Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: 8 Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Last week I finally found the ONE. That's right I fell madly, deeply in love.
It's funny how you can just be minding your business walking along the aisles of your local Home Good's store when BOOM there it is,the thing
you've been waiting for...........the mirror of your dreams.
Ever since our fireplace remodel has been completed I have been
brainstorming a few possibilities for the mantle decor.
Here are a few ideas that I tossed in bed at night thinking about
{because these are BIG issues people}
* Large, ornate, square mirror
* Gallery wall of framed black and white family pictures in a grid format
* Large piece of art work
*Two square pieces of art work side by side
* Large round mirror
* Large painted portrait of me lying on a chaise petting a ferret
I quickly narrowed it down to the round mirror idea:
* Large, ornate, square mirror Too predictable
* Gallery wall of framed black and white familt pictures in a grid format
Is it just me or when you are childless does it feel like you can only stand hanging so many pictures of just you and your hubby and your dogs before it just starts to become weird??
* Large piece of art work We'd all be dead by time I found
art work that I thought was perfect for the room.
*Two square pieces of art work side by side See previously mentioned problem.
* Large round mirror
* Large painted portrait of me lying on a chaise petting a ferret
Ferrets scare the crap out of me.
And so my round mirror adventures began.........
Most of the time I would find myself in the mirror aisle thinking to myself "This mirror is too small" and then I'd go to the next store and say "This mirror is too big!".
And then I laid eyes on this beaut and I thought "Ahhh.....this mirror is just right!"
And yes, oddly enough my discussions with myself do sound alot like Goldilocks.
The hubby hung the mirror for me this weekend.
It may not look like it but this puppy is HEV-VEE-EY.
Guesstimate? 75 lbs.
FYI- if you plan on hanging a a heavy weight champ on your wall any time soon we strongly recommend these E-Z Ancor Toggle Locks. You can find them at your local hardware stores.
 And then do as we did and say a prayer to the dry wall heavens above that this mini elephant won't come tumbling down in the middle of the night.
Tall ceilings are gorgeous but a room with alot of high walls can be a pain in the arse to decorate.
That is why scale is so important because if you pick wall decor that is too small or just an average size chances are it is going to get lost in the room.
I learned this quickly after first picking up a 33" round oil-bronzed mirror.
It look like the window on a submarine when I held it up against the wall.
Not exactly what I was aiming for.
Oh and that little owl who stands guard?
That was a Christmas gift from my dad from a artsy store back in their hometown.
Isn't he precious?
For the time being that is where he'll stay until I figure out the rest of the arrangement in the room.
Now for the next fun part.....decorating the mantle around the mirror.
Of course I've been gathering up tons of pinspiration so here are a few of my favorite round mirror fireplace decorating ideas so far.
What's your favorite type of mantle decor?  Mirrors? Art work? Wreaths?

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Katie said...

I just LOVE your house! that mirror is perfect!!

Unknown said...

Oh my...I love it! Can I move in?

mari of {crab+fish} said...

lolol, I can't get the image of you petting a ferret on a chaise out of my head, haha! that mirror
IS perfect, great score!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

p.s. was your husband cursing at you the whole time he was hanging it? haha!

Anonymous said...

Love your mirror! I just wanted to leave a comment to note that toggle anchors only work with drywall. Our home is 90 years old and has the old plaster + wooden plank walls. We tried to hang floating shelves with provided toggle anchors, and the plaster was too thick. The anchors couldn't expand inside, and the screws wouldn't tighten into the anchors. Of course, we found traditional anchors at Home Depot and used those instead. :)

Paige said...

So pretty! Would you mind sharing where you found it?

I'd love to hear from you!