Sugar & Spice or Puppy Dog Tails?

We're having a boy!!!
I have to admit I was a little surprised.
Basically the only person in our life who thought we were having a boy was the hubby (I mean what husband doesn't, right?) so I think I even started
 to convince myself that there was a little girl in there. We are super excited!!!
Baby B appears to be growing & healthy, and that is all his mama and papa could ask for , right?
Oh, and the fact that I would really like if he could put a pause button on the indigestion.
Other than that we're good.
And of course now I can shop, shop, shop......just the part my husband was looking forward to!
I can't wait to start on the little guy's nursery either!
You can see me pinning away all my nursery inspiration here.

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henning love said...

yippee!! a boy!! congrats such exciting news. of course whether a boy or girl we want a healthy baby!

Unknown said...

Congratulations- such exciting, happy news!

always, koru kate

Kimberly said...

YAY! Congratulations!! Having a little boy is just the best, they are so sweet! I'm so excited for you!

Style Journey said...

A little baby boy! Congrats :)

Heather J said...

Wahoo! Boys are so great. They keep you on your toes but that's what makes it fun. So happy for you.

Tonii said...

SO happy for you!! Little boys are so precious...and they really love their mommies :) And...why have I NOT been following you on Pinterest?? I found a million things on your nursery board that I want for my little guys room...I am all over the turquoise and orange :) Congrats again!!

Stephanie @ Henry Happened said...

Yay, that is so exciting!! I admit I was a little nervous about having boys (and 2 of them, wah?!) but they are super sweet and way more loving than I expected. Have fun shopping - that part is awesome!

Katie said...

I can't wait to see your nursery - it is going to be beautiful!

Dana said...

A boy! Congratulations! :)

Alexa said...

Yay! Congrats! It's so funny because with my first pregnancy myself and everyone else in the entire world...literally also strangers...thought I was having a boy. My niece was the only one who said girl and you know she was an 8 year old girl..of course she wanted a girl cousin! niece was right! Haha. So this time around I had no idea and no one else really did either as it turns out. I'm announcing tomorrow! :)

Michelle Paige said...

I'm late reading your posts, but wanted to say, congratulations! You will love having a boy. There's something about a momma's love for her little boy! Can't wait to hear about your nursery ideas!

Ashley Ponder said...

Congratulations on the baby boy. I just had a son in November. They are such joys!

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