NEW! Delightfully Noted Shop: Valentine's Day Cards & Giveaway Winner!

Just dropping in to say hello from the North Pole. At least that's what it feels like here in the Chicago area where we saw the lowest temps in 30 years......with the wind chill the feel is a -56 degrees! Yes, that's a negative sign people. It's like the world is ending BUT before I get buried in this snowpocalypse I wanted to let you know Valentine's designs are now up in the shop including this new little gem.

Mr Fox is back!

You can see the full collection here , including favorite Valentine designs from the past!

Also, before I go change a diaper AGAIN I wanted to thank everyone who entered into MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!

BIG Congrats to Christine Vu! You won yourself a $25 Target gift card!
I will be in touch soon so that you can collect your prize.

PS. I have LOTS and LOTS of new projects I plan on sharing with you all but just need about ten extra hours in a day to photo and edit posts for them! Truth be told, Baby B has been on a sleep strike for the past two months and I have been consumed with that and work and cleaning the house. Just kidding about that last part....


Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Those are foxing awesome! See what I did there? ;) Okay, I can't lie, I didn't come up with that myself. Remember our conversation about the Fox song and how I should not, under any circumstances, listen to it? It was on Dancing with the Stars... SEVERAL times. And one of the team dances there was the team Foxing Awesome. Ree dee deedee do.

Michelle Paige said...

Love your fox valentines! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Unknown said...

Lol...Yeah... That whole cleaning the house thing is way overrated. Your valentines are adorable. Hope you can stay warm!

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