Delightfully Noted's 2012 Holiday Collection is Here!

Do you know how hard it is to find holiday inspiration to work on Delightfully Noted's Christmas collection in the middle of fall? VERY hard.  While I'm trying to think fruit cakes and mistletoes I'm constantly being bombarded with pumpkins and goblins. Okay, who am I kidding? No one really tries to think about fruit cake, right?
Well, alas the 2012 holiday collection is finally here!
Whether you are throwing a holiday soiree or just
looking to send out some seasonal well wishes I got you covered.
Check out the full holiday line here.
And because it is the season of giving I am offering a special deal just for you.
For a limited time mention coupon code: NOCOALFORME and receieve 20% off your total order.
{Are you watching Santa??? I'm being nice!}
Speaking of the holidays, there's 53 days left till Christmas! Not that anyone is counting or anything.
I know many of you have a tradition to do holiday family portraits every year or perhaps you're already planning little Suzy-Q's trip to see Santa. In that case you'll definately want to check Baby A's Bows! This shop is full of adorable girl's hair bows at a fraction of the price most retail shops will charge you. Check it out for yourself.
For those of you who are early Christmas shoppers you will definately want to peruse through the Sugar Lane Shoppe.
There are tons and tons of handmade scrabble tile necklaces to choose from. TONS I tell you!
These would make the perfect gift for teachers, neighbors, or even your aunt.
Browse through all the cute themes here.

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The Suzy Homemaker Chronicles

P-A-R-T-A-Y!! Our spooky soiree was a success. We ate, drank, laughed, and I pretended to clean house all night. No really....... I only play a good housewife for Halloween soooooo does anyone  want to come help me come clean up the after-party mess?
Anyone? Bueller?.... Bueller?..... Bueller?....
As some of you know I've been working on the details of this party for a few weeks now.
I had a fun time challenging myself to use mostly items I already had or goodies that I picked up from the Dollar Store or dollar bin sections at alot of my favorite stores.
Now for a little photo confetti explosion.

  I set up a little photoshoot area by taping up some wrapping paper on the wall that was left over from the back drop of my dessert table.
The pattern just POPS in all our pictures perfectly.
And apparently being a clutz with the glass in picture frames paid off because we were able to use this frame as a fun prop.

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Hallelujah! It's Friday.

1. Had a bit of an identity crisis this week. I mean who doesn't, right?
Really I was just preparing for our Halloween p-a-r-t-a-y this weekend.
Really, I swear.
2. We moved on to our second living room makeover; or as my husband refers to it as the "great room". This is also the same man who when he had a pair of his favorite shoes wear out ask me if we could find a cobbler to help fix them. Really? A cobbler? What is this the 1500's?
3. Favorite day of the week? Tuesday.
The hubby surprised me by making me a pumpkin cheesecake.
Even sweeter? He knows I'm watching what I eat so it was a
Weight Watchers recipe and seriously you would never know!
4. 60 days till Christmas. Not that anyone is counting or anything.
BTW that inflatable snowman is actually a normal 6 feet in size.
I'm just that short.
5. Laid my peepers on the Neiman Marcus + Target collarboration sneek peek this week.
What were the highlights of your week? Doing anything fun for the Halloween weekend?
High Five, it's friday! 

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That Time I Found My Spin Art Soul Mate {aka The Coolest Story Ever}

Remember that time I told you I was bringing Spin Art back in style and you thought I was joking?
Which is odd because I joke about nothing.
Well, lookie here I am a woman who keeps her word.
If you're a child of the 80's don't tell me you didn't love yourself some Spin Art.
I mean c' art with every spin. Life doesn't get much better than that folks.
Story time kiddos.
But before I jump into this let me just say that this post is wayyyyyyy
overdue but my.....ahem "photogapher" always seem to be MIA 
{aka golfing} so this will explain the awkard self-portraits of myself.
Which reminds me do you ever look at yourself in pictures & get caught up on the fact that you look like something? Like perhaps an animal? Like perhaps a small marine fish? Like perhaps a mythical creature with a horse's head and a fish tail? *cough* seahorse *cough*
Oh wait. I forgot it's story time.
Let me just say sometimes I am amazed at the way the internet brings people together.
Back in early spring I had expressed my love as a child for spin art.
I declared that I was going to revive the ol' puffy shirt trend.
Perhaps for casual Fridays.
A few months later you'll never guess what happen?
No, Ryan Gosling didn't call me.
Even better. I found my Spin Art soul mate.
Meet Helen.
That's right she just happen to stumble upon my post
AND she just happens to own a gigantic spin art machine!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE the story behind how Helen came to be an owner of this obese paint machine.
 I'll let her share it in her own words
{I pieced together a few of our email exchanges so you get the full story
minus my over-exuberant responses}
I noticed you mentioned something about spin art T-shirts and bringing them back! Well you have no idea how excited I was that someone else FINALLY shared my enthusiasm for one of the best things to come out of the 80's. All I have to say is BEST birthday EVER was at Flying Colors a shop in my neighborhood growing up. I loved them so much that 5 years ago I went on a mission to find the gigantic space bubble machine, and I did!
 I thought it would be fun to start a little party business in L.A.
I was a nanny in Hollywood and went to insane birthday parties where people spent unbelievable amounts of money.
I found the Spin Art machine after about a month of searching on Craig's List. An artist in Las Vegas
was selling it, he bought it from a thrift shop in Utah. My husband(boyfriend at the time) promised if I found one, he would go get it.
I don't think he really understood how big and heavy it was.
So him and his friend borrowed a pick-up truck and went to Vegas, about an hour into their trip the radio broke! Good times!
Long story short I got married and had a kid and sadly never had time for the business, but we love that machine and our friends always have a blast with it!
It's become part of the family.
This fall we are moving back to Chicago and the machine is coming back with us!
I will start selling spin art wrapping paper on Etsy too!
  I'd love to send you one!
Seriously, if driving to Vegas from Utah to
drag back a giant spin art bubble machine isn't love then I don't know what is!
Helen, that hubz of yours is a keeper in my book!

Is that not the coolest story ever?
I can't believe she managed to track down thee EXACT machine from her childhood days!
I absolutey adore my spin art shirt that Helen sent me!
Big, wet grandma smooches to you Helen.
And as if taking pictures of yourself isn't awkard enough here's a close-up of my "girls".
You're welcome.

Make sure to drop by Bluebirds & Honey & tell that cool gal, Helen, "hi"!
But just remember she was my Spin Art BFF first.

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Antique Glazed Dollar Store Pumpkins

Did you check out all the crafty craziness that was going on here last week for "Wicked Craft Week?" If not just remember Santa's watching you. For the rest of ya, do you remember Lindy of Itsy Bisty Paper's fab Dollar Store pumpkin makeover? Pretty swell, huh? One of my favorite things about crafty blog land (not to be confused with Rainbow Land) is the fact that you can give twenty peeps the same object and in the end there will be twenty different things you can do creatively with that object. Case in point.....the Dollar Store pumpkins. There are a ton of tutorials out there on all the nifty things you can do with these bad boys. Seriously, there are like five hundred and seventy five things to do with them and now I'm about to share number five hundred and seventy six. 
I happen to grab a few from my local store a couple weeks ago thinking I would use them in my front porch decor but after I got them home I decided I wanted to spruce them up with some spray paint and incorporate them in my living room instead.
To spice things up a bit I decided to spray paint them three different colors; Krylon's Catalina Mist (of course! I seriously should be a spokesperson for this color!) Krylon's Dove White, and Urban Beige by Valspar.
I just simply covered the pumpkin's stems with painter's tape and then went to town with my spray paint; inhaled fumes and all. Then I let them dry for about an hour.
To my suprise the paint worked well on the styrofoam material but I felt like they needed a little something-something. Enter antiquing glaze.
I have a ton of this stuff left over from when I distressed my coffee table so I'm always on the lookout for ways to use some of it up.  I just dabbed some on a paper towel and wiped it on my pumpkin, let it sit for a few seconds and then wiped it off.  I applied it mostly to the creases of the pumpkin to make it appear more natural. I also used a small paint brush and painted some of the glaze on the stems to darken them up a little (I didn't wipe the glaze off them stems just let dry) 
That's it! Another way to makeover over a Dollar Store pumpkin.
 2013's Wicked Craft Week is going on now.
Come check out these easy and spooky 'eye' scream treats! 


Wicked Craft Week: Wicked Witch of the West Facials & Festive Holiday Nails {Blue Skies Ahead}

 Holy mermaid. Wicked Craft Week in a nutshell; amazificent!
And here for the grande finale is thee lovely Miss Tonii.
Tonii's kids are soooo lucky because I'm pretty sure she is the most fun & creative mama evaaaa!
Case in point, this little wicked spa night she put together......
Hello Delightfully Noted readers!!  I am SO thrilled to be visiting Jennifer's amazing blog today.  While I can't promise I will be as witty, chic or creative as Jennifer, hopefully you will enjoy our Wicked Witch of the West Facials and Festive Holiday Nails!

Every year my sisters and I go to a local event called Witches Night Out...and EVERY year my little girls are so sad that they can't join us ;)  Last year I decided they should not miss out on the fun, and we try to have a Witches Night IN of our own.

This year on the agenda were some homemade facials and manicures!  We had to throw a witchy twist on everything and here is what we came up with.

First up...Wicked Witch of the West Facials

All you need to make your own homemade facial is half an avocado, 2 TBSP hot water, and 1 tsp of honey.  

Once you have your Wicked Witch Facial all mixed apply generously to your little witch's face.

After about 10 minutes you wipe off with a warm cloth and enjoy that silky smooth skin! 

(Side note for moms:  I used this too and LOVED how it made my skin feel!  Go on...try it for yourselves too!!)

Look at that gorgeous girl!

Finally we finished our night of pampering with some Festive Holiday Nails!

First up we did some Spooky Eyes Nails

All you need for these nails are some black polish and a white nail pen.  I painted a black coat, did two white circles and then using a toothpick added two little black dots.  My girls LOVED these!

Finally we did Candy Corn Nails.  I just painted the whole nail orange, then did a layer of yellow above it, and finished off the top with strip of white!

Thanks again Jennifer for letting my stop by your place, I hope you are ALL having a fantastic Halloween Season!  Feel free to stop by my blog, Blue Skies Ahead, to see all the rest of the spooky fun we are up too!


Thanks Tonii! "Witches Night IN" looked like a blast.
I could seriously use a homemade facial these days!
A BIG wet grandma kiss to all the crafty peeps who participated in Wicked Craft Week this week.
It couldn't have been a success with out y'all. If you've been snoozing make sure to check out all the fun we had this week with out you!
Happy weekend party people!

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Wicked Craft Week: Dollar Store Pumpkins {Itsy Bitsy Paper}

Hope you've been carving out some time to check out all of this week's Halloween inspiration.
But the party ain't over yet! Up gal pal Lindy. The queen of everything.
She cooks. She bakes. She crafts and she listens to me whine.
{Lindy also sells stationery so we talk shop alot!} 
If you're a Dollar Store pimp like me {I'm thinking we need to slap that on a t-shirt} then you're going to love her project today.

I am Lindy and I blog at Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog and would love for you to stop by and say "Hi" anytime.  I am so excited to be sharing this blog post on my friend Jennifer's Blog--thanks Jennifer for the invitation!
• • •
 I love taking something not so pretty from the Dollar Store and revamping it.  It usually just takes a little spray paint and you are in business.  These foam pumpkins are a perfect example of how a little Krylon Silver Spray paint and black craft paint make them look drastically different.  They remind me a lot of Mercury Glass with the shiny and matte mixed together.  I used some grosgrain ribbon to cover the seam on the pumpkin and grabbed some leaf gift tags from the Dollar Bins at Target and used up some black wire I had in my craft supplies.  Not a bad makeover if I do say so myself.  Perfect for the fall and Halloween.
I also used this paint technique on these pumpkins.  


You will need:
Dollar Store Foam Pumpkins
Silver Metallic or Mirrored Spray Paint
Black Craft Paint and a foam brush
Leaves (you can paint them like I did if you find paper leaves)
Some bendable wire to match (I used black)

• Gather your supplies
• Spray paint your foam pumpkins until they are coated on all sides
• Once the pumpkins are dry you will then use black craft paint and dab on black paint with a sponge brush.  I then used a paper towel to blot the black paint.  I worked in small sections to do this so it didn't get too dry before blotting it off.  I did this for the entire pumpkin and if there were spots I got too heavy I just used a little silver paint to cover it up.  In the final photos you'll see one of my pumpkins is darker than the other but that doesn't really bother me so I left them as they were.
• Let your pumpkin dry
• Use your gift tag leaves and put some black craft paint on both sides of them.  Let them dry well and then use some silver paint to just lightly brush on them for some "highlighting".
• Now your pumpkin is ready to assemble.
• I used floral hooks to secure the ribbon in place.  I wanted to use ribbon to cover the seam in the pumpkin because I didn't really like seeing that.
• Once the ribbon is in place secure it tightly with the floral picks.  These are the best little picks!  I used them all the time and just pick them up at the craft store in the floral section.
• Take a piece of flexible wire (preferably in black) and wrap it around a pencil or pen to achieve a "curly" look to it.
• When your leaves are dry you are ready to slide them on the curly wire and use the end of wire to poke down in the pumpkin.
• You will use the very end piece of your wire to poke into the foam pumpkin.  Because it's bendable you can really play around with them until you get the look you are going for.

 Easy Peasy!


Before & After

Gracias Lindy! I love how this project is a surefire way to spruce up your holiday
decor with out going broke.
As for the rest of you.... see you tomorrow as we wrap up "Wicked Craft Week" with one final, spooktacular project!