Week 30 & 31: Holy Mermaid!

It seriously boggles my mind that we are already down to the single digits in terms of the number of weeks we have left until we meet Baby B. Almost as mind-boggling as trying to figure out how ships stay afloat. Sigh....the things that keep me up at night.
Actually, I take that back nothing, not even the scientific reasoning
behind buoyant force can keep this girl up these days.
It's both exciting and scary as all get out how fast time is flying during the third trimester!

 Any advice for the third trimester like how not to die of a stroke every time I look at my "before-baby-to-do list?

PS. I'm pretty sure half my baby weight went to my cheeks.

PPS. I meant the cheeks on my face not
my bootay incase you were confused.

PPS. I could have really used some junk in the trunk.

PPPS. I'm really done talking now.

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henning love said...

wow 9 weeks?? really?? wow oh wow he will be here before you know it!

Rare Nonsense said...

Oh I remember those days like it was yesterday! I flet like a beaches whale when I tried to roll over in bed!! Excited for you. Time just flies by when they arrive.
You will wonder what you did with all you time before having a baby! :)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

aaaagh, SO CLOSE!! My advice is: don't stress! Seriously. The things you think you need vs the things you actually need are very very different.

You need a bed. To sleep in. Because you will be massively exhausted. A pillow would be good too. No blanket needed because babies generate an ungodly amount of heat.

You will need hands. To hold baby B. Because you will not want to put him down for even one second, even if your arms have gone numb.

You will need a source of food. Because you are spending all of your waking hours holding baby and gazing at baby's tiny ears/fingers/feet/etc, you are unable/unwilling to cook.

Finally...don't forget a breast pump. LOL. My husband went *specifically* to rent one from the hospital, ran into a homeless person on the way there, gave him a bunch of money because he was on a baby-high, then completely spaced on why he left the house. My boobs were *thisclose* to bursting. It was horrible, horrible pain..........TMI??

Longest comment ever award!

Unknown said...

Wow! I can't believe you are almost done! And you look amazing!

Style Journey said...

Time sure does fly! You are absolutely adorable and no chubby cheeks at all :) Just enjoy the calm before the baby is born, because your world will be rocked (in a good way)!

Katie said...

you are beautiful!!! it's crazy how close we are too meeting our babies! I don't have a to do list written out - can I please see yours :) I'm sure there are a million things I dont even know I should do!!!

Katie said...

oh and I'm super jealous of your good sleeping!!!

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