How We Spilled the Beans! {Pregnancy Announcement Ideas}

It takes mere minutes on Pinterest to see that people LOVE coming up with creative ways to announce their pregnancies these days. And who can blame them, right? Creating a human being is amazeballs whether it's your first, third, or in the case of the Duggars, nineteenth time being preggers.
I thought I would step away from my normal DIY/crafty post tonight & share how we spilled the beans to our friends and family. Okay, who am I kidding?
I didn't really have a craft to share with y'all tonight.
It was either this or pictures of me STILL cleaning out our guest room closets.
Your welcome.
PS. Don't mine my horribly executed hair part in this picture.
I actually have had this baby announcement plan up my sleeve for many years because as I briefly, briefly touched on here this has been a long journey for the hubz and I.
So the fact that we were finally able to execute this little mission was beyond exciting!
We just happen to be approaching the twelve week mark close to Christmas.
A time where alot of couples, including ourselves, felt more comfortable about sharing the news.
It couldn't have been more perfect timing.
I had picked up two nursery rhyme books for each set of our parents, wrote a little note inside from Baby B,  wrapped it and tagged it from Santa, & then slipped it into their gift piles on Christmas.
My family was up first and I wish we had their reactions on camera.
It quickly went from confusion to laughter on why Santa would be gifting grown adults a nursery rhyme book? I had to egg them on to read the inside of the cover.
My mom got it half way through the message but it took a little longer for it to click for my dad.
Trust me, if you knew him this wouldn't come as a surprise
{Please don't write me out of the will dad!!}
Here was Baby B's little message inside:
Next up were the in-laws. My MIL may have had actually taken a little longer than my dad to get it.
I think she read the message like three times but seriously, what fun would it have been if our families would have gotten it right away, right?
Lastly, we have family in Cali, Colorado, Maryland, & London who couldn't make it in for the holidays but I didn't want them to be left out so I created this little card that we emailed out to all of them. I made it an attachment though and in the email I said we missed them and that I was sending them a picture of the family from the holidays and when they opened it up SUPRISE!
So there you have it, the 4-1-1 on how we spilled the beans.
For you mamas out there, how did you share the news that you were expecting?
PS. Incase any of you have a bun in the oven and are baking up ideas now on how to announce your pregnancy I just so happen to get this email yesterday, "The 25 Most Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy" from the baby zone.

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Katie said...

yeah!! what a cute what to share your SOOOO exciting news!!

Unknown said...

I love the books with a message from baby for the grandparents! Works really well for Christmas but would be very cute at anytime. & congrats again!

always, koru kate

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

WHAT?!!! How in the world did I miss this?!! Congratulations friend! I am so so happy for you guys! You are going to be a wonderful Momma and this is the best news ever! XO

Tonii said...

I love everything about this post!! So exciting... I LOVE the nursery rhyme books. Have I mentioned how happy I am for you yet??? ;)


Style Journey said...

This is such a cool idea! We didn't do anything special for the grandparents to announce, but we gave our oldest daughter a onesie that said "Little Sis" and she was quite confused, lol! Heather

Unknown said...

What a great idea! Too funny that a couple family members took awhile to figure it out.

Heather J said...

Such a fun, cute idea. I love that it took a while for your family to get the idea. That makes it more fun. :) I was so not creative, "hey family/friends, we're gonna have a baby!"

Kimberly said...

This is so cute! I have been planning our reveal for a while even though Im not even pregnant yet. lol
I hope you post more pregnancy pics you, look so cute!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I love the nursery rhyme book idea. So cute!! And for a bookworm like me, it's perfect!

I know I've said it before... but CONGRATS!! So happy for you! :)

Erin said...

Fun! We were on a cruise with both of our families and I was only 6 weeks along...we weren't planning on telling them so soon, but I was sick and exhausted and they (my mom) were definitely suspicious. So we slipped notes under their doors in Carnival envelopes telling them to come visit the 3 of us in cabin whatever. Screaming and running down the hall ensued. It was awesome. And we also wished we'd had it on camera. :)

Katelyn M. said...

What is the name of the font you used in the last line of your announcement? Thanks!

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