Wicked Craft Week: Halloween In Your Closet| 6 Easy Costume Ideas with Megan of Rental Revival

Thanks for joining us for the last day of Wicked Craft Week and I think it's only fitting that we are wrapping up the series by discussing costumes. What's Halloween with out them, right? Like today's guest, Megan, I also am one of those people who waits to the last minute to decide what I am going as! But as you can see below with a little creativity you shouldn't have to go far to find yourself a get-up. Take it away Megan!

Halloween In Your Closet

Greetings, readers of Delightfully Noted! My name is Megan, and I'm from a little blog called Rental RevivalI'm delighted (get it?) to be here for the 3rd Annual Wicked Craft Week as a guest blogger. Normally, I post projects and crafts that are simple to make and renter-friendly, like my DIY Countertop Revival project. This week, however, is all about Halloween--and I don't know about you, but Halloween makes me panic! Why? Because I ALWAYS wait until the last minute to figure out my costume! That's why I'm here to share some simple ideas for a Halloween costume. The best part is, you probably already have most of the items in your closet!

Do you have a leather (or faux leather) jacket? How about some combat boots, or maybe just some mid-calf boots?  If you have these two items, and maybe a couple of dollars to thrift any extra accessories, I've got a few costume ideas for you.

Costume #1: Amelia Earhart

 photo IMG_1953_zps7da3efb5.jpg

What you need:
- Leather jacket (the "bomber" type is the best)
- Leather boots
- Green or khaki pants
- White scarf
- Aviator sunglasses
If you have long hair, wear it in a tight, low bun so it appears short. Ms. Earhart had cute little bangs, so you can get away with yours if you curl them a little bit (blunt bangs = bad). For makeup, minimal is best. Optional thrifted items include goggles (ski goggles? scuba mask?), that pilot hat with the earflaps thingy (winter hat?), and leather or suede gloves. Make sure if your scuba mask is crazy neon colors, you fix that up with some black or brown acrylic paint.

Costume #2: Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

 photo IMG_1951_zps4c23f7e8.jpg

What you need:
- Leather jacket
- Pretty white dress or skirt
- Combat boots (heck yes)
- A wooden stake, cross necklace, holy water, (fake) crossbow, or other tools of the vampire-fighting trade
I'm channeling the Buffster in the season one finale episode called "Prophecy Girl" here, but you can really go for any Buffy you want. For the "Prophecy Girl" version, think 90s Spring Fling formal meets BAMF slayer chick. For hair, a 90s-inspired updo, or French twist works perfect. Make sure you get yourself some brown lipstick, of course! Wouldn't be the 90s without it. If you have a white or pale pink formal dress... Shoot, girl, wear that thing. If not, you can try thrifting a skirt! I found mine for $4.99. And yes, I plan on dressing up as Buffy this Halloween. I also may or may not have chopped a dead branch off my tree and may or may not be carving it into a wooden stake with my boyfriend's knife. But I do not recommend that because it is dangerous. Duh.

Costume #3: Black cat

 photo IMG_1973_zps12b9a52e.jpg

What you need:
- Black leather jacket
- Black outfit of any kind
- Black boots or shoes
Kitty ears supplies:
- An old headband you never wear
- Toilet paper roll, an old paper folder, or the cover of an old notebook
- Black paint, hot glue, paintbrush, scissors
To make kitty ears, follow these steps:
1) Cut out two triangles a little bit bigger than you want the ears to be.
2) Paint both sides black.3) Fold the triangles so they go partially under the headband. Hot glue them underneath the headband. photo IMG_1980_zps1445b641.jpg

 photo IMG_1987_zpsac7c0b56.jpg

Here are some other Halloween costume ideas that you can probably make out of items in your wardrobe (and maybe a thrifted item or two): 

Costume #4: Nerd

What to wear: plaid shirt buttoned to the top with a couple pens in the pocket, nerdy glasses (3D movie glasses work well), suspenders, your baggiest pants pulled up nice and high
Hair:  Pigtails or side ponytail
Make sure you: Impersonate Chandler's photo-face as much as possible

Costume #5: Burglar

What to wear: Black and white striped shirt, black pants, black shoes, black cap, black eye mask (optional)
Carry: A canvas bag or burlap sack with a big $ on it, fancy costume jewelry, etc.
Make sure you: Hide behind things a lot

Costume #6: Hipster 

Ideas include: Hipster barista, hipster poet, hipster photographer, hipster with big headphones, hipster zombie, hipster vampire, and hipster ghost.

Alright, now you have no excuse to go out in style. I'm fresh out of ideas!  Be sure to share a photo so I can see what you did with the costume of your choice. You can find me on TwitterInstagramPinterest, and Facebook. Until next time!

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