Friday's Dose of Delight

So I am not even sure if I should be wishing you all a happy holiday weekend now or not? Boooo for smack-dab-in -the-middle-of-the-week-holidays. Whose idea was this anyways? As I always tell the hubby {when I'm disatisfied with some policy or process} "I'm writing to headquarters about this!" Which I never do, except for once to Home Depot, and due to some glitch with their customer service email account they received the same disgruntled email from me five times in ten minutes. This resulted in them giving us a $600ish patio set for free. That and I am pretty sure they thought I was borderline schizophrenic.
But hey I will take anything for free in exhange for being consider cray-cray.

Soooo....onto this week's Dose of Delight; a mini-mini round-up of things that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me this week.

Old Navy Tribal Skirt

I ADORE this skirt and the girl whose in it is pretty fab too. I made a special trip to Old Navy as soon as I saw Katie from the for Lauren and Lauren blog share her eight dollar steal. Sadly, my local store didn't have any left. I've been obsessed with maxi dresses and skirts for two summers now. The problem? For someone who just barely surpasses the Illinois children's car seat height limit I would have to say long apparel isn't exactly a shorty's best friend. But I'm sure this skirt is the one. Thankfully, Katie found they are still available on-line.

Chevron Picnic Blanket
Waterproof, bold, and fun; this blanket from Sew Natural is perfect for picnics and outside concerts.
Of course my love for chevron will never cease to exist!

Have a delightful weekend!

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Cheer Up Buttercup: DIY Monogrammed Pencil Holder

What do you do to cheer yourself up? Do you splurge on ice cream? Go to the mall? Read a book? Knock out a glass, or two, or three of wine? Not that I'm speaking on experience on that last one.
I want to know how do you turn that frown upside down?
You wanna know how I make it through a rough day? I craft. My MIL cleans. Like ALOT. Like as in she may or may not vaccuum the same room five times in one night. I suppose that habit would be alot more beneficial than bombing your house with glitter & glue guns.
To me there's something so therapeutic about crafting.
I especially love the challenge of taking something & giving it a whole new life.

Like this little blue ceramic canister the hubby picked up the other day because he "figured I could do something with it". You bet your bottom dollar I had just the idea for this little thingamajig.
I still had some of that Looking Glass spray paint left over from my DIY mercury project.
I thought it would be cool to have some silver mirrored stripes on the jar along with the initial of our last name. All I did was tape off my stripes AND then I allowed my Silhouette machine to come back into my life. Oh. I didn't tell you! Yeah, the two of us have been on a trial seperation after I almost threw her out my office window a few months ago while trying to make some favor tags for my grandma's surprise party. It didn't end well. Luckily, this time she cooperated & cut a vinyl circle & "B" for me.
Spray paint away. Remove the tape & vinyl & TADA! A new monogrammed pencil holder.
So what do you do to cheer yourself up?

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Crush of the Month: Dreamy Garden Sheds {aka Backyard Retreats}

It should come as no surprise that June's "Crush of the Month" centers around garden sheds....but not just any garden shed; I'm talking dreamy-Ryan Gosling-heart-palpitating type of sheds! I'm not even sure what that means. I just know if there was EVER a day I allowed a shed to be docked in my yard{I know were not talking boats here but I can't type the word "erected" with out giggling like a teenage school boy. I know, geesh, grow up already!} that it will have to look like one of these! Never mind that half of them are like fairy-tale cottages and serve no purpose as a shed.
I mean what would be the point of that, right?

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pretty shed
via BHG
white garden shed with glass doors
garden shed for pot storage
via BHG
garden shed with blue door
small white shed
white backyard shed

Source unknown via Small Garden Love
blue green backyard shed
white brick shed

So anyone have a pretty shed I can come live in?
I mean one with out house guests already like possums & squirrels.


Have a Seat, Stay Awhile:Thrift Chair Makeover

Yes, dearies the living room makeover continues! I have had my little pea-pickin heart set on adding a chair to the side of our TV dresser to help dress it up a bit. 
I wouldn't exactly say it was love at first sight when I stumbled upon this grungy little chair at a local thrift store.
But there is always hope, right?
I was kinda of diggen the bamboo inspired frame & I knew some new fabric would help breathe some life back into this old cranky lady. Plus, it was only $9.
I mean nowadays you can barely buy lunch for that amount.
So after I hit up the fabric store it was time to whip out the screw driver, upholstery staple gun, & spray paint. Oh, Catalina Mist how I heart you.

An hour later I had a whole new chair!
To help scale back on the blue in this room{I may be going a bit overboard with the blue BUT it's my favorite color!} I thought it would be puuurrty to add this inexpensive ruffle, brown pillow I found for $7 buckaroos. Of course the hubby asked why
 "the pillow looked like a bad, ruffle tuxedo shirt from the 70's?"
 I, on the other hand, wonder why we don't own a dog house for him to sleep in tonight?
And to save yourself the annoying task of scrolling, here it is once again.
Cranky old lady before & after the new dentures.

 So what fun things have you scored at the thrift store lately?


DIY Inspired by Fashion

I guest post recently for Stesha over at the lovely Classic & Bubbly blog. I thought I'd share the post over here with tweaks & what not incase you were hibernating.

One thing I don't blog about is my fashion, because let's face it there's nothing fun about my three day old, peanut butter stained yoga pants. But's that what we have Stesha
 for, right {after you read this you need to run over & check out her style & photography!}? I swear! I just wanna bottle gals up like her and bring them home & have them help me get dressed in the morning. But I'm pretty sure that'd be considered like illegal enslavement or something.

But believe it or not the world of fashion & DIY actually have alot in common.
Fashon trends transition perfectly to crafts & home decor.

Sometimes what we see on the runaway inspires us so much we just want to incporate that style into other parts of our lives. Take for example the fun color blocking trend going on right now.
Outfit via Refinery 29/DIY Curtain from Martha Stewart

Or perhaps your more of a fan of Mr. Ombré & Mrs. Color Block's love child, little dip dye
{I admit I'm crushing hard on this trend right now!}
Dress via Style Hive/Pots from The Proper Pinwheel

As you can see, neon is having a major moment right now too.
Piperlime Jeans/DIY Neon Shoes from Tiny Sparkly Things

But then again mint green is also stealing the spot light!
What I Wore Outfit/DIY Beaded Necklace from Jen Loves Kev
Or perhaps you've heard of a little thing called "chevron"?
Chevron Bag from Made by Nanna/DIY Clutch from See Kate Sew

See inspiration is everywhere!

 Do you ever look to fashion magazines or retail for crafting & decorating inspiration?

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New Series: 5 Blogs I'm Lovin' & You Should Too!

It's hard to believe over a year ago the word "blog" barely entered my noggin. At the time I decided to stake a claim to this little space on the net I could have probably counted on one hand the number of blogs I had read. Fast forward thirteen months and now I can't go a day without reading an exhuberant {I'm working on expanding my vocabulary here tonight} amount of blogs.
Blogs to me are like what cats are to a hoarder.
I just can't get enough.

I have to say from time to time I'm amazed & a bit overwhelmed by the amount of peeps out there who are sharing all their talents & life with the world. Just when you think you've seen them all some other blogstar stumbles into your life & helps waste
two hours of your life away while you frantically gobble up all their post.
Two hours well spent if you ask me.
I decided to spice things up here a bit with a new monthly series called
"5 Blogs I'm Lovin' & You Should Too!"

You have your bloggy friends who you enjoy catching up with everyday & reading all about their shenanigans but THEN there's also those other blogs you're obsessed with.  You know the ones I am talking about. The ones where you can't wait to land on their page & see what they've been up too! If they didn't post you suffer from the same disappointment you get when you realize the President's State of Union aired over you favorite tv show. Barf.

Well,if there is anything I love more then reading my favorite blogs {and more than pinot grigio}it's learning & finding out about new good reads out there! Hence this new series.

Now to the point.
I'll share 5 blogs I've been a lovin' lately in hopes that perhaps some of these may be new to you. Maybe they will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling too. And if you'd like you can share too! 
Because remember sharing is caring .
Come across a new blog or two that
 is the coolest thing since sliced bread?
Share it in the comment section & then we can all reap the benefits {and waste more time not cleaning the house!}

So for this month here are the 5 blogs I'm a lovin':

Finally someone else who is stuck in the mind of an immature teenage boy. Infatuation with Bower Power & the lovely Katie started with their bathroom makeover. The rest is history.

The name says it all.

Recipes, crafts, DIY projects, great photos, fab's like the girl you love to hate.

Oregon-based designers that share chic DIY party ideas & fabulous freebies to download.

I sure do look ALOT at food blogs for someone who doesn't do much cooking around here.
Two Peas & Their Pod is a husband & wife team who share alot of recipes
that make me want to lick the screen. this 4 ingredient Chocolate Cookie & Cream Ice Cream recipe. Yes, please.

So now it's time to hear which blogs you've been a lovin' & a smoochin lately!

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Fourth of July Printables:Festive Soda Labels & Straw Tags

Printable 4th of July straw tags and soda labels created just for you!
Because I love you.
Because this is the simplest way to thank all of you who
continue to stop by & read all about my shenanigans.
Because let's face it if I had enough money to buy you all
cookies I'd just keep them all for myself,
especially if they were those darn Girl Scout cookies.
Serve up some festive drinks this 4th of July with these free soda labels and straw tags.
Download soda labels here.
Print on label or plain computer paper.
Cut & adhere to bottle.

Download straw tags here.
Print on cardstock.
Use a round or scalloped 2 inch craft punch to make the tags.
Using a small hole punch place a hole at the top & bottom
of the tag & then weave the straw thru.

Enjoy! I'll be waiting for my invite to your festivities!

PS. You may also like to check out these free printable sparkler holders I created last year for the holidays.

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Friday's Dose of Delight

Oh Friday I could just lay a big 'ol granny wet one on your cheeks right now. Thankfully it's the end of  the week. Let's talk about summeritis; a disease more common among students the last few weeks of school before break. Well, I exhibit all the symptoms of summeritis despite not being sixteen anymore {sniff, sniff someone find me the Pinot pronto!} including the desire to do a whole lot of nothingness which explains the lull of crafting and blogging around here lately. 
I hear it's contagious! So before I close up shop & head off to the weekend let's dive into this week's Dose of Delight; a mini, mini round-up of things that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me lately.

Don't forget that this weekend is all about celebrating daddy-o!

Father's Day Photo
Samantha, of  the Crafty Texas Girl blog has simply the cutest Father's Day gift idea eva! Having good looking kids can only help the cause if you ask me.
Seriously, I'm storing this one away in the "When All Our Kids Don't Have Four Paws To-Do" file for future reference. Which totally sounds like a cool book title I should copyright soon.
Anywho, head on over to her bloggity-blog to learn how to put a little twist on a photo gift for pops.

Father's Day Cards

Okay the cuteness factor is off the charts here with these nifty {why didn't I think that?}bow tie pasta Father's Day cards! Check out the adorableness over at the Gold Jelly Bean.
This is a quick and simple idea for all you slackers out there who still haven't stopped by Hallmark.
We know you're out there.

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

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