High Five: It's Friday!

Does this seem like deja vu? No, well that's because I only THOUGHT I posted this last Friday and then it was like crickets chirping..........not a peep, not a single comment, not a single person viewed this blog post. Don't get me wrong Friday's typically tend to be a quiet blog day but not a single person read it?? I was seriously thinking I need to reconsider this whole blog gig when BAM it hit me.......I NEVER pulished this post. Blame it on baby mush brain.
Sooooooo here is take two........

1. Thought it was high time I get in some practice on my new camera. Funny how a few years ago I use to think photography was so borrrring and couldn't understand why anyone in their right mind would take interest in it. Not saying that I am "in my right mind" or anything.

2. Cleaning out your closets is like treasure hunting. I found this reminder note that I had left out for my husband on the day we got married and it gave me a good chuckle. 
Proof that before I said "I do" I was already naggy wife material.
Hey, someone has to be in charge right?

 3. Smitten with my $2 thrift store find. I'm thinking this will go great in our newly made over living room somewhere around the tv/dresser.
4. Really falling for the new FX show "The Americans" so much so that I caught my dog spying on me the other day & I accused her of being a Russian spy. Anyone else watching this series?

5. The biggest highlight of the past week has been finally finding out that we are TEAM BLUE.
We can't way to meet our lil' guy in July!

 Have a delightful weekend!!

High Five it's Friday!

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Katie said...

that is really funny!! what a good picture of your baby boy!! I wish we got a full body one - I love it!! SO happy for you!

Gretchen said...

That thrift store painting is really charming--love it! And congrats on your little boy--I have 4 of them; never a dull moment ;)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

1. Photography, boring? Blasphemy! lol...
2. I love it!! I need to dig up a similar sign I made for hubs to show to you -- his papers left around the house were out. of. control. So...being the helpful (also naggy) wife that I am, I made a flow chart for him, haha....
3. That is an awesome art find!! I love vintage art <3

Congrats again on your baby boy!!

Jaime Lyn said...

Awhhhhh what a CUTE little GUY!!! :o) Congrats momma!!!! So so so fun to finally know right?!? It makes the shopping and planning so much more fun!

I'd love to hear from you!