It's a Pail-a-saurus! Boy's Valentine Idea

Last week I shared the girl's bubble gum necklaces that I created for my nieces but you don't snatch the "Aunt of the Year" award if you forget about the nephews.
No, no that would not be good.
So I came up with the pail-a-saurus!
Mmmm hmmm....put a patent on that! Pretty creative, eh?
Apparently I'm going for the "Cheesiest Aunt of the Year" award.
While I was at Party City picking up the girl's bubble gum I also grabbed some smaller gumballs and a pack of plastic dinosaurs for my three year old nephew {now that I'm writing this I am
beginning to wonder can three year olds even chew gum???
Geez, I'm slowly starting to feel this "Aunt of the Year" award slipping away}.
I found the little pail while dumpster diving through my crafting closet and thought it would be perfect for tossing the goodies into.
I had some green polka dot felt that I cut out and used to cover the top of the pail.
Tied up with baker's twine of course!
Because twine just makes the world a better place, don't ya think?
And no gift is complete with out a cute gift tag, right?
I used my Silhoutte machine to cut out the little dinosaur from some
 leftover cardstock I had laying around.
You could always do a Google search for a dinosaur template and just trace and
 cut one out with scissors too.
Then I printed off a square tag adorned
with my special Valentine message; while not mine.....the dinosaur's.
Hopefully, the little guy gives it two thumbs up!
 All this dinosaur talk totally reminded me of the movie "The Land Before Time" and how I think that was the first movie I ever recalled crying at.
But then I started thinking it may have been  "Fievel Goes West"? 
Or maybe it was
 "All Dogs Go to Heaven"
Or maybe as a child I was just one BIG cry baby
and cried at every animated movie I ever saw???
Can you remember the first movie that ever made you dump tears into your popcorn bucket?


Unknown said...

Adorable! Any little boy would be so excited to receive that!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

You have some very lucky nieces and nephews! So cute!!

Style Journey said...

Definitely Lady and the Tramp was the first movie or maybe E.T. Now you got me thinking ha ha. The dino pail is adorable! Heather

mari of {crab+fish} said...

LOL...I love your posts, seriously. As the mother of a three-year-old...I would say no to knowing how to chew gum. But maybe that's just my kid! Or maybe it's instinctual -- were we born KNOWING how to chew gum?? Ooor maybe if you don't say anything about it being gum, he'll just think they're marbles or something...I like your dinosaurs better -- they look "happier"...mine look kind of scary if you look at their faces. I'm hoping the girls don't cry when we give out valentines, haha...

Melissa said...

So, so, SUPER cute. Aunt of the year, for sure! ;)

Lauren said...

This is way too cute! xo

Michelle Paige said...

Precious! Love the colors and the cuteness! I cried watching Bambi! Such a sad movie for a child.

Tonii said...

My little man would LOVE are SO winning aunt of the year!! ;) And he is 3 and loves bubblegum, so you are all set there too :) I laughed out loud at Fievel goes of my all time faves, but the movie I remember crying at was Short Circuit :)

Heather J said...

So stinkin' cute!

Alexa said...

Oh so cute! Love this idea.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

Would you mind adopting my kids for the Auntie role? Henry would be all over this - we are firmly in the dinosaur stage now. And I think Lady and the Tramp was the first movie I bawled in. said...

So cute! My 3 year LOVES gum! So this would be a hit with him. ;) I'm featuring today over on my blog.


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