July: It's a Wrap! It was a month full of hot, steamy....

....pits. Just sayin. It has after all been one helluva of hot summer.
I'm quite sure the deodorant industry is behind it all.
Speaking of antiperspirant.....am I the only one who walks around CONSTANTLY with deodorant residue all over my clothes. It never fails, I'm running late {I haven't been on time since like 2003}trying to run out the door and there I am covered in Secret streaks from head to toe. Okay, maybe not really from head to toe as that would be quite weird & contortionist of me but still it's ridonkulous.

Anyways, incase you've missed your daily dose of the DN this is what went down in the month of July.

*I stole $4.00 from the hubby's piggy bank & spruced up the front porch.

*YOU GUYS got all r-rated with our rope talk.

*My Google search history showed an extreme obsession for mermaids, real mermaids, oh, & this statement piece. 

*We bought a villa on the lake, dawwwling.

*I still think an oversized canvas of me lying on a boudier petting a ferret would be better than this.

*And then we wrapped up the pit-sweaty month with this baby.

What was the hightlight of your month?

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DIY: Simple Neon Necklace

Neon is every where lately. Thank goodness stirrup pants aren't. Those definately should never come back. To me, one of the greatesttestesttest things about this trend right now is the mix of wood & neon. This is proven by the fact that I have visited the Wind & Willow Home store 1,999 times in the past month....okay just kidding it was in the past week.
Then the other day I spotted these wood beaded necklaces at JcPenney's and I couldn't stop thinking about them way after I left. I mean, of course, in between thinking about how to cure world hunger and all.

I quickly came to the realization that I needed some neon wood in my life; a personal massuese & a maid wouldn't be bad either but they don't sell those at Hobby Lobby.....
but they do sell wooden beads!
I brought home a few bags, painted a selected number of the beads a lovely turquoise color, allowed them to dry. & then strung them on some clear necklace fish wire.

Seriously, one of the simplest projects ever & I just lurvvee how it came out.
Plus, since I already had the paint & fish wire at home I was able to make it for half the price compared to the one at the store. Genius I know....I may just be able to cure world hunger after all.
 Have you added any neon to your wardrobe this season?
Do you still own stirrups? Because if you do we can totally send them to a firey grave over a camp fire singing kumaya.
I promise it would make the world a better place.


Friday's Dose of Delight: I Have To Say I'm Pretty Awesome

Yep, that's right if there is one thing I learned this week while being off {as I transition between jobs} it's that I'm pretty darn awesome when it comes to doing nothing.  Okay, I guess between pinning & tweeting I did manage to clean our basement. Which I know doesn't sound all that spectacular but seriously I would say it was equivalent to landing a rocket on the moon.

So in my "spare time" this week I managed to stumble upon a few things that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me & here it is folks, Friday's Dose of Delight.

When I discovered this North Carolina candle company I thought to myself
"Shut the front door, shut the back door, shut the garage door, shut every door!
Because you want to know what's in every single one of their candles?
A ring. That's right a ring in each and every candle worth $10 to $5,000 dollars.
That's some geniususmality marketing if you ask me!
Plus, I hear the candles smell fab.
It's like being proposed to all over again. Except this time I'll make sure to wear my contacts.
Check out all the scents here.

I just adore these tissue paper collages from Make Something Happy.
I seriously owe tissue paper an apology. It's not a material I think of when crafting my little head off AND obviously it's ridicously cool to work with but I just haven't been cool enough to realize that.
Shame on me.

Did you discover anything terrific this week? Please do share!

Hope you all have a delightful weekend!

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July: 5 Blogs I'm Lovin' & You Should Too!

If you weren't drinking heavily last month then you should remember I started this new series,

Well, here's the five blogstars who have been rockin my world lately......
Val So Cal
There are a gazillion food bloggers out there but what I love about Val is that she shares such unique   & creative recipes & as if that isn't reason enough to check her out her photography is amazeballs. Seriously, it's like foodporn.
See for yourself here.

Katie is one of those bloggers who can write about paint drying & still make it sound interesting.
She also can convince me to run to every
Old Navy within a 50 mile radius of my house just to find a skirt.
Check out her witch craft talents here.

Thrifty & Chic
This DIY/Home decor blog is like Pottery Barn on a budget.
There is never a dull post on Alicia's site.
Plus, she rearranges her rooms like every two seconds which is totally cool if you ask me.
See for yourself here.

Omiyage Blogs
If there was a cafeteria for blogs Omiyage would totally sit at the cool kid's table.
This site houses alot of cute washi tape projects.
Run, don't walk, over there.

Two great gals just doing their thang & sharing lots of craft ideas along the way.
They also throw a pretty fab linky party every week too.
Check out Bonnie & Trish here.

Come across a new blog or two that
is the coolest thing since sliced bread?
Share it in the comment section & then we can all reap
the benefits {and waste more time not cleaning the house!}

So now it's time to hear which blogs you've been a lovin' & a smoochin lately!

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Baby Steps: New Gallery Wall

This isn't the first time & this certaintly isn't the last time you will see a gallery wall.
They've practically become a staple for home decor
AND let's be honest I've wanted to jump on this bandwagon for quite some time now.

Our living room makeover {which I swear is 99.99999% done!}includes a hallway that connects our kitchen/living room to the west wing of our chateau.
Just kidding.....we don't really have wings {unless you count the chicken wings in our freezer},
nor do we live in a chateau.
That just sounded better, right?

I shared a view of this little hallway back during Halloween.
Eck! Seriously, how did I live with this cappucinno crap color for so long?
After the living room/hallway was painted I knew this immense stretch of blank wall was the perfect spot for either a gallery wall or a giant canvas picture of myself
posing on a boudier couch of course while petting a ferret.

Something told me the gallery wall was the way to go {most likely because ferrets terrify me}.
Plus, I really wanted to do something to make the thermostat blend in more.

Over the course of the past few months
I have been gathering a collection of frames from my home stash,
 garage sales, & the local Goodwills.

Does anyone else think it is extremally weird that people donate picture frames to second hand stores with the pictures of their loved ones still in the frame?
I think it's safe to say you've been cut from Grandma Ester's
will when she's willing to get rid of her frames with you still in it.
I just love the versatility & uniqueness of frames
you can find by browsing local second hand stores & garage sales.

My plan was to spray paint the frames a mix of white
& blue to create a more cohesive look.
Of course my collection wouldn't be complete with out my doggie art.

Next, I traced & cut out cardstock templates for each of my frames
so I could play around with the layout before hanging them.
This may seem uneccessary but seriously it's so helpful {newspaper & wax paper work too!}
Using masking tape I hung my paper template collection on the wall.

Once I was happy with it I busted out my new besties.....3M Command Hanging Strips and started adhering a few of the frames.
Seriously, these things are lifesavers for those of us who can't hang a picture correctly the first time {or perhaps even the second or third time}.
Pre-makeover there may or may not have been 9 to 10 holes behind every frame on our wall.
I'm just saying..........
Plus, this allows you to switch around wall art if you get bored with the look.

So there you have it.....the beginning stages {we're talking baby steps} of my gallery wall.

So do you have a gallery wall in your home?
Do you hang pictures well or
do you have holes all over your walls like me?
Do you want to have a contest some time to see who has more?

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Weekend Getaway: Lake Geneva

We're back from our long weekend getaway! We had a wonderful time & enjoyed some much needed R & R hanging out in a little resort town called Lake Geneva. I may or may not have over-indulged on the homemade ice cream there but what the hey you gotta live a little, right?

Now onto some picture fun..........
One of my favorite shops in downtown Lake Genva was a little boutique called, Notice.
A bit pricey but definately alot of eye candy.

And then we did some real estate shopping along the lake front.
I thought this villa looked like a place we could call home but the hubby was all like"No, no dawwwling you deserve something much bigger".  I agreed. I mean where would I put my guest at?
I was infatuated with these neon chairs & the food at Simple Cafe, a fun restaurant that uses locally produced ingredients. The garden burger on pretzal bun was delicious!

Dinner at sunset.............
Sigh...now it's back home to laundry & working off the calories.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS. If you're on Instagram I'd love to follow you! You can find me here.

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Friday's Dose of Delight: The Grin on My Face

Woot, woot! It's Friday & I can't seem to wipe this grin off my face.  At the last minute the hubby decided we should head somewhere to celebrate our upcoming four year anniversary. I believe his words were "Let's be spontaneous {a rarity for him!}, let's go somewhere, name a place, where you want to go?"
I responded "Vegas!" and so Lake Geneva it is. 
Trust, me I was just as confused.

And so off we go to get some much needed 
R&R this weekend BUT the cherry on top is today is also my last day with my current job. 
I won't bore you with the details but let me tell you I've been daydreaming about skipping my bootay out of this place for more than two years now. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
And that my friends is why I'm walking around with this ridiculous Joker grin.

So before I head off to pack let's talk about this week's Dose of Delight; a mini-mini round-up of things that have inspired, thrilled, or delighted me lately.

Until I discovered these bad boys over at Tatertots & Jello I never really put much thought into birdhouses. 
They always seemed just blah to me but these gorgeous fabric covered homes with their modern chevron &
 ikat patterns totally made me change my mind.
These are like prime real estate for our feather friends I tell ya!
And of course you have to love any project that involves Mod Podge.
I'm convinced this stuff will some day allow us to decoupage our faces with those of celebrities.
And I call dibs on Jennifer Aniston.
See the full tutorial here......on the birdhouses not how to glue on Jen's face.

I just adore all the versatile ways I've been seeing people use baking cups.
In my life....cupcake liners have always had just 
one purpose & it involves stuffing my face with what ever was inside.
According to the Daily Mixer it involves making cute drink toppers; 
which I assume is much easier on the thighs.
Keep these pretty things in mind next time you throw a partay!

Have a delightful weekend my friends!

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July's Crush of the Month: Bubble Necklaces

My Google search history for the past few week would show an extreme obsession for one thing,well, okay maybe two things;  real mermaids{thanks a lot Animal Planet!}& bubble necklaces. Originally a statement piece from J.Crew {for $150 mind you!} the bubble necklace has now become an icon. Replicas are popping up everywhere like little baby bunnies but not like the dead baby bunnies my Brylee killed this weekend sadly as I laid near by sunbathing. She was proud, I was traumatized. Ever since then she won't respond to us unless we call her "Killer B!" but with a rapper accent. It's gotten totally out of hand if you ask me.

And so I digress.
As I was saying I have searched & searched & searched for bubble necklaces.
I found a few on Etsy & Ebay but kept finding excuses not to purchase them 
{too pricey, from China and says it will take like eons to ship, etc...}
Then as I was cleaning out my email inbox I saw Group Dealz was offering these necklaces for just $19.99!
Dreams do come true people.
I scored myself a turquoise one but seriously, I could have gotten one in each color!
Hurry over there if you'd like to get yourself one or to buy your favorite gal from DN one. Wink, wink. 
In the mean time here's some of my favorite fashion bubble wearing inspiration......

The perfect eye candy for dressing up or just throwing on with a pair jeans and cardi.

Do you have a bubble necklace? What colors are your favorite? How do you wear yours?

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