February's Crush of the Month: Sliding Barn Doors

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I've always been fond of the interior sliding barn door look and now that we have a broken pocket door on our guest room closet I have the perfect need for one!
Whether bright, white, new, or rustic I think they add a charming element to any room.
Plus, I can't think of anything more fun than being able to yell all the time
"Close the door! You weren't born in a barn!" Hehehe........
Via Houzz
Via Houzz
So what are you crushing on this month?

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henning love said...

now how can i get one of these barn sliding doors in my house and where exactly can i put it?? because i really really want one!

Karen said...

I've been totally obsessed with the barn doors too! I'm just trying to figure out how I can make them work in my house.

Rare Nonsense said...

We don't have a door to our master bath. Only have one to the toilet area. We have been debating doin the barn door for a while. Great tutorials and ideas on Pinterest'!!

Unknown said...

I think that all sliding doors are unique on it's own. You can even make two separate rooms into a single room by just keeping it open. I'm highly considering changing every door in our house into a sliding door. Haha! Amazing tutorials, by the way! :) I'm your new follower! :)

Willene Fagen

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