How to Make Faux Chalkboard Tags

I am all about the chalkboard craze right now but a quart of 
chalkboard paint or a sheet of chalkboard vinyl can be expensive.
They're like blood diamonds. Okay, so I exaggerate a bit, but they are pretty pricey for when you just want to do a quick, small project.
Aside from the cost there's also the whole fact that I CAN NOT STAND the feeling of chalk.
The texture and the powdery mess it leaves behind on your hands makes me cringe.
And don't even get me started on the way a piece of chalk moves across the board.
Eck, it's like nails on a chalkboard. No pun intended.
So if you're either A) a cheapskate or
B) a chalk-phobia-freakazoid like me then this project will be right up your alley.
I had a little wire basket I had scored from one of my recent thrift shop adventures that I wanted to use to help organize some of my spools of ribbon.
The basket was just calling for a chalkboard tag & since I didn't have any of the materials on hand {and because there is that whole fear of chalk thing} I created a little faux chalkboard instead.
The best part was I used items sitting around in my craft closet so the whole project was F-R-E-E.
Fist bump to that.
Materials needed:
*Small pieces of craft pine wood {sold in the wood aisle of most craft stores}
*Black Spray Paint
*Vinyl or Stencil
*White Galaxy Marker {or any kind of paint pen should do}
*Twine or Ribbon
First, I drilled a hole on each end of my piece of wood.
Then I spray painted the wood tag black and allowed it to dry.
Then with my Silhouette machine I cut the word "Ribbon" from a piece of scrap vinyl & applied it to the top of my wooden tag. If you don't own a cutting machine you could always use a stencil or just freehand it.

Then with your paint marker start to fill in your stencil.
Don't worry about filling in the stencil completely.
I found using a back and forth coloring motion was the best way to achieve that chalkboard effect.
Remove the vinyl and allow the marker part to dry.
Then tie the tag onto your item of choice; basket, gift box, cat..........
If you don't have alot of these supplies on hand then it may be worth just going ahead and splurging on the can of chalkboard paint but if you're looking for something more permanent and you do own alot of these materials already then "faux" away.
Some of you may remember the old tv cabinet turned craft hutch I shared many moons ago.
That's exactly where this little basket of ribbon made it's home.
So there you have it, faux chalkboard tags!

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Alexa said...

Love the chalkboard look. So cute

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Lookin' good!! :) I should try out something with my Cricut machine and vinyl. Maybe this is a good place to start... ;)

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

I love your craft closet - your organization is so much prettier than mine (it's embarrassing really). Love the faux - I hate how chalkboard never really erases and you can see shadows of it forever. This is much neater!

Katie said...

so cute!! this would be cute in a baby's room too!

Bonnie and Trish @ Uncommon Designs said...

Jennifer... you completely crack me up! I have to admit that I will wipe my hands with a damp cloth after I use chalk... does than mean I have a freakazoid phobia, too? Love the tags! Thanks for sharing at Monday Funday this week!

Take care,


Unknown said...

I LOVE it! I'm kind of a freakazoid too - I don't understand why chalk paint became so popular... it either wipes off before you want it to OR you can't ever wipe it all off. There's a reason it was replaced by dry erase boards in classrooms... not to fuel the phobia, but I LOVE this idea and the twine ties are super-cute! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

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