February in Review: Can I Just Sleep Through March?

 Hey friends! As you can tell I have been a little MIA lately. I'm in the middle of one of our busiest months at work--imagine finals week in college times bajillion. Yes, it's that bad. In addition Baby B didn't get the memo that mommy is working long, tiring hours and decided to get all icky-sick on us last week so crafting & blogging has been the last thing on my priority list lately.
Although, I do create a lot of DIY projects in my head....so if you guys could just jump into my mind this whole keeping up a blog thing would be a whole lot easier.

In the mean time this is how February went down here on the ol' bloggity blog.
It was a rather quiet month but I managed to do a few things other than change diapers.

 Yo! Yo! Yo! At the start of the month I got funky with some new Valentine printables and then I sobbed into a gallon of ice cream after watching my Facebook movie....or at least I think it was mine??

 Mid-month we discussed the elephant in the room.......well, actually there was more than one.

(Insert awkard photo where Baby B was more interested in eating the paper vs, "acting" like he was painting with me. Secondly, who the hell really paints on their newly carpeted floors?)

Last month I had the really exciting opportunity to write for What to Expect on how I find time to do DIY projects with a baby. Oh the irony given my opening statements above!
No really, I do really share some tips that may help you nurture a hobby or interest of your own and yes, drinking is a hobby.

You may also want to check out my list of things that no one really tells you about mommyhood.

 I capped off the month with some gold--gold foil inspired cards that is.

Also, before I jet back to my to-do list I wanted to take a moment to welcome Delightfully Noted's newest sponsor, Blocks Paper Paint!

Remember the adorable name blocks we used in the nursery?
They seriously make me smile every time I walk in there (except at 2am...because nothing can make me smile then). Darlene, the lovely creator behind those blocks, seriously has some mad craft skills when it comes to making personalized name and holiday blocks.
She is awesome to work with and her attention to detail on her items is amazing!
Seriously, you have to check out her shop!
Cheers to March!


Our Pinteresting Family said...

You are doing a great job keeping up with everything, Jennifer. Thanks so much for sharing how to make the printables. I was able to share two that I made with your tutorial on my blog this week. :)

Danielle Bates said...

Can you do a post about being a working mom. This was my first week leaving my son. I love my job but everyone I know is a stay at home mom. Its really tough but you always seem to put such a realistic but happy spin on lifs.

Amy W said...

Busy lady, busy mama!

Michelle Paige said...

You're doing amazing--- incredible, really! Love the picture!

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