Baby B's Aqua & Orange Baby Shower

My friends and family threw me a fantastic, vibrant, aqua and orange baby shower last weekend.
To say I was over the moon is an understatement! My bestie Jen {with the assistance of my mom, MIL, and another friend} did an absolutely amazing job with the shower.
 After giving it much thought I decided I wanted to shake things up a bit by having an outdoor shower. Boy did we luck out with the weather! The week leading up to the big day I swear was thunderstorms, thunderstorms, and more thunderstorms. But my home girl, Mother Nature, came through & gave us a beautiful, sunny, dry 75 degree day for the party! Fist bumps to that.
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Putting the party crew to work {yes, even the hubbies}.
The shower was held in our backyard.
Trust me, there were times leading up to the party that I questioned what the H. E. double toothpicks I was thinking for allowing it be held at our home but
by the end of it I realized really I am a total genius!
Hello! No trying to figure out how to pack up all those gifts and get them back to your house!


You can check out my little baby shower sign tutorial here {along with my not-so-fun craft fail}.

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We literally wrapped up decorating as the guests started to arrive. Phew.
I just love the colorful and whimsical vibe the hanging lanterns brought to the tent!

Some table signs I created for the different stations we had set up around the tent.
I designed the signs to play off the shower invites that were sent out.

The DIY bib & onesie station.

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Food station. Catering:Panera Bread.

Food labels created by yours truly.
{By now you could tell I couldn't contain myself from making things for my own shower.}

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I just LOVE the backdrop my friend
 created by taping ribbon and scalloped circle cut outs to butcher paper.
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Each of the guest wrote a little message to Baby B through out the story book
"You are My Wish Come True."
This book so speaks to my heart.

The gift table.
Can I just say I love when people match their gift wrapping to the color of a party?
I know it's a sickness I have........

Favors, inspired by of course, Pinterest.

In lieu of games, we had the guest decorate onesies and bibs and also had a diaper doodling station where they could leave fun little messages to humor us at 2 o'clock in the morning when we're changing Baby B for like the hundredth time that day.
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WHEW!! Photo dump. Do I need to resuscitate anyone out there?
As you can see the shower was a blast and Baby B is so lucky that he'll be surrounded by some wonderful & amazing people who already love him so much!
The past 8.5 months have been such a wonderful but at times scary journey & I can't believe in 3.5 weeks we'll be welcoming this little miracle of ours into the world!

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Katie said...

SOOOO beautiful!!! I LOVE the colors! and love all your signs too! my favorite is the book thing - what a sweet idea to have guests write in it! I love it! :)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Loved all the decorations and such a great idea to write on diapers! <3

Style Journey said...

I LOVE IT ALL!!!! The colors, the activities, the food - you had it going on. The diaper message idea is genious. You need a little humor at 2:00 am :) Congrats again. Heather

Michelle Paige said...

What a beautiful shower. Love the oranges that held the signs and the circle backdrop is super cute. Great idea to write messages on the diapers and your sunny forecast sign is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Super cute baby shower! I love the backdrop and clever Diaper Doodling Station. Thanks so much for sharing. --Laura

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

everything looks great! I love the colors & the lanterns have a great effect. I hope you had a blast!

Heather J said...

adorable shower! looks like a lot of fun. you're a cute momma to be!

Val said...

Precious. I love the blue and orange colors.

Our Pinteresting Family said...

First look fantastic! :) This shower is adorable. I love that backdrop and the color scheme. :)

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