The Tale of a Living Room Makeover That Will Just Never End

Remember that time before I knew I was baking a human we were working on a living room makeover--or the great room as my fancy pants husband calls it?
Well, let me tell you since the arrival of Baby B I have been busy finishing it.....

Truthfully, the room has been at a standstill but I am proud to say I have been making some progress. 
Baby steps, it's all about the baby steps.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Makeover

Let's first take a look back at how far we have come with this room, shall we?

Just looking at the fireplace gives me nightmares.

This was the view from the other side of the room and also the lay out of furniture that we used majority of the time (the BEFORE pics were taken at two different times,hence why the couch moved from the first pic to the second--you really aren't going crazy).

As you can tell by the color of my decor I truly was held hostage by that horrendous green booger fire place.
Let me also add that this is what the room looked like pretty much after we moved in and basically 4 years later. Like I said FIREPLACE HOSTAGE. I had no clue how to decorate  a room around it, so I ignored it.

White Mantle Fireplace Makeover

Here's a sort of side-by-side shot of the Before and After. 
It makes me weep like a proud mama.

Before and After Fireplace

We also decided that while we were tearing up the fireplace we may as well replace the old carpets.
With two little rascal doxies running around all the time 
we decided wood floors would work best for our family.

Over the course of the past year I have been s-l-o-w-l-y switching out the green and rose pink decor for a grey and mustard yellow color combo. Remember the inspiration board I shared eons ago?
Yeah me neither, so here it is again.

Yellow Grey Living Room

I settled on a round mirror from Home Goods for above the fire place. 
It reminds me of an old ship wheel and weighs about five elephants. 
Every night I say a prayer for world peace and for this mirror not to come tumbling down.

I have to admit I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE this mirror but it has also been a thorn in my side.
I 'm having a really difficult time figuring out how to decorate the mantle 
around it (specifically directly under it), hence, why there is a small random owl and hurricane vases sitting there. Also, due to the vaulted ceilings and humungo mirror as you can see the mantle items need to be large in scale in order to not look awkward.

I've also been busy picking up new throw pillows, bowls, vases, plants, etc.

But my most recent purchase that I most excited about is our new coffee table. 
Well, new as in a few months ago new.

Meet Cameron. He was a great deal found at World Market.

So there you have it! The tale of a living room makeover that will just never end.
I'm afraid to say there's still too much left on my to-do list!

*Put in a window seat cushion, so I can play out my Blossom-read-diary -in-window fantasy
*Add more throw pillows so I can annoy the heck out of my husband
*Decorate the dang mantle some time before B's high school graduation party
*Switch out the oddly mis-matched green lamp on end table that I strategically cut out of these pictures.
*Fill in the blank wall around stair case
*Decorate the entry way...oh lord, that constitutes for like a whole other room make over!
And on and on and on........

So are you working on any remodels or room make overs in your house? 
Do you have any suggestions on what I should put on my mantle? I may pay in chocolates!


Katie said...

i LOVE that room! that fireplace is amazing! now where is all the baby stuff? :)

mari of {crab+fish} said...

I kid you not, I have a nearly exact same post half-written! What is it with these babies derailing our plans??!

I don't think I've ever seen that taaaaallllll wall behind your sofa -- I like those tall urn things up by the loft.

I think your mantle is crying out for some plants -- that's always my solution, haha! But, a semi-bushy small fern?? Or maybe jade?

the whole room looks great! And not covered in hot wheels all over the floors, coffee table, etc like mine is. :/

Amy W said...

The kiddos definitely put a major halt on most projects. You've done so much amazing work already, though... now it's just the fun parts (and finding the time!).

Our Pinteresting Family said...

I love your room. The light you get is amazing. All your additions look great. I especially adore your new coffee table. Can't wait to see what else you have in store. :)

Kahli said...

I love how the living room is shaping up. Everything you did looks amazing. Especially love the new fire place and the coffee table.

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