Thrift Find Graveyard: I've Got the Whole Brady Bunch Up in Herrrr

Ever bring home a thrifty find with great intentions only for it to sit there for months and months, or perhaps even years? Yeah, I do it ALL. THE. TIME. I swear I have the whole Brady Bunch locked up in my garage right now. I mean not literally. That wouldn't be good {Is there a swat team assembling outside my house right now?}I mean c'mon if I was going to lock up anyone it would be that good ol' maid of theirs, Alice. She looked like she had some mad cleaning skills. 

Wow, this conversation took an awkward turn really fast.
 Let's move on to my thrift find graveyard, shall we?

Meet Cindy........

Cute and sweet; I scored Cindy at Goodwill a few months back for just $2.50.
I thought this kid's table would be perfect for a future play room {now where that play room will be is the BIGGER question}. Hmmm....what color to paint it? For some reason, mint green keeps coming to mind. I also can't decide if I want to stencil some kind of pattern on top or not?
 Now I'm on the hunt to find some little chairs.

Meet Bobby......

This little guy is often overlooked when I'm itching to get crafty. For months, I was on the hunt for a spice rack just like this. I have BIG dreams for this kiddo, just not sure what I'm waiting for? Think organization.

Meet Jan......

Awww....the middle child syndrome. Left out and neglected, this coffee table has been sitting in our garage for probably five years now. My BIL works for a hotel and a few years back they were remodeling and let the employees take some of the furniture home. I swore he took like fifteen coffee tables.
Of course, you know I snatched myself one! I have been wanting to turn Marcia into an ottoman but can't decide if I want to use her in our Master or guest room. Maybe I'll take another five years to think about it.

Meet Peter.......

Okay, Peter is obviously a little clumsy and is going to need some work/sanding down on those legs but for two bucks I couldn't pass him up. My idea was to reupholster the ottoman in some fun grey/yellow fabric, paint the legs, and then use him in the living room I've been meaning to make over for a year now.

Meet Marcia......

HELLO! Marcia definately makes a statement when she enters a room. Can't you just picture her spray painted a bold, fun color? I think I originally bought her with intentions on spray painting her black and using her for our Halloween party last Fall. As you can see that never happened.

Last but not least, meet Greg.......

Confident and brassy, Mr Greg here was brought home because I imagined him made over with some Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. Oh yeah, I was going to rub him down {bow chicka wow wow} and hang him in the hall way on our up stair's level to replace the ugly boob light. BUT now I'm thinking he would also look all-star cool if I painted him a nice pop of color, snipped of the top wiring, and made him into a terrarium. I don't know people......what do you think? Chime in!

So there you have it, my thrift find graveyard and this doesn't even include all the other tchotchkes I have lying around that I've been collecting. Plans just collecting dust.

How about you? Do you have a thrift find graveyard?

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

omg Peter I'm in LOVE! I love him just the way he is, maybe just more stuffing.

I have a large thrifting graveyard as well, though more tchotchkes, not furniture. Also, I like to call it a "holding pen." Gives them more hope they'll be put to use..........someday....... :)

Michelle Paige said...

I love Cindy, Marcia and Peter, but I'm not sure what you should do with Greg! Love that you name your pieces. Can't wait to see the makeovers!

I'd love to hear from you!