oBo Creations Jewelry Giveaway

You are just going to be as happy as a clam that you landed in my neck of the woods today.
Which makes no sense because last time I checked clams had nothing to do with the woods.
None the less, you will be happy because today you have the chance to enter to win a piece of hand painted jewelry from oBo Creations. Hollah! Did I mention this jewelry is straight from Switzerland? Double hollah!

Why don't I let Olya, oBo's owner, tell you a little bit about herself and her jewelry.
Take it away lovely lady!

My name is Olya.  I am Russian, i am married to a guy from the Netherlands, and we live in Geneva, Switzerland.  These all are things i never expected myself to end up with but that eventually  make me a very happy person! I am also a self-taught artist, making colorful art jewelry. It still amazes me that i can say that. I always thought i am an art consumer, not art maker. Yet, here i am, and this is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My colorful creations has truly brightened my life and i believe they will have this cheerful effect on other people too. 

Starting to craft was something i started when I desperately needed to take my mind from a very stressful job i have. I work in a huge multinational corporation with a lot of complexity, politics, and workload.  It is challenging, yet sometimes it wears you out. 

One of the benefits though is a lot of traveling and one of the things i loved when being abroad was finding local artisans who make something unique, something special and beautiful. Never did i dream of actually becoming one. 

So there i was feeling depressed and exhausted when i decided to paint some eggs for upcoming Easter. A lot of my friends suddenly got hand painted easter eggs from me this year. As any passion, it quickly carried me away - I finally had a hobby, a purpose, something i was passionate about. I have painted many different things and eventually opened an Etsy shop with jewelry. Now i am part of something i have always been able to only admire from the outside - unique handmade art.

I still work at the same company. Today, no matter how tired i am after long work hours, what kind of issues i have there, i come home and i open a little can of paint and the magic starts. I search everywhere for various wooden or metal shapes that i can use to paint. I use this special technique and materials that create this structured patterns on the surface. They are unpredictable so the final result is always a surprise! 
Since i can only do it at night given my full time job i chose owls as a logo for my shop. 

To learn more check my website www.obocreations.com or join my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/obocreations. 

So ready to enter for your chance at a piece of hand painted jewelry?

Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. This giveaway is available worldwide.

Winner will be able to choose 1 piece of jewelry from this collection.
Good luck buttercup!

oBo Creations is now offering 10% off orders through September 13, 2013 with code  DELIGHTFULLY10

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Unknown said...

I love your work, so beautiful!

Natasha K said...

i love this http://www.etsy.com/listing/110221792/red-bangle-bracelet-silver-bangle?ref=shop_home_active

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