Printable Summer Bucket List


Make the most of your summer this year with a bucket list! Incase you missed it, this was a little contributor project I shared over at Uncommon Designs last month. This a summer to-do-list that will knock your kiddo's socks off. I mean these activities seem pretty darn exciting to me so one can only guess
 they will love this list too! 

Head over to Uncommon Designs for your own bucket list. Just download and print.
Want to take the fun factor up a notch? Grab a beach bucket from your local Dollar Store, slap the bucket list on the front of it, and then let your kids use it through out the warm season to collect mementos from all the different activities you guys do. Beach shells, ticket stubs, pictures from your hike; they'll have a blast going through their bucket at the end of the summer and reminiscing about all the fun they had!


Hope this helps get your summer off to a great start!
 Now I'm off to a busy but exciting three day weekend!
We're going to be surrounded by friends and family celebrating this little
life that is growing in my belly.
I'm sure I'll be back next week to share all the details from my baby shower.

See you on the flip side.

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Katie said...

what a cute idea!! and can't wait to hear about your shower!!!

Val said...

I need to do this immediately. I love fun Summer things.

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

summer bucket lists are the best! this one is so cute for the whole family to do together!

Unknown said...

It looks like a pleasing surprise in summer. The bucket with blessings - an innovative idea. Our Tiles Exporters will get inspiration and come-out with creative ideas.

Unknown said...

I was just telling my kids that we need to make a summer bucket list. Yours is an adorable way to do it!

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