Alphabet Stenciled Stool

Our family has grown by four feet.

Welcome our newest addition--an alphabet stenciled stool.

I hit the pine wood jackpot eight months ago on a trip to Michaels when I came across an unfinished kid's stool on sale for four bucks. I remember this craft excursion quite fondly because it was one of my first trips out of the house ALONE shortly after Baby B was born.

Fast forward eight months later and that stool was still sitting naked and alone in the back of our guest room closet (aside from a short stint as a pumpkin stand in our fall mantle decor) until recently when I decided it was time to mark this bad boy off my to-do list.

I had always planned on incorporating it into the little floor space below the book shelves in the nursery but have gone back and forth a million times on how I wanted to decorate it.
Then one night while reading Dr Seuss' ABC book for the hundredth time it hit me--why not make an alphabet stool?

The little guy needed some sanding on top but other than that he was in pretty good shape. I liked the idea of the seat and legs being different colors so I went with Rust-oleum Semi-Gloss White on top and Valspar's Cobalt Cannon on the bottom. This was the same deep grey we used to makeover the nursery's thrift store chandelier and I have to say I become more and more in love with this color every day.

Okay, truth time....I had no intention on giving the legs a washed out grey look but after two coats of spray paint I got lazy kind of started digging it.

For the letters on top I created a stencil using Miss Cameo (aka Silhouette Cameo).

There was really no rhyme and reason to the design I created. I just played around with the fonts and sizes until I got something I liked and then I cut the stencil out on vinyl

Now for my favorite part--the painting of the letters! Some of you may recall through out the years stenciling and I have not been the best of friends. Bleeding paint was my worst enemy, however, for this project I decided to try the Mod Podge trick by brushing it over my stencil before I painted to create a seal and I am happy to say it really worked. That darn Mod Podge--I swear it's like it's made of rainbows and unicorn magical.

I peeled the vinyl stencil off carefully (holding your breath is optional) while the paint was still wet.

Finally! The first time a stenciling project didn't end with me crying into my paint cans!

Excuse the ugly childproof outlet in the middle of this picture.

I was as happy as a peach with the outcome. 
Now Baby B will have a spot to relax and read when he gets a little bit older or if he wants I can just rock and read to him for the next ten years of his life. I would be perfectly okay with that.

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two birds said...

i love how it turned out. i also love the mod podge trick...i never would have thought of that!

Our Pinteresting Family said...

It is absolutely adorable, Jennifer! I'm going to have to give the stencil thing a try on my silhouette. Every time I see your projects I'm inspired to give it a try too.

mari of {crab+fish} said...

super cute, love the legs! you need to take some washi tape to that outlet. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh me gee! I love this so much! You did an amazing job on the stool!

Unknown said...

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Martha Sloan said...

This is too cute.. I want to do a reading corner for our Little P Man and I just love how yours is set up! I'll definitely be pinning this for later!

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