Fall Yarn Wreath

I finally got around to finishing my fall wreath. Our door was feeling awfully nekked with out.
I wanted the wreath's colors to play off of the mums we have dying sitting on our front porch.
I was also aiming for simplicity and this project truly fit the bill.

I stumbled upon this chipboard-like-floral-ring at Michaels a few weeks ago and liked that it was a lot cheaper then than the styrofoam wreath rings I usually use. So I threw the ring, some olive green yarn, and about one hundred items I don't need into my shopping cart and called it a day.
I rarely ever work with yarn but I thought it would add some great texture to my wreath.

Making this wreath was rather easy, which was great, because I am all about simplicity these days (did I already say that?)
First, I wrapped the yarn around the ring. I only covered about half of it because I had different plans for the other half. I used a glue gun to hold the yarn down.
This part of the project was a little time consuming but let me tell you wrapping this bad boy was rather therapeutic.....

Then for the other half of the wreath I grabbed some faux flowers I had and cut the stems off the heads of them. Then I just simply adhered the flowers to the rest of the ring with some hot glue.

Wham bam thank you ma'am. That was it. See I told you I like simple.

Let's talk storm doors......do you have one? If so, do you hang your wreaths on the outside of your storm door or regular door? I know storm doors provide extra protection but I find ours is really cramping my style!

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

love the color combination! and will be easy to store too.

I tried hanging ours on the storm door, it looked off to me. So then I put it on the door-door and it's gloriousness (haha...) is dulled by the screen on the storm door --- because we still haven't gotten around to switching out our screen for glass.......

Style Journey said...

Another easy and cute DIY! I love the color scheme.

Val said...

I love your attention to detail on this wreath. This is something I could do. YAY

Michelle Paige said...

Such fun colors! We don't have a storm door...but the wreath might look cute hanging next to the door on the outside of your home? Maybe under house numbers? No?

Alexa said...

Love this idea and adore the colors and fall feel of this project!

Unknown said...

I hang our wreath on the inside door, behind the storm door. I use one of those metal, over the door things, and I think it would be too wide for the top of the storm door. So I guess I never considered doing it another way!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

I love wrapping things in yarn. I need to share my yarn wrapped letters soon.

Love your wreath and I absolutely ADORE the colors!!!

Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I love the colors.

Katie said...

i love it! i wish i made one already!! we don't have a storm door but we also don't have a big covering over our door so I'm afraid it would get wet when it rains!

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