Holiday Decor: DIY Halloween Doily Pillow

So I made some Halloween pillows and by "made" I mean I slapped some fabric glue and doilies on a pillow and called it a day. I've noticed ever since Baby B graced us with his presence that my projects keep getting simpler and simpler; either that or I'm just getting lazier and lazier. 

Remember the other day when I shared my doily pumpkins? Well, I had a few doilies left over and after scoring these pillows at a thrift store the other day I decided to make some "Halloween-ish" themed pillows with them. 

Buying bedding/pillows from second-hand stores usually gives me the heebie-jeebies but since the pillows still had their original price tags on them I felt a little bit more comfortable buying them. Of course, I washed them when I got home and then bathed myself in hand sanitizer.

I used Aleene's "Ok to Wash-It" fabric glue to adhere the doilies to the pillow.
Since the doily is, well, rather holey I just strategically placed little glue dots all over the back of it and then laid it down. The glue dries clear so the few instances where it oozed through the holes wasn't a big deal.

 I considered using some fabric paint and writing the word "boo" across the corner of the pillow but after some thought I decided I was too lazy I liked the "simplicity" of just the doilies.

Does any one else get the "willies" from buying certain things at thrift stores?

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

perfect! you, unlike me, know when to stop. it's understated and classy -- two words I barely ever use to describe Halloween.

Katie said...

I love this!! so pretty! and i feel the same way about pillows at second hand stores - i'd do it if it had the tag! and still impressive you're doing projects!! and i think you commented somewhere about still needing to meet sometime but can't find where it was!! we really do need to!!!

Michelle Paige said...

Absolutely adorable! Great score! I love it when I find new things (with a tag) at the secondhand store. It really feels like a bargain that way!

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