DIY Photo Canvas: So Easy You're Going to Slap Yourself!

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Love the prices of custom photo canvases as much as Lindsey Lohan loves to stay sober?
Yeah, me neither.
This is one of those projects where I'm not sure why I've never done this before?
I mean why is my house not plastered in DIY photo canvases??
Perhaps, you're in the same boat as me.
Well, don't let me insult your intelligence with this project but seriously a three-legged dog can do it.
There are instructions all over Pinterest land on how to do this ,but since you're here, I'll be a dear and just share. Can you tell I've been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss books lately?
I didn't take any pictures of the different steps because I have a baby and babies hate blogs but really it's quite easy to follow these instructions with out pictures.

First, go to your local photo retailer (ie. Walgreens, Costco, Staples, etc...) and order your prints in what ever size your heart desires. Second, cut your photo down to match canvas size. I used both a 16 x 20 picture and canvas but for what ever reason I still needed to trim a little along the sides of my photograph. Ready for the last step? Take your Mod Podge and slap it on all over the front of your canvas and then carefully lay your photo down on top. Smooth out any bubbles you may see.
That's it!
If you want you could paint the sides of the canvas black to make it look more authentic but I chose to keep mine white.
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If you or your three legged dog  makes one let me know how it turns out?
PS. The beautiful picture of my little bambino was done by the lovely Stephanie from Lemonade Stand Photography. You can follow her work here.

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Our Pinteresting Family said...

What an adorable photo, Jennifer! This is such an easy way to make your own photo canvas. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

Style Journey said...

You make DIY projects for us craft challenged people look so easy. That is one cute little guy you have there :)

Katie said...

i'm so glad you shared this. i was just searching for diy canvases for our newborn pictures! I don't know how i will pick!

Val said...


mari of {crab+fish} said...

I just slapped myself!! I tried a version of this last year, but I printed the picture from my home printer into verrrrrry delicate tissue paper...which I then mod podged onto canvas. it turns out tissue paper gets even more persnickety when drenched in mod podge so OF COURSE it tore. I didn't even think about mod podging an actual picture -- you're a genius! thanks for posting. :)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

why can I never get everything in one comment??? I forgot to say: Baby B is absolutely adorable and I'm so impressed with Lemonade Stand Photography -- her props are so cute. Definitely making me rethink professional pictures for this impending bundle of joy!

Deanna said...

Hmm. You made this project look so easy this task might just move (on Pinterest) from Projects I'll Probably Never Do to Projects I've Actually Done! Now if I could just find a three-legged dog ...

Erin said...

Such a sweet picture of your little guy. :) I don't personally know any 3-legged dogs but if I see one I'll hire it to do this for me while I sip lemonade. It looks great!

Michelle Paige said...

Don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but your little one is absolutely precious! You should seriously think about slapping a canvas on every inch of wall space!

Unknown said...

I like how it is being designed on the wall especially those hind part of the dog protruding. So cool to see very creative designs at home. Please keep posting more. :)

Anonymous said...

I love where you put this wonderful photo! It goes so well in his room. I made a canvas print and I used pictures printed on regular paper as well as photo paper. I thought the regular paper was a lot easier, but the photo paper didn't wrinkle at all. And I painted the sides of mine. :) Yours looks awesome!

Tabassum said...

Hi, I really really like your project. Such an amazing work. Did you print the photo into regular photo paper? or what type of paper you printed the photo on? thanks in advance. :)

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