Showcase Party:Best of 2012 {Share Your Favorite Project or Post}

Welcome to the Best of 2012 Showcase Party! The best thing about this soiree is I don't even need to brush my hair for you all. You're more than welcome to be just as lazy as me.
Haven't brushed your teeth? No problem. Still in your chocolate stained pjs? Don't sweat it.
See, if you ask me, this party is already off to a good start!
So the other day I shared my top 8 favorite/most viewed posts
and projects of the year and now it's your turn!
This is your time to link up & share your favorite post of 2012.
Whether it be a craft project, recipe, an outfit post, a blog tutorial, or even perhaps a picture of you picking your nose, go ahead and share!
Okay, just kidding we don't want to see you digging for gold.
But I am super-duper excited to see what you got.
This is also a great way for some us to discover new blogs or ideas or perhaps catch up on some posts we missed over the past twelve crazy months.
Feel free to grab the party button and/or leave a link back to this party on your most current blog post.
You know how parties go, the more the merrier!


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Best of 2012: My Top 8 Favorite Posts & Projects of the Year

Well, Merry day after Christmas y'all {said in my best Paul Deen drawl}!
Currently, I am writing to you from the depths of a very serious sugar coma.
I may recover by like June.....or perhaps September.
But hey, isn't that what the holidays are all about?
Hard to believe another Christmas is behind us and in
a few days we'll be turning the calendars to 2013.
This also means it's that time of the year again to share the top eight favorite posts/projects of 2012.
The great thing about this is it helps remind me that I was only lazy about 90% of the year.
I'll also be hosting the 2nd annual "Best of 2012" showcase party starting tomorrow where YOU can link up and share your favorite posts of the year as well. I admit last year I was a horrible host. I was sick & miserable with something I don't even remember now.
 Jail fever? Hip gout? Who knows, but this year I hope to keep the party bumpin.

{Editor's note: The party has started!Link up and share your favorite 2012 post here.}
But now onto the top eight favorite {ie. most viewed} posts/projects of the year........
{If you click on the titles or pictures it will take you directly to the original posts/tutorial}
Drum roll please..................
So there you have it, all the top shenanigans that happened here on the DN this year.
I have to admit a few of my faves made it on the list and I also have to admit that
while glancing at my year in review there were also
 a few"OMG I can't believe I shared that piece of crap" moments as well.
I like to say they were all lessons learned but who knows what 2013 has in store for us.
So with that being said, I am just going to apologize in advance for any potentially horrible things I may share or perhaps even say this upcoming year.
Phew......glad we got that out of the way.
Now it's your turn! Come join the fun and share your favorite post/project of the year at the
2nd Annual Delightfully Noted Best of 2012 Showcase Party


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Crush of the Month: DIY Christmas Cone Trees

Hey pals! Posting had been a little light around here lately.
One of the many excuses I could give you is that my camera is
dying a slow, torturess death.....torturess to me that is.
If you're looking to provide any charitable work this holiday season you can start off by writing a letter to my hubby explaining why he should slip a new camera under the tree for me.
I promise, in return, if you ever need a kidney or anything I got your back.
Of course, despite all this camera nonsense you know I haven't stopped crushing away on a bajillion things out there. This month's cup of tea is diy christmas cone trees.
I've been wanting to make a few of these the past two holidays and have yet to get to it.
Sigh.....where do the days go?
Here are a few of my favorite ways to create your own cone trees.........
Source: Margot Potter
Source: Crab + Fish
Source: Madigan Made
Which ones your favorite?
Make any trees yourself lately?

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Mod Podge Winter Candle Dish

Can you believe your eyes?
Gasp! This craft doesn't involve antlers.
I realized the last three projects I shared with y'all were all deer this and deer that.
I promise Bambi isn't the only thing I have a fondness for.
I love my four-legged fur babies, Sianna & Brylee too.
A few weeks ago I mentioned the wintery doxie wrapping paper I picked up from Paper Source.
If it wasn't so pricey I would have bought them out & used it to wrap all my holiday gifts but instead I came home with one sheet of paper & decided to use it to line this candle dish I found at Ikea.
I just love the lace detail around the dish & for $1.99 you can't go wrong.
And really the fact that I am calling this a "project" is a joke.
I cut a circular pattern from my wrapping paper and adhered it to the dish with Mod Podge.
Seriously, a toddler with his eyes closed could have done this craft.

Really this dish is so versatile because you could use it to serve holiday cookies or I've even thought of hanging it on the wall for some seasonal art work.

Of course, the doxies gave it four paws up.

Do you tend to decorate your home with handmade or store bought holiday items?
Make or buy anything fun lately?

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DIY Deer Head: Christmas Decor

Hey friends! How's your December been so far?
I have to admit the hustle & bustle of the Christmas season has kept me busy with shop orders, the renovations have made me feeling dishelved, and the past few weeks I have been suffering
from acute-my-butt-has-no-energy syndrome.
If I was a duchess I suppose this would have made your front page news, but alas I am not.
Any who, I think I may have mustered up enough energy to share one of my most recent Christmas projects.
Meet my stud, Stephen.
This guy totally reminds me of a Stephen King made- for- TV movie that the hubz and I wasted 6 hours of our life on about a year ago.
To spare you most of the details, the summary of the movie is the main character speaks to a wall-mounted moosehead and later to a talking tree. I practically peed my pants through the whole movie & it wasn't because of fright.
Anyways, I know Stephen is no moosehead but I totally hope I never catch anyone talking to him.
This project was extremely easy.
I stumbled upon this giant, green, sequined reindeer ornament at Garden Ridge over a month ago.
Honestly, I think I saved a Christmas tree's life.
Not sure how an ornament this large wouldn't manage to cause evergreen conifer homicide.
 I picked up a wood plaque from Hobby Lobby, spray painted it red, and then mounted the base of Stephen's neck to the plaque with ALOT of super, duper strong wood glue.
Then I went all Hannibal Lecter on his butt. I seriously wish I had a picture of this step.
I needed something to hold pressure down on the ornament until the glue dried so I took a bunch of rope and tied the deer adorned plaque
down on a work table in our garage. He look like he was being held hostage.
The funny part was the hubby had no idea I was working on this project so when he walked out to his car the next morning I am sure he was rather concerned about my mental state of mind.
I think Stephen will look nice & festive above our front door
or perhaps decorated among our new-soon-to-be mantle/fireplace.
Have you finished your holiday decorating yet?