A Blogging Sabbatical..........In the Mean Time, Keep Your Hands Off My Chandelier!

If you're a regular I'm sure you've taken notice to the dust collecting on this here ol' blog. The past few months have been Charlie-Sheen-crazy. I've been slaving away a lot of hours on a HUGE work project. Between that, the Delightfully Noted shop, and sometimes showering I also apparently am charge of keeping another little human alive. A little human who enjoys playing with outlets, cords, and floor vents.
Sheesh. Apparently it's just not cool these days for kids to play with toys. 

Then ,as if the mental hospital wasn't already clearing out a room for me, I somehow let the hubby talk me into putting our  HOUSE UP FOR SALE. Yes, that's right we're (maybe) moving!! But only under the agreement that I could take the $2.00 thrift store nursery chandelier with us. 
So, yes, last Saturday morning I sat with my  mortified husband and signed a contract with our real estate agent noting an exclusion on including the chandelier with the house. I wanted to add our new wood floors and our custom mantle (tear drop) in there too but figured maybe I was being a little too greedy at that point.

So last weekend we took advantage of my MIL being in town (ie. free babysitter) and mad cleaned and organized every nook and cranny in this house for two days straight.

Shhhh....NO. ONE. MOVE.
This is the cleanest our house has EVER been.

It was the worse timing ever (did I mention I was slaving away on a HUGE work project?) and I seriously wanted to strangle who ever's genius idea this was to put our house up for sale in the middle of a hectic time in my life....until I realized I was the "genius" who agreed to it .

So now onto the other point of this post today. Prior to Baby B I knew in the back of my head that keeping up with crafting, blogging, a baby, an Etsy shop, and full time job would be a lot to handle. And honestly up until a few months ago I was actually surprised that I was still finding the energy to keep up with it all. Truth be told, I was burning the candle at both ends and knew it was only a matter of time before I ran out of steam. 


I feel burnt out on blogging. I feel burnt out on doing anything new with my shop. I feel burnt out on crafting. Plus, we just spent 48 tiring, long hours purging the house (I'm sure Goodwill loved us!)and I sure as heck am not feeling the whole let's-bring-more-crafty junk into the house right now!! Plus, crafting while "show casing " your house means I actually can't take three weeks to clean up a messy craft project anymore either. I mean ridunkulous right?

So with that being said I need a break, a blogging sabbatical per se.
This isn't "good bye" but perhaps just a little vacay until I get my mojo back.
I still will probably pop in here and there but am letting go of the pressure of feeling like I suck because I am not posting regularly and I really hope you all stick around!  If you think for some reason you're going to miss me terribly then get yo bootay over to Instagram and we can hang out there!

I'm username @delightnoted

See you all on the flip side!


Our Pinteresting Family said...

I so understand. I hope you sell quickly. Get some rest girl and enjoy your precious little guy.

Debbie - Deliciously Inspired said...

I so understand and want to encourage you that you are a smart cookie to listen and stop for awhile. You are in a busy season of life raising a family (I am 55 and a grandmother). There will be time to come back to your passions or discover new ones along the way. I used to feel like a failure or that I wasn't committed when I'd hit these times in my life - then I began relinquishing them into God's hands and timing. When I did this I was a better person, wife and mother and was present in the moment. I think we were busy in my motherhood days but your generation has so much ready at a touch information. I think your transparent post may be an encouragement to others to step back, breathe and just BE. Best wishes in the sale of your home. I'm sure it will be nice to just concentrate on this major task. By the way I'm following you on instagram - You can find me at debslife

Amy W said...

We will so miss you but goodness sake I can understand! You've got a lot going on right now. Enjoy your break and do something super restful... like sell a house, raise a baby and do your full time job. Oy. =)

Michelle Paige said...

Whoa! You have a ton going on! I don't have half that much going on--yet I haven't been blogging for 2 months! Enjoy the break. Can't wait to hear about your house adventures when you're ready to blog again.

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