Kid's Halloween Favors: Skeleton Bookmarks

October already? Crazy, I know! With Halloween right around the corner I know alot of you will be on the hunt for favor ideas for your kid's class or holiday parties. I have just the thing for you! I promise this idea is so simple & inexpensive that by the
 end of this post you'll want to be my new BFF.
Every time a holiday rolls around I always like to try to come up with something funny & cute to send my nieces & nephew {like these bunny tail treat cups}. You know just a little something-something to remind them that I am like the craziest greatest aunt evaaaa.
Check it out.........
This year they'll be receiving these jumbo skeleton bookmarks courtesy of yours truly.
I created my bookmarks with my design software,
however, no worries for those of you don't feel your very graphic savvy.
This project can very easily be made with out the use of a computer.
Just simply cut two long squares from plain cardstock.
My bookmarks measured 3 x 10 {remember these are jumbo bookmarks!}
Then cut the same size squares from a sheet of patterned scrapbook paper and adhere to the top of the cardstock with a glue stick. Next up is to add your skelton figures. I found my guys at Walmart but I also spied similiar ones at the Dollar Store. I used glue dots to stick my skeltons to the bookmarks but I suppose hot glue or even regular craft glue would work just fine too.
Lastly, add the "No bones about it" saying with a marker or even typing it out in Microsoft Word and printing on some matching colored paper.
Pretty easy, right?
AND as I mentioned the most spooktacular thing about these favors is how cheap they are to make!
My skeletons came in a pack of 24 for a $1.97.
Cardstock {in bulk} and scrapbook paper can be found at your local craft stores for a few bucks {even cheaper if you take advantage of store coupons AND even cheaper if you can create the design yourself on your computer!}. you can see you can practically gift these to the whole town of Woodbury, Kentucky for just a few measly dollars.
This is also perfect if your kid happens to attend
one of those schools where sweets and treats are banned from class parties.
I can't wait to send these off to the kiddos.
OH and of course I'll be adding a small bag of treats.
Are you kidding? You don't get on the "World's Greatest Aunt" list for nothing.


High Fives All Around

Uno. Started to hunt for decorations for a Halloween tablescape for our upcoming soiree.
I'm challenging myself to a $50 budget.
Thank goodness for the Dollar Store.
Can't wait to share with you all what I've come up with!
I'll be using these Halloween Chandelier invites from my shop.
Dos. Decided to stop being the last person on earth who hadn't tried Nutella.
Not bad, but nothing to wet my pants over.
Tres. Speaking of wetting pants. It's hard making BFFs as an adult especially one who gets you and sends you pictures all week at work like this one. Never take these type of friends for granted.
There are only so many weirdos out there in the world just like you.
Quatro. So glad some of my favorite shows returned this week.
I was in desperate need of some boob tube time.
PS. I just felt like saying the word boob tube.
Cinco. I'm excited to announce I am the new proud owner of dark teal and plum colored skinnies.
Thank you Target clearance racks.
Typically, I tend to catch on to fashion trends too late.
If colored pants go out of style next week there will be hell to pay!
Now I just need to score me some burgundy ones.
Psssttt.....high five it's Friday!
So let's hear what's a highlight from your week?

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September's Crush of the Month: Burgundy Pants

Trends can be funny sometimes. My parents did a burgundy and hunter green living room makeover back in the 90's. I've spent the last 15 years trying to supress that memory. I never in my wildest dreams imagined one day I would be professing my love for burgundy pants to you all.
Seriously, what's next? Mom jeans?
Pair them with a black bazer. Pair them with fall booties. Pair them with a simple white top.
Dress them up. Dress them down.
Either way, they are my newest crush and like
 the Beiber fever of a preadolescent girl I'm crushing hard.
 So what's your crush of the month? Are you obsessing over fall clothes now?
Burgundy? Hunter green?
French fries? Mmmm.....french fries says the mind of a dieter.

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Free Wall Art Printable "Our House"

Incase you've been snoozing, I shared my cleaning closet makeover the other day along with this printable wall art I created & framed for the new happy space.
Seriously, this quote is the perfect life motto if you ask me!
AND since I am feeling rather charitable today I've decided to share my design as a free printable.
Yep, that's right just for you because remember.......all together now "sharing is caring".
Three different colors available in 8 x 10 sizes.
Just print on plain white card stock, frame, and hang.
Download here:
Love to hear if anyone gets any use out of this, especially if you're one of those cleaning OCD types who is willing to give up that control.
That would really make me happy.
Plus, my house wouldn't be jealous of your clean house anymore.


The Closet Makeover & a Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway!

Once upon a time there was a small closet in our home that was in desperate need of some organization and cleaning. Ironically, I'm referring to our cleaning closet. I just couldn't seem to find the time away from Pinterest motivation to get to it....... that is until I was contacted by Cutting Edge Stencils to do a review & giveaway.
I'm a huge fan of the stencil decor trend but if you recall just an image alone of a full stencilled room makes me hyperventilate. So I figured the next best thing would be to give it a go on a much smaller scale; the closet! I mean after all, there aren't alot of people nosing around in my cleaning closet. Heck, much to the hubby's dismay I barely nose around in that thing. So I figured if I screwed it up royally it wouldn't be the end of the world. 
I went with the Fuji All Over Stencil and I found the Cutting Edge how-to videos to be VERY helpful.  I had a few spots down near the bottom of the wall {perfectly hidden behind the cleaning cart!}where I got a little over confident and probably used more paint on the roller than I should of but in the end I was pretty pleased with the results. I found this stencil to be alot sturdier & easier to work with then some craft store ones.
After finishing up the wall {which took about 3 hours} I organized my supplies in some baskets I had gathered from other closets. I spray painted the silver, rusty cleaning cart blue and then just for the heck of it designed and framed a quote that soooooo meets my motto in life. "Our house is clean enough to be healthy, but dirty enough to be happy." Who knows this new, fun space may just inspire me to clean more! Cue the laugh track. I said "may" people.
So are you ready to get your stencil on?!
That's right! The kind peeps over at Cutting Edge have offered to give one free stencil {up to a $50 value} to one lucky reader.
Enter below through Rafflecopter.
{US Residents only}.

Sharing with friends here:
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That Time I Was "Diagnosed" with a Detached Head

Look at that pals we've survived yet another week. And guess what? This Saturday is fall y'all. Like for realz. Meaning "officially" it's the first day of Fall for those of you who are above the slang thing. Are you as uber excited as I am for crisp, cool autumn evenings, snuggly sweaters, pumpkin lattes, and seasonal boots? Seriously, it's one of my favorite times of the year. Next to my birthday. Obviously.
In the mean time, some of my top favorite things of the week:
1. Enjoying tears of laughter with our neighbors as I recalled the time a massuese discontinued my massage because she said, and I quote "you need to see a doctor right away, I don't think your head is attached".  Really? Gee, what am I like the first person to be diagnosed with this condition since the sleepy hollow days? I thought holy crap! My mom wasn't kidding when she use to tell me I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached.

PS. I spent that whole night tossing & turning in bed fretting about how I was going to go through life with an unattached head. True story.

PPS. Incase you're wondering my head was fine. Definately still attached. Turns out I had a torn ligament in my neck. Same thing.

PPS. In most states it is HIGHLY illegal for massage therapist to give medical advice and or diagnoses. Now I see why.

2. Discovering Spotli. Where have I been? If you frequent Craig's List {for items to buy not for hook-ups} and you've also been living under a rock then you'll want to check this out.

3. Finalyzing details for our new wood floors we'll be putting in our la casa. I can't wait! Till it's done with that is. The labor part I wish I could just sleep through.

4. Throwing back a few Skinny Cosmos with our friends at my favorite sushi/hibachi restaurant last weekend.

5. Stuffing my face with these bad boys. Thanks Katie for the referral!

What was your favorite thing of the week?
Hopefully, not a unattached head.
Happy Friday. Happy Fall. High five.


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Thirfty Makeover: Fall Door Decor

Ummm,'s me again. Got another little fall project I wanted to share with y'all. This cone shaped basket was a Goodwill find from a few months back. It just screamed Autumn. I mean not literally because I suppose that would just be obnoxious.....a screaming basket and all. But it was definately giving off that "fallish" vibe so I saved it for the season.

The first thing I did was to remove those grape thingamajiggies.
Then I painted the basket using the dry brush technique that I used on my distressed coffee table.
Added some fall foilage and hung it on my door.
Easy peasy.
Can you believe I allowed my door to go nekked all summer long?
Speaking of nekked I've got some peeps I'd like you to meet.
No, they aren't in their birthday suits {that I know of}
It just seemed like a natural way to shift this conversation, don't ya think?

 Hello, I'm Jessica. I'm living my dream as an indie shop owner creating lovely hand stamped keepsakes using vintage silverware and personalized jewelry. I'm a wife, mommy, romantic, dreamer. Lover of Jesus, my family, vintage, country music, coffee, books, lip gloss & DIY projects. I also have a little blog where I share my love of pretty things, my passion for this amazing handmade community & all the inspiration I gather.

 Seriously, you will not regret checking out Jessica's shop.
 I am beyond obsessed with these personalized silk wrap bracelets.
Special discount for DN readers!
 Mention coupon code "DELIGHTFUL" for 15% off.
Hello there, I am Anna Renee and I blog over at Geek can be Chic. It is a blog focused on fashion, beauty, life, and everything nice haha. I am a beginner blog designer and a aspiring magazine editor. I love to spend time with my family and laugh lots. I also have quite a Disney obsession.
First of all, are those not the cutest bangs evaaaa on Anna?
Make sure to check out her bloggity-blog. Her Friday Fun Finds are full of awesomeness. Awesomeness that makes me wanna shop.
Meet Jenna! Baby A's Bows was started in 2010 after I had my daughter and I quickly realized that the cost of cute hair accessories was somewhat out of my budget. I decided to make my own and wondered if there were other mom's out there like me who wanted all the cute accessories but didn't have all the money. I started my Facebook page in 2010 and opened my Etsy store in 2011. I am thrilled to make quality products, but at a more affordable cost.
If I ran this world I swear I would make it a law that little boys had to always wear tuxedos and little girls always had to adorn their noggins with bows.
Jenna's bows are precious and this one would go great with my ladybug invite don't ya think?
Double points!! The gal reins from Purdueland, my alma mater. BOILER UP!
Coupon Code: DN10OFF (10% off purchase)
Next up Aimee! I am a wife of nearly 16 years and stay-at-home mom to two wonderful children. I have been a crafter for as long as I can remember and have far more hobbies than I have time! In what little spare time I do have, I enjoy sewing, reading, scrapbooking, and of course, spending quality time with my family! My Scrabble tile necklaces started off as a gift for my children's bible school teachers. I received such a wonderful response and thought, "This is my chance, my opportunity to become my own boss!" Two years ago, I opened up Sugar Lane Shoppe on Etsy and it's been an amazing experience! Never did I imagine it would grow to where we are today. Every day, I am thankful to all those people who have helped me realize my dream!
I first stumbled upon Aimee's jewelry back when I was looking for graduation gift ideas.
These necklaces are such a fab idea when you're shopping for your mom, friend, aunt, teacher, neighbor, bus driver, barista at get the point.
This one would be perfect for a mommy-to-be and this one has one of my favorite quotes.
Coupon Code: Good for 15% off through the end of September: DELIGHTFUL
 See I told you they weren't nekked!
Now before you head off to visit all these fine people I have a quick question for those of your frequently peruse blogs?
Do you spend time catching up on blogs in the morning or evening?
Or perhaps at work on the toilet in the middle of the day?


Fall Pillow: How to Print on Burlap

I definately had a seriouse case of fall fever this weekend.  Visions of pumpkin donuts have been dancing through my head non-stop. Homer Simpson would be proud.
I managed to find about thirty seconds of free time on Sunday to work on a few fall projects including this pillow for my porch.
{Image via Google. Pillow no longer available on Home Depot's website}
I spotted a handful of  cute outdoor pillows at Home Depot marked down to...... wait for it......
wait for it......wait for it.....just two buckaroos!
I reluctanly passed them up at first only because the coral orange & blue didn't go with our back deck decor BUT since they were such a steal I couldn't stop thinking about them later that night.
Then perhaps in the middle of another pumpkin donut fantasy it hit me!
The orange pillow would be perfect for my front porch chair that I made over at the beginning of summer. Plus, it would be a great way to transition my porch into the fall season.
 Luckily, by time I got back to Home Depot there was one clearance pillow left. Phew.
I've been wanting to use up some burlap scraps I had lying around and thought the fabric would be a perfect accent on the pillow to help make it more "fallish" looking.
I decided to try printing on the burlap versus stenciling only because well, as we've discussed before an armless squirrel could probably stencil better than me. Okay, maybe we didn't exactly discuss that but I have mentioned a time or two about stenciling not exactly being my forte.
If you'd like to try printing on burlap yourself here is what you'll need:
*Piece of Burlap {images show up best on light colored burlap}
*Scotch Tape
*Card Stock
*Inkjet Printer
*Image to Print
To start off, you will want to cut your piece of burlap slightly smaller than your piece of card stock.
Then place the burlap on top of the card stock and tape down on all four side with your scotch tape.
In order to feed your burlap through your printer with out any jams you will want to make sure that your burlap is lying as smooth as possible on the card stock.
Now all you need to do is either create an image or download one that you would like to print.
I used Photoshop to create my image. I was simple and just used the word "Autumn".
Once you've decided on a design just place your burlap adorned
 card stock in the printer and print away.
I pulled a couple strands away from the edge of my burlap to give it that rustic, distressed look.
Then I adhered it to the pillow with some heat n' bond.
The flower was a pin I stumbled up in my craft box. I'm not sure if I like it on there or not but I feel like the pillow would look a bit nekked with out it. What do you think yay or nay on the flower?
Have you started fall decorating yet?


Chest Bumps & High Fives

Friday!! My second favorite F word.
 "Free" being my first of course you dirty, little foul mouths.
Oh what a week. 
I've been crazy swamped with shop orders soooooo
Just kidding.
That would be really inconsiderate of me to make you sit here and try to read a bunch of smooshedsentencestogetherwouldn't it?
So on that note...... chest bumps, fist explosions, and a bunch of high fives to Friday!
1. The hubz & I took my three year old nephew to Legoland Chicago last Saturday.
The pirate ball crumbs {aka Captain Crunch cereal} coating the bottom of my purse proves it.
PS. That's his "I'm having a blast face" incase you're wondering.
2. I 've been thoroughly enjoying catching up on the first season of "American Horror Story" with my main squeeze. Although, I don't think I've been down to the basement since.
3. I'm always pleased when a design of mine comes out as I had imagined in my head.
Trust me, this isn't always the case.
4. Me trying to explain current world events is always a good time.
"The Librarians were protesting this movie at the US Embassy in some Benagaz-za-za place... ..."
"They think the Al-quesos are behind it. I mean...wait what are they called again?"
An actual dinner convo with the hubz last night.
Oh, I crack myself up.
5. I'm like pee-my-pants-excited that ON brought back this crepe dress!
I got one in black a few months ago and it is uber comfy.
As in I would sleep in it. Really, I would.
Pee your pants over anything this week? We won't judge.
Any other "American Horror Story" fans out there?

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