My Pregnancy Faves

At the beginning of my pregnancy I recall getting pure enjoyment out of reading or hearing about items that other mamas-to-bes raved about.
You know those things that would help get me through 9 months of heartburn and cankles.
Every now and then I get asked by people what some of my favorite products have been through out my pregnancy, which is strange, because I figured by now you all knew that had it not been for mac n' cheese who knows how I would have survived this?
Okay, okay so there may have been some other faves that helped me get through this pregnancy and I figured since I'm 6 days away from D-Day now would be a good time to share!
 What To Expect Phone App: Chock full of interesting tid bits and a pregnancy count down I just couldn't resist not checking this app out on a day-to-day basis. For example, did you know at 31 weeks your baby is about the size of a watermelon? Coincidently, this is also the same week that I started craving that darn fruit.
 Lu Sa Belly Balm: This balm worked great on taming the itch as my belly started to grow! I loved that it was organic so I wasn't concerned about absorbing any of those icky chemicals that some lotions have in them. It's great for dry heels and cuticles too!
H & M MAMA Tanks: Eventually there comes a point where about 99% of your shirts will no longer cover your belly and as cute as some bumps can be trust me NO ONE wants to see it all hanging out! Enter my favorite maternity tanks from H & M. I wore these constantly. At first they were great at smoothing the bulge when I was in that "Is she or is she not pregnant?' phase but later in my pregnancy I found their long length beneficial in being able to wear some of my non-maternity tops as well. The other pro is they come as a two pack and I was able to find mine in-store for just fourteen buckaroos.
Tums: You know the old wive's tale about heartburn and the amount of hair you're baby will have? Well, the hubby and I are pretty convinced I'll be delivering a werewolf. Stay tuned. Count your self lucky if you're not plagued with heartburn during your pregnancy.
Basq Facial Cleanser: Ugh, the first few months of pregnancy my skin was like a 13 year old boy on the verge of puberty. I did a lot of research on safe skin care and pregnancy. Both doctors and experts seem to be on the fence on whether or not the topical use of things like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide were safe to use while pregnant. I decided to be cautious and ended up discovering the Basq brand which has a cleanser that is safe to use while baking up a little human. It was very gentle and smelled wonderful. I just wish it came in a bigger jar!
Gap Maternity Pants: I pretty much despised all the maternity black work pants I would try on at different retailers; cheap material, attracted massive lent balls, look like a tent, etc......Then I had a friend tell me about Gap's maternity pants and it was like the angels sang from above. You couldn't even tell they were maternity pants. Wait till the Gap has one of their 30 or 40% off sales and score yourself a deal.
Well there you have it!! Some of my favorite pregnancy items.
 What were or are some of your favorite things to get you through the 40 weeks?


Katie said...

can't believe you'll have your baby in 6 days!! i have a few long tank tops that I wear ALL the time under everything! I hope your baby has a full head of hair! :)

Val said...

Baby is almost here...How exciting!!! I lived on tums with my pregnancies.

henning love said...

oh i will be coming back to these posts a lot for your recommendation, shh im 11 weeks because i need to know what products to get whether for pregnancy or the baby in general

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