My Favorite Baby Products and a Snot Sucking Confession

Today I'm sharing my favorite baby products from the first month with Baby B. Incase you missed it, Katie, from the for Lauren and Lauren blog, swung by yesterday and shared her faves as well. You can see those here.
As a mother you quickly find the tools that do and don't work for you and boy am I thankful for these items!
1. Gerber Newborn Mittens
You'll be amazed at how babies can come out looking like Edward Scissorhands. Their nails can be quite long but they are thin like paper making it darn near impossible to file down. I actually packed these mittens in our hospital bag and the nurses kept swooning over what a good idea it was to bring them to with (I know I'm a genius). Much to my hubby's dismay, I made Bryce wear these puppies until the day we took him for his newborn pictures. Couldn't risk scratching up that pretty lil' mug of his!

2. Nosefrida
You know how some people have a weird fetish with popping pimples? Yeah, well, I kind of have this odd obsession with sucking my son's snot. Okay, so it may sound strange but this non-invasive nasal aspirator is awesome (and yes, there is a filter so the snot doesn't come anywhere near your mouth). I had read rave reviews about this sucker (haha no pun intended) and figured I would give it a try. Bryce's nose get's congested a lot and so far I have found the Nosefrida works a whole lot better than the bulb aspirator at clearing it out.

3. Fisher-Price Snug a Bunny Swing
Swings, some babies love them, some babies hate them. Thank goodness Bryce loves his swing (most of the time).

4. Graco Pack n Play with Newborn Napper
This thing has been a lifesaver! The baby's nursery is on a different floor than our master bedroom so it's nice because not only can we have him near us while we sleep at night (and I don't have to walk the stairs semi-conscious to nurse) but it also has a changing table. Definitely glad we registered for this!

5. Baby K'tan
This carrier is so easy to put on versus the Moby which looks really complicated. Any time Bryce  has a full belly and a clean diaper and is still fussy I know I can always count on this carrier in calming him down. In addition, it allows me to use the restroom, eat , and do laundry!

6. Gerber Soothe Colic Drops Probiotic Supplement
Our little man has problems digesting after his feedings and I hate seeing him in pain trying to pass gas. It was a relief when our pediatrician recommended these colic drops. Unlike the other drops on the market this is the only supplement for breastfed babies with the priobiotic L. reuteri (which is a friendly bacteria!) It has definitely helped a little in easing his tummy troubles.

7. Aden & Anais Swaddle Wraps
When I was pregnant this was the one brand that other mommas constantly recommended to me. These swaddle blankets are perfect for summer babies because they are lightweight and breathable. Originally, I was intimidated by their large size (seriously, they look like you can swaddle a baby rhino in them) but once you ace your baby burrito wrapping skills you will love them. I use them for multiple things like draping over his car seat to block the sun and to cover myself while nursing in the doctor's parking lot (yes, something I thought I would never do!)

8. Babyganics Hand and Face Wipes
These wipes are great to have on hand for in between baths!

Katie and I will be back next month with some new favorites!


Unknown said...

What a great list ! the snot sucker sounds handy and i can see how it could be fun lol

Unknown said...

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Erin said...

My dad bought the Snugabunny swing for at their house. Then I had a dream that I gave birth at a gas station and just wanted to hold my baby girl except he insisted that she immediately get in her Snugabunny.

Oh and I am adding the snot-sucker to my registry as soon as I leave your blog (which, incidentally, I am positive I subscribed to weeks ago via bloglovin but apparently not because none of these posts showed up. Here's hoping I did it correctly this time.)

Unknown said...

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