Living Room Makeover: Give Me a "P" for Progress!

Ready to exercise your cerebal cortex? Remember wayyyy back in spring I mentioned a little living room makeover we were working on {not to be confused with the Great Room makeover}?  Well, it's not quite done yet BUT then again when is a room in a home ever complete, am I right ladies? Aren't we always tweaking and rearranging something in our la casas? The good news is I would say I'm about 90% done with this room but more on that later.
In the mean time, let's focus on the changes we have made so far.
First, let's take a look at this room's humble beginnings {excuse me while I try not to vomit}.
As I mentioned in the past, I lost alot of my "before" pics to a computer virus a while back so my proof on how this room existed at one time is very limited, which may not be a bad thing .
This one was taken right before we started the makeover, shortly after we bought a new rug.
Our living room is connected to our kitchen {which is to the right of the couch}
 so it's one nice big open space.
The previous owners had the whole house painted a few months before we moved in which was great because at the time {five years ago} the colors they went with were right up my alley.
But as you can see the room was blah and drab and after a few years we were in need of some change{this picture actually makes the room look ten times worse then it did in real life or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself of that!}

Here we are preparing to bring life back into this room..........
And here we are after all of the painting and decorating has been completed {well, semi-completed}.
No more dirty diaper colored walls!

For the walls, we went with a warm neutral which REALLY helped brighten things up in this room.
The paint color is Rice Grain from Sherwin-Williams.
Probably the first time I was satisfied with a color from the get-go.
My new rule of thumb is never to use a paint color unless I can see it in all it's glory on someone else's blog or on Pinterest. I am horrible at picking out paint swatches on a whim, our once McDonald's yellow colored basement bathroom was proof of that.
I guess I forgot to mention these pictures were taken back in the fall hence the pumpkins.
Notice some of the decor & trinkets are different in each picture?
Congrats, your showing the first signs of senile dementia.
Just kidding, these batch of pictures were taken on two
different occassions so you aren't really going crazy yet.

Now for the other side of the room. Sorry, I have no before pics but just imagine a crummy small black tv stand falling apart with two black leaning shelves along side of it.

Whew, you still with me?
And for those of you whose fingers are too exhausted to scroll
back up here's a "before" and "after" side-by-side view.
I think our living room has come a long way and I can actually look at it now with out dry heaving, which is always a good thing. I always love for our home to include old, new, & DIY handmade touches and I think I managed to add a little of all three elements in the room {see resource list below.} But as I mentioned I still have some tweak-age and additions I would like to bring to the room. So here are my dreams and aspirations for this baby:

*Switch out the rug. Yeah, I know we just bought it but now that the other half of our house has wood floors {woot-woot!}we are in need of a rug in our master bedroom and this one would look much better there than here.

*I'm tinkering with the idea of changing out the curtains too.
Perhaps, something lighter?

*Buy or have the hubby build a long console table to sit behind the couch similiar to the one John & Sherry made on Young House Love. Then we'd relocate the end table else where and flip the couch to fit like a perfect "L" in the corner of the room.
And just when you thought I was done let's move onto the other side of the room shall we?

* Add more wall art & decor around the tv.
Is it just me or is it extremally hard to decorate around the boob tube?

*Finish the gallery wall.

*Find a way to hide those dang cords under the dresser. Of course you know, my hubby a man  hooked everything up behind the tv and managed to not be bothered one bit by the heaping mess of cords!
So there you have it, the evolution of our living room.
Anyone else do any room makeovers lately? Have a room in the house you'd love to burn down?
How about some home goals for the year? Got any?

Where We Got It:
Area Rug-Home Depot
Curtains & Couch-JcPenney Home Store {purchased five years ago, no longer available}
Blue Button Pillows,Botanical Print Pillows, & Side End Table-World Market
White/Blue Flower Pillow & Large Basket-Home Goods
Brown Tuxedo Pillow {on blue chair}- Garden Ridge
Distressed Blue Picture Frames-T.J. Maxx
Large Contemporary Wall Art & Butterfly Art-Kirkland Homes
Burlap Lamp Shade & White Antler Candle Holder-Target
Wicker Glass Lamp-T.J. Maxx

Thrifty & DIY Items:
Coffee Table-Craig's List {see makeover project here}
TV Dresser-Craig's List
Blue Chair-Goodwill {see makeover here}
Blue Colored Flower Vase-Found in my closet {see tutorial on how to color glass here}
Small Mercury Glass Plant Holder- Dollar Store {see how to make your own mercury glass here}


Katie said...

It looks SO good! I love your little blue vase with the flowers! and your pillows!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

OOOOoooooohhhhh pretty!! I really like what you've done and the look you went with. Awesome blossom!! And I really love that color, very nice! :)

Michelle Paige said...

Wow! What a change! I love it! Tell me more about your paint color. Is it more gray or more brown? I'm on a search for a new family room paint color.

mari of {crab+fish} said...

Yep, I totally confused it with the Great Room Makeover, haha! We are the same: Sunroom vs Front Room (which hub calls Living Room just to make it even more confusing).

I love love LOVE the new paint color, it lightens up the room so much! although, I also liked the old wall color, maybe with a white couch? I also love your media console -- we just bought a new TV and now that hub got his fun thing, I get to look for a new TV table, yay! I like the style of yours, similar to what I want.

Love the long console table idea, that's on my sunroom list as well, haha! just seems so handy! You should check out white linen curtains -- I'm obsessed with linen curtains. they drape and flow so well, light and breezy.

I love reading about future plans, can't wait to see you execute them!

Jessica said...

You've created a beautiful living room! I love the neutral and natural tones you are using in the room. So calming and welcoming.

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Beautiful job!

Unknown said...

Looks beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a difference! I am a huge fan of light, bright rooms and I love all that you've done here. Enjoy your space!!!

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