DIY Baby Shower Wood Sign

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Just 3 more days till my baby shower & I couldn't contain myself from not crafting up something for the soiree! The brunch shower is being held in our back yard so I whipped up this fun little wooden sign to help direct people on where to enter. We have a large fence with two gates on opposite sides of the house. One gate I've never been able to open in my entire time living here {no explanation needed just take my word for it}. yeah I want to make sure our guest go to the gate that is actually operable & not think they have to  climb over the fence {although what a sight that would be!} Never a good idea to frustrate people when they have gifts for you.
I had this sign idea in mind for awhile but I didn't really find any inspiration for it until I came across this cute little sign over at The Happy Scraps blog.
This project should have been a quickie but once again I had another failed adventure with stenciling. of these days I'll give up this pro-stenciling dream of mine.
But if you're interested in making your own party sign here's the deets!
First, I spray painted my wooden arrow {found at Michael's} Krylon Pumpkin Orange {shower colors are going to be the same as the nursery colors}.
While the orange paint dried I used my Silhouette machine to cut circles {polka dots} out of some black vinyl I had lying around. I applied the dots to my arrow and then covered the wooden sign with a few coats of white spray paint.
Before the white paint completely dried I removed the vinyl polka dots.
This is where the project took it's ugly turn........
In my last step, I used my Silhouette machine  to cut the words "Baby Shower" out of vinyl in order to use as a stencil to paint the saying on the sign.
This is what I discovered when I went to remove the vinyl stencil.
Womp womp.
Much to my dismay the paint bled {despite me even trying the Mod Podge trick some one else had recommended on my previous failed vinyl stenciling project!}
Like I said I'm just not cut to be a stenciler!
So I dusted myself off and tried again.
ROUND TWO {I'll spare sharing the pics since it's pretty much the same process as above!}
I followed all the steps I did in round one up until the last part.
Oh, and I also switched up my colors. Instead of painting my arrow orange I painted it a dark aqua before applying the vinyl polka dots and the final white coat of paint.
Then this time instead of attempting to screw up stenciling the words on again I just cut the words from some orange vinyl and stuck that straight to the sign. Should have done that the first time and saved my raging pregnancy hormones from going into overdrive!

To complete the project I grabbed some left over wood from the garage that would serve as the stake, spray painted it white, and adhered it to the back of the arrow with some wood glue.
I've been working on some paper goodies for the shower too.
Can't wait to see it all come together!

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Style Journey said...

What a fun project and so cute! So exciting to have the baby shower. My baby just graduated high school! Enjoy this special time because they grow up so fast! Heather

mari of {crab+fish} said...

ARG, my comments never post when I follow the FB link, I need to learn my lesson!

I love this project and I also find it hilarious you are doing so much work for your OWN baby shower. You are supposed to be relaxing lady!! Are your planners swatting you away? LOL

I hope we get to see sneak peek into your shower! Make sure you take lots of pics! :) :)

((what is with all my exclamation marks?? I sound especially manic this fine morning......))

Katie said...

i can't believe you are making things for your shower! actually i can kind of believe it :) they look SOOOO cute!! and yeah for baby showers!!!!

Michelle Paige said...

Your sign is adorable! I've never had much luck stenciling, either...can't believe you started over. I would have said, "Forget it!". Have a wonderful shower!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

this is so cute! I love the polka dots & the color combo. and good for you for giving it a second try!

Unknown said...

Adorable! My mom always says "if at first you can't succeed then try, try again!" :)

I'd love to hear from you!