Fireplace Remodel: The Before & the Happily Ever After

So for those of you who have been hanging around my side of the hood for awhile it is no secret how much I hated our fireplace. Back in November I shared the start of some renovations we were doing around here; painting, putting in wood floors, replacing the floor boards,
AND bringing down this monstrosity.
Seriously, it was giving fireplaces every where a bad rep.
For the most part I chose to neglect this room since the day we moved in because well.....I didn't want to try to decorate around this green-eye monster.
The sad part about this whole story is that this is the first room you see when you enter our house so for the past five years I've been making our guest come in through a back window. 
Eventually people just stopped coming over.
Lucky for us we have a friend in the hood who is an independent carpenter and over the holidays he built us this beautiful mantle that makes me squeal like a young Justin Beiber fan.
Those wood floors aren't bad either, eh?
Originally, we were just going to replace the tiles and add a mantle but the fireplace gods must have been looking out for us because then I saw this beaut on the internet and my soul was sold on building something from scratch.  Well, not me but the neighbor.
It's like they're twins! I think he did such a great job replicating my dream mantle.
The best part? He finished up literally twenty minutes before our guest arrived for our family get-together back in December! It was like a Christmas miracle.
Here are a few other "before" and "after" views of the room
after we put away the holiday decor {well, most of it}.
Mind you I haven't done much more in this room in terms of decorating.
Alot of the pillows and knick knacks are from the old room mixed in with a few things I have bought for the new colors{greys, neutrals, and yellows}.
I shared my inspiration board for this room makeover here.
Don't mind that nativity scene sitting on our window bench.
I'm sure we'll pack it away some time before Memorial Day.
In the mean time, the Baby Jesus in that manger has been serving as great prop
to rest my cards against when taking pictures for my shop.
It doesn't get any holier than that my friends.
The rug was a new purchase from Rugs USA.
It's an outdoor/indoor rug but we really don't need anything plush in this room considering we don't spend alot of time in here and it's easy to clean which is a big plus with the
 two doxies roaming around here.
I scored  it for  just $90 buckaroos during one of their recent sales.
High five to me!
So there you have it, progress on room makeover # 2
{ I shared our other living room makeover here}.
I still have ALOT more to do..... like figure out which furniture layout
I prefer more, decide on a color/pattern for the window seat cushion, get rid of that clunky looking coffee table, replace the pillows, add some wall art,
and lastly figure out how the heck I want to decorate that mantle?
I'll get back to ya about that in 2022.
Stay tuned.
Any new renovations or makeovers in your home lately?

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Anonymous said...

that looks a million times better- and your floor is GORGEOUS!!

How to Nest for Less said...

Wow, looks fabulous! Love the new floors and the mantel is spectacular!!

Heather J said...

she's perdy! love the transformation.

Jeanette said...

So pretty! I have a white mantel too but it is only the shelf and doesn't come down on the sides - green with envy! And what was your neighbors name? LOL!!!

Style Journey said...

Your floors turned out amazing! I love the dark wood and your mantel turned out awesome.

Jaime Lyn said...

AMAZING!!!! :) I love the fireplace! I am drooling in fact! I would LOVE to get working on transforming my ugly wood burner into a beautiful mantel like yours! Yayyy for you!

Lauren {By Lauren M} said...

WOW. What a transformation! I love the new look!

Fizz and Frosting

mari of {crab+fish} said...

AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!! I LOVE it!! It belongs on a magazine cover -- and I love love LOVE the floors you installed. And the rug! Haha...I haven't even had coffee yet, can you believe it? That's how much I love it. :D

P.S. I forgot to tell you, when I was painting our new dark green master, I thought about how much you'd probably hate it, LOL...

Our Pinteresting Family said...

Such a beautiful transformation! That room is gorgeous!

Val said...

Wow - I would totally walk by this fireplace and say hello beautiful.

henning love said...

wow what a great transformation jennifer!! absolutely love it. if we were real life friends i would still insist i enter through the back window why because it is more fun and challenging

Katie said...

your house is gorgeous!! I love it!! love the color of your wood floors too - looks so good with the white!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have a fireplace like that in our house, it always looks so cozy and it would be perfect for those cold and dark winter nights.

biopejse til indbygning

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Amazing! We are house hunting right now and I have no vision what so ever so I totally appreciate these posts!

I'd love to hear from you!