & paper.

It is a common scene to see my mom scrambling to find paper when ever she is trying to tell us something.  Seriously, junk drawers & napkins have taken on a new meaning in our lives.
God bless the inventor of restaurant napkins!
So as you can see having spare notepads in every nook & cranny is a neccessity.

Here's what you'll need to make your own mini notebooks if you'd like them to jot down notes & reminders:
chipboard {available at most craft & scrapbooking stores}
 scrapbook paper
plain white paper {about 10 sheets per book}
hole punch
paper cutter
small ring binders
stickers, embellishments, decorative paper punch {optional}

I actually used two different methods to make two different notebooks.
The first one included the ring binder.

Determine how large you want your notepads to be, double the width measurement, & then cut one piece of chip board. For example, my notebooks were about 4 inches wide & 5 inches tall when completed so I cut a piece of board that measured approximately 8 inches wide and 5 inches in height. Take a piece of scrapbook paper & cut it to the same measurements as the chipboard.  Place  the paper down on a flat surface & lay the chipboard on top. Mark, measure, & attach your binder clip in the middle of the patterned paper & chipboard. The left side of the binder will make up your cover & the right side of the binder will be the back of your book. Then cut yourself a stack of plain white paper slightly smaller then the paper/chipboard cover. Measure & hole punch the paper and then clip it inside your notebook. Fold your book in half.

I added a little binder clip to the outside of the notebook because it wasn't closing properly but I thought it kind of added a cute touch. I love how the kraft brown chipboard shows through the clear geometric paper cover.

If you want to add some personalized touches to the notebook you can always use stickers & different craft embellishments to dress it up a bit. I added the word "mom" to mine with some stark white adhesive letters.
The second notebook I made was with out the book binder.

I just simply cut 2 pieces of pretty chevron paper for the front & back of my books. Using a paper punch I cut a flower shape out of one of the pieces of chevron paper. Then I cut 2 pieces of chipboard. Place one chipboard behind the flower cut chevron paper {so it peeks through the flower} & use the other chipboard for the back of your book. Cut, & stack a group of plain white papers for the inside {remember again you want your writing paper to be slightly smaller then it's cover}. Layer your front covers, writing paper, back covers & then hole punch two holes on the edge. One hole at the top & one hole at the bottom. Cut & tie your ribbon through the holes & wallah you have yourself a mini notebook!

 I embellished my flower on the notebook with a little button to help dress it up a bit.

Ahhh....I love a simple, quick project & these fit the bill. They really do make for great gifts for yourself or for others.

So do you prefer to keep your to-do list, reminders, plans on how to rule the world on paper or in some fancy smancy gadget?