Puppy Party First Birthday (Part 2)

I'm dropping in to share Part 2 of little guy's
Puppy Themed First Birthday Party.....or shall I saw pawty?
In case you were snoozing and missed Part 1 you can catch it here.
In Part 1 I mostly highlighted the hot dog bar and dessert table.
Oh! And toilet water. I know. Only the best for my guests.

Now onto the rest of the party shenanigans.....

Puppy Party Birthday Ideas

Centerpieces were created out of small plastic pails from the Dollar Store.
Two for $1 I might add! I also found the green raffia there as well.
Unfortunately, these never made it outside to the guests table thanks to a very windy day.
We didn't have rocks on hand to hold them down so I just scattered them inside the house among the food tables and party decor (only after I cried though).

Birthday Centerpiece ideas

I had such a blast setting up this "Adoption Center". So aside from taking home the puppy plate favors, each kid also got to choose a puppy to name and take home.
 It just so happen that once again the Dollar Sore had my back.
I mean puppies in my party colors? It was like a dream come true!
Now if only Ryan Gosling would have come strutting in...sigh.

Adopt a Pet Puppy Party

Hulk, Lexi, Pup, & Minnie were a just a few of the doggies that found new loving homes.
The adorable "Certificate of Adoption" free printables can be found here.

Adopt a Pet Puppy Party

Guests mingled and enjoyed their puppy themed meals under a tent that we rented for the day
Considering our old backyard (yep, we moved a few weeks ago!) had zero shade this kept us all from melting like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Lime and aqua party

Since most of the kids attending were under the age of five I didn't bother preparing party games.
Which is a good thing....cause as you can see in the group photo below children listen to me.
I did have a basket of color coordinating balls and frisbees for the kiddos to play "fetch" with and that worked out great.

The cardboard dog house was a project that I worked on with my niece "E" during her visit from Denver a few weeks before the party. She LOVES animals and we had a blast working on it together (and so he doesn't cry later I must state here loud and clear that the hubby is the one who created the beautiful, working roof because I , Jennifer B, suck at making cardboard roofs).

Cardboard Dog House
But what's a party with out cake, right?
Our local bakery did a FANTASTIC job in matching the cake design to the invites I created. 
Believe it or not, this cake saved my life. Because apparently my original cake idea would of cost an arm and a leg AND a burial spot in my backyard. The bakery owner was the one who suggested that we replicate the doxie from the invitation and he totally worked within my budget.
 I'm really glad that for once I took a man's opinion.
Puppy Cake

B also had a smash cake that I picked up from our local grocery store.
He didn't exactly devour  it as we had expected but as
you can see we are VERY serious about our cake around here.

smash cake

smash cake

first birthday
 (It's My Birthday Shirt-Carters | Custom Birthday Hat from Stitch to my Lu )

It was such a busy but wonderful day and we are so grateful for all the people who love and snuggle on our little miracle baby. I hope one day when he's going to admit me into a nursing home he keeps this in mind. This party was definitely a labor of love!
I'm already planning his second.....JUST KIDDING!

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Katie said...

I can't get over how cute everything looked!!! LOVE the adopt a puppy!!

two birds said...

Amazing! I love the puppy adoption center! I agree. The only thing that could have made this party cuter was a Ryan Gosling visit. Nice work, mama!

Michelle Paige said...

Bow WOW! The adoption center is absolutely precious! I love the cake, dog house and the fun 'play fetch' balls. So adorable! What a great birthday! I still can't believe you pulled this off right after/during a move! Incredible!

mari of {crab+fish} said...

An amazing party!! Lucky B! seriously, everything is perfection.

mari of {crab+fish} said...

PS - start prepping now to sign up as a room mom when B hits preschool, hahah! I can just imagine the holiday parties you'd plan!

Unknown said...

What an awesome party! I love the aqua and green colors. The puppies that each guest "adopted" is such a cute idea! Love it!

The Mistress of Spices said...

Just discovered your blog, love it! My LO is just a few months younger than yours :-)

I'd love to hear from you!