Quickest Project Ever: DIY Jewelry Tray

Looking for the quickest, little DIY ever?
Make yourself a jewelry tray.

Find yourself a cute little plate.
Then find yourself a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker.
Kidding......you just need a candestick holder not a maker.
And the butcher and baker aren't neccessary either.
Unless they happen to have the strong bonding glue that you also need for this project.
Now I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence with this little DIY but now you just glue the plate to the top of your candlestick holder.
Load a couple heavy books on top to weigh the plate down until the glue dries.
Seriously, easiest project I have done to date! So much so that
I am ashamed that I am even labeling this post a "tutorial".
Please forgive me.
 Isn't this plate so cool & chic?
It was a $3 find at Michaels.
 How do you strore your jewelry?
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Tonii said...

LOVE this! I am all about the simple projects right now...and I LOVE that plate. Isn't E6000 the greatest thing ever??


Style Journey said...

You always crack me up! This is really cute. I store my bracelets on a candlestick holder my husband made in jr. High. He wouldn't let me get rid of it so I figured that was the only way it would get used ha ha! Heather

henning love said...

love this!! i make cake stands this way but not sure why i ever thought to do a jewelry display. love the plate you found at michaels

mari of {crab+fish} said...

love your humor and love the plate! I am all about simple DIYs...at least half of mine say "it's quick,simple, and cheap!" somewhere in the post, lol...

Ches said...

I just had these in my cart at Michaels and took them out because I couldnt decide what I would use them for. I hope when I go back they have them. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

Michelle Paige said...

Love it! Quick and easy and cute!

Katie said...

I LOVE this! definitely worth a tutorial post!

Someday I'll Learn said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to have you come link this up to our Teach Me Tuesday Linky - it's brand new and in need of creative contributions! http://www.somedayilllearn.com/2013/02/18/teach-me-tuesday-5/

Kim of Mo Betta said...

This is a craft even I could do :-) Lovin' that plate!

Unknown said...

Very cute and so simple!! Definitely need to make something to organize my jewelry - this might be just the thing.

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

quick & easy projects are my favorite kind (apparently I have no attention span, lol) I love the super cute plate you found!

I Gotta Try That said...

I love how bright and fun this is. Love it!
Marcie @ I Gotta Try That

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