DIY Baby Onesie Using Heat Transfer Vinyl: Valentine's "Love Bandit"

Beware! There's a love bandit on the loose and he's stealing hearts!

I decided to make a Valentine onesie for Baby B with some heat transfer vinyl I had on hand.
Since this was my first time working with this type of vinyl I wanted to do something simple but cute. I thought decorating the onesie with the word "Love Bandit" was quite suitable.
It was either that or "Sleep Thief" and that didn't seem very Valentine-ish. 

Using heat transfer to create shirts

I dusted off Miss Silhouette Cameo and used the software to create my design. I'm going to warn you it was really difficult.....I typed out the word "love bandit". 
Yep, that's really how complex things get around here people.

heat transfer vinyl baby onesie

Want to create your own rad  (we totally need to bring back the word rad)shirts with heat transfer vinyl?

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How to Create Your Own Valentine's Onesie 
or Shirt with Heat Transfer Vinyl

1. Create your design using the Silhouette software. If your image includes words or letters make sure to flip your image horizontally. It will cut the image backwards but will read correctly later when you go to apply it.

2. Load the vinyl shiny side down. You can find heat transfer vinyl at your local craft store or on Amazon. After loading the vinyl, cut your design using the settings for "Silhouette Heat Transfer"

3. Remove your design (using a hook to do this makes life a lot peachier! I love the one from this tool kit)

4. Place your design on your shirt shiny side up and then place a piece of cloth on top of it.
I used a pair of clean underwear......just kidding.

5. Set your iron to "Cotton" setting , allow to heat up, and then press firmly and iron your design onto the shirt for about 60 seconds. Allow the design to cool.

That's it! Well, of course, don't forget to unplug your iron.
Remember only YOU can prevent forest fires!

You can add other embellishments to your shirt too-like the felt craft heart I did on mine. Now enjoy your new RAD shirt!

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mari of {crab+fish} said...

he gets cuter and cuter by the day! adorable project -- I really need to look into getting one of these machines. you seem to get a lot of use out of it.

Bethany said...

What an adorable little boy!! And I'm loving the custom onesie idea! I desperately need a Silhouette...

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Such a cutie you have there! I really want to create a custom onesie for my little girl - maybe I'll give this a try!

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

How adorable!! Love it!!

I know I need to either break out my Cricut and really learn how to use it or just sell the thing. Seriously. It's taking up too much room and I'm tired of Joey giving me the guilt trip about the money I spent on it and have rarely used it... Ugh. Can't husbands just be more understanding of their wife's compulsive need for all things crafty?!?!?!

Erin said...

Gah! Look at that little man! Love your pictures and your super difficult project :)

J and A said...

SO cute!! You make the cutest stuff! LOVE it.

Trish said...

So.Stinking.Adorable. I think this right here is reason enough to get myself a Silhouette!

Michelle Paige said...

So precious! Love, love, love! Your little one always makes me smile! He's adorable (no matter what cuteness he's wearing)-- I'm in love with his big eyes and squeezable cheeks! Enjoy!

Meredith @ said...

Oh, that is just too darn cute! I may have to make something similar for my 18 month old :-)

I have actually had really great luck with heat transfer vinyl I ordered from Pick Your Plum and terrible luck with the Silhouette brand! I found the Silhouette brand to be really, really difficult to weed and then to remove from the shiny transfer paper (it took about 20 minutes of ironing and cooling and peeling for one design!). Maybe it varies by color? I would guess that Pick Your Plum doesn't always have the same supplier, so the quality there may vary as well. I am still on the hunt for a great all-around vinyl supplier!

Anyway, I'm now an official follower! :-) Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

he is SOOO cute! and love this onesie. and im' glad you made up the boy version of fashionistas - it was needed :)

Christie said...

These are adorable!!

Unknown said...

Love the onesie! Got my silhouette for Christmas and just finally unboxed it two days ago. I think the vinyl is next on my to try list. Thanks for the tip on avoiding the cheap-o stuff!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

So cute! I just made some heart onesies for my boys last week. Great minds alike :)

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted said...

Thanks everyone! He has pretty much stolen our hearts!

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