New Series: J & K's Favorite Baby Products {Things that Saved Our Sanity in the First Month}

Other than mac n' cheese I was OBSESSED with researching baby products while pregnant, that is why I am so excited to introduce to you to this new series "J & K's Baby Faves" . That's right, Katie from the For Lauren and Lauren blog, and I have teamed up to bring you month by month our favorite baby products. We're both newbies at this momma gig (our little miracles were born just days apart) but with just a few weeks on the job we've already come to find that there are certain baby goodies we couldn't live with out. If you're a mommy-to-be, trust me, I know how overwhelming creating your registry can be so it's always nice to know what works for real mothers. Perhaps your done popping out little bambinos but could always use ideas for baby shower gifts, then we've got you covered. Perhaps you don't get invited to showers....or invited to anything, well, in that case we can't help you (maybe it's a deodorant problem?), but I promise to get back to my regular broadcasting (crafting and DIY projects) soon!
In the mean time though, Katie is kind enough to drop by tonight to share a few of her and baby Addilyn's first month faves! Check em' out.

1. Circo Love n Nature LED Tap Light
When I registered for this I didn't realize how much I'd love or use it.  We keep this next to our bed and leave it on all night.  I love that when I wake up I can see Addilyn right away and know that she is okay.  It's also not too bright where it seems to get her really awake, but bright enough I can see to feed her and change her.  Plus, it plugs in so you don't have to keep buying batteries.

2. Gilligan & O' Malley Nursing Bras
I did not think much about having to wear a bra to bed but I definitely need too and am glad I found these.  And I wear them most days too, which once I start actually going out more I'll have to wear real bras I guess. :) They are super comfortable and easy to move to the side quickly when you have a crying, hungry baby in the middle of the night!

3. Happy Baby Wrap Carrier
I won this in a giveaway and had registered for the Moby Wrap but was happy to use this instead. Addilyn loves it and usually falls asleep after ten minutes or so of being in it.  She spends at least a few hours a day in it.  I love it because I can be on my computer, eat or do things around the house with it.  I still feel a little nervous not holding onto to her with at least one hand but hopefully I'll get over that soon!

4. Arm's Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet
The first few weeks Addilyn did not want to sleep in anything but my arms.  Many nights I slept on the recliner in our living room, which helped too since I felt like I was nursing every hour.  We tried everything to get her to sleep on her own: a swing, the bouncy seat, the little section on the pack and play. We pretty much at a little store of baby furniture next to our bed.  We decided to try this co-sleeper and have had much better luck.  I love that I can see her on my same level, can easily hold a pacifier in her mouth for many minutes and can easily pick her up too.

5. Summer Infant Swaddlers
Addilyn does not like to be fully swaddled, but we still use the sleep sack so that her legs are nice and snug.  We just leave her arms out.

6.Water Bottle
I thought I drank a lot of water when I was pregnant but I am drinking way more now.  And thankfully water sounds much better now than when I was pregnant.  I know it's a good thing to drink lots of water when you're breastfeeding and I definitely feel the need to.

7. Fisher Price Baby Bouncer-Forest Fun
We both love this!  I think Addilyn loves that it vibrates and is at an incline and I love that it is easy to carry from room to room while she's in it.  She's pretty content in here while she's awake (of course depending on the time of the day) and will take naps in here too.  Without this I'm not sure how I'd go to the bathroom or shower.

8. Gerber Newborn Gowns
These are the only thing we put Addilyn in for pajamas.  It is so much easier than zipper or snap pajamas to check her diaper at night.  And since we put her in a swaddle/sleep sack I know her legs or feet don't get cold.

Thanks Katie for letting us in on your favorite baby items.
Can't wait to see what you share next month!
Need more Katie in your life?
Make sure to drop by her blog here to see all the things her and Baby Addilyn are up to.
Also, drop by tomorrow to see the items that have saved my sanity (at least what I have left of it) this first month!
See you on the flip side.

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Katie said...

yea!! :) Can't wait to see yours!

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Great list ! Totally agree!

henning love said...

you two don't know how much i need this or maybe you do. i have no idea where to start with registering, what to do what to avoid, thank you for this!!

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